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22 Pics Perfectly Proving That ‘One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure’

Image Source: Instagram

The people of New York are extraordinary in more ways than one. Their way of living includes the so-called stooping: those who don’t need a piece of furniture of some kind of accessory that is otherwise in good condition simply leave it on the sidewalk for someone in need to pick it up. The trend became an important thing and even an Instagram account dedicated to stooping was created. Some of the best moments related to this great activity are listed below.

1. The TV stand

Image Source: Instagram

Here you have it: a real gem found on the sidewalk. A lucky person came across this awesome TV stand that someone disposed of. With a bit of TLC, the piece of furniture became an elegant addition to this person’s interior.

2. The fridge

Image Source: Instagram

This is slightly different than traditional stooping. Someone decided to leave a fridge on the street to act as a food bank. People leave supplies they don’t need in an attempt to help those who actually need it.

3. The dollhouse

Image Source: Instagram

Here is one of the coolest finds we have seen! Someone was extremely fortunate to come across this really stunning dollhouse. It looks like a real house that was shrunken down and we bet it was expensive when new.

4. The bedroom cabinet

Image Source: Instagram

Some pieces of furniture are also pieces of art and this one is the perfect example of that. We are not sure if it something old or a newer piece with an older design but, either way, we would love to have it.

5. The couch

Image Source: Instagram

Now, this is something truly special. There are many couches out there available for purchase but seeing this amazing item sitting on the sidewalk and waiting for someone to pick it makes us want to go to NYC.

6. The table

Image Source: Instagram

Coffee tables come in all shapes and sizes but this one is exceptional. We can’t believe someone just got rid of it. It looks amazing and would complement a modern home’s interior for sure.

7. The royal living room set

Image Source: Instagram

Stooping can lead to amazing discoveries but they could hardly get any better than this one. You can clearly see that this is no ordinary set of furniture. It must have been the pride and joy of someone wealthy or famous.

8. The cabinet

Image Source: Instagram

There are millions of things that we have never seen before and this is a good thing because we always get to see something new. This is the case here: seeing this gorgeous cabinet made us feel envious of the person who got to pick it up.

9. The dresser

Image Source: Instagram

People sometimes through away items that are valuable without even realizing it. As you can see, this dresser is anything but trash. It should be placed inside a great interior to complete it.

10. The rarity

Image Source: Instagram

Truly special people are never satisfied with their interiors and they constantly change or improve something about it. As you can see here, someone threw out an amazing item that they probably grew tired of.

11. The globe bar

Image Source: Instagram

If you are wondering what could possibly be the best thing to find while stooping, this must be it. We cannot imagine throwing an item like this in the trash. Needless to say, this is one expensive piece, too.

12. The paintings

Image Source: Instagram

Now, this is an unbelievable find! How could someone get rid of such unreal paintings? They are so beautiful that we would travel a large distance to collect them if we had the chance. The person who took them is lucky.

13. The mirror

Image Source: Instagram

Double mirrors have always been our kind of thing. But this is no ordinary double mirror and you can see it must have been very expensive back in the day. This person found it by sheer chance. Good for her!

14. The interior

Image Source: Instagram

It appears that some people are in a rush to replace their old furniture and don’t hesitate to get rid of their old ones fast. This is what happened here. Someone threw out half of their interior for someone to pick it up!

15. The TV stand

Image Source: Instagram

Here is one vintage TV stand that looks amazing. Modern interiors require unusual solutions and we are certain this item would be ideal for every style or color combination. It looks as good as new, too.

16. The couch

Image Source: Instagram

This is by far our favorite shade of blue possible. There is no secret that blue is the color that would complement any color scheme, at least according to our taste. This beautiful couch deserves to be given a second chance.

17. The bench

Image Source: Instagram

They say that simple items are the best ones. The sleek design and clean lines are preferred by many for a reason. This bench is a great example of that. You can see how it would fir into every interior.

18. The amazing find

Image Source: Instagram

Since we already talked about modern interiors, we simply had to include this piece here. It would be the best addition to any simplistic interior, as well as to a Scandinavian type of design. Imagine putting this inside a spacious loft – it would look great.

19. The sofa

Image Source: Instagram

Here is yet another classy piece of furniture just waiting to be picked up. Needless to say, it probably didn’t last long on the street before someone picked it up. Not everyone would appreciate this find but it is pure gold, no doubt about it.

20. The red couch

Image Source: Instagram

This item made us think about something: many of the pieces of furniture left on sidewalks to be picked up by those in need are in exceptional condition. This couch, for example, looks as good as new and we are certain that someone picked it up fast.

21. The effort

Image Source: Instagram

Seeing something beautiful while stooping means that you need to act fast if you want to have it. This person did not hesitate at all and stepped into action. This is the kind of attitude you must have if you want to have success in stooping.

22. The yellow couch

Image Source: Instagram

Here is another piece of furniture that seems to be a great fit for almost every interior out there. As you can see, it seems that it is the kind of item to not last long on the street before someone lucky sees it and picks it up. We would gladly take it home, too.

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