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22 Pics That Will Make You Take A Second Look, Because The Background Rocks

Image Source: Reddit

There are billions of images you could find online but not all of them are worthy of attention or sharing. There are, however, some pictures that could make you chuckle because they hide interesting details. These images appear to be ordinary at first but after taking a second look, you notice how funny or awesome they really are.

1. The bend

Image Source: Twitter

Trying to take the perfect selfie can be hard but most people have already mastered that to perfection. This person knew how to nail the best possible angle but the other man in the background knew a little something about angles as well.

2. The kids

Image Source: Imgur

Well, this is an image that many people would immediately relate to. Keep in mind that this kid was probably there for a reason. We guess that he was determined to ruin this photo but he may have been there because he wanted to have revenge.

3. The cat

Image Source: Reddit

Selfies do not get much better than this one. The person you see here was surely not aware that her cat would decide to be in the picture. Not only did the feline snuck on her but it also made the funniest possible face.

4. The wedding

Image Source: Imgur

Wedding photos are always beautiful. Sometimes, the happy couple and the photographer take things to another level by choosing special effects and sceneries. In this case, the special part is someone dressed as Waldo hiding in the back.

5. The dessert

Image Source: Sensum-club

Your attention would immediately be grabbed by this dessert, we have no doubt about it. Still, you will be able to notice something else about the image. There is a boy in the back who is clearly amazed by this creation.

6. The group photo

Image Source: Imgur

Needless to say, every party or gathering needs to be remembered, therefore, group photos are a must. In this case, one of the people in the photo decided to troll everyone else and it turned out to be a great idea.

7. The pyramid

Image Source: Reddit

This person enjoyed the amazing things he saw in Mexico but he was particularly amazed by this old pyramid. As you can see, he wanted to have his picture taken and it ended up in something unexpected.

8. The image

Image Source: Reddit

Enjoying lunch and being satisfied is always a great feeling. This person was obviously happy to be there and someone took his picture. They later noticed that someone in that location was even happier than him.

9. The fish

Image Source: Reddit

This is one of the funniest images on the list. It looks as if the fish is aware of the fact that there is a danger lurking in the back. The cat is plotting something and you could easily tell that by its facial expession.

10. The kiss

Image Source: Imgur

Romantic images are the best kind of images, period! We might even say that they are just as inspirational as they are beautiful but it only takes two people to be featured in one because three is a crowd.

11. The bench

Image Source: Imgur

We believe that the person in the background was probably not happy about the fact he was not supposed to be included. He didn’t get to sit on the bench but he found a way to be in the picture.

12. The nose

Image Source: Imgur

Great images are sometimes taken by accident. Regardless of the props you use or the scenery you choose, a good chance is all you need to create a masterpiece. In this case, one person was able to take a hilarious image that is also a bit gross.

13. The chest

Image Source: Imgur

Well, this is one of those images that you can immediately brand as either special or absurd. We guess this particular one is both, and the reason is the person on the left. He decided to shave his chest hair in a particular fashion and we are not sure if it is okay.

14. The selfie

Image Source: Imgur

Making goofy faces to spoil your friends’ pictures is something like a tradition with some people but they don’t have an idea about how good they can be at it. This person wanted to make a scary face and she got us the chills.

15. The creepy stare

Image Source: Reddit

Usually, kids cannot wait to have a new brother or a sister but it appears that some children are not so happy to share everything with a sibling. It is not hard to guess how this kid feels after seeing that he is not going to the only child from now on.

16. The stalker

Image Source: Reddit

Cats love having territory to themselves and every other animal that comes near is a potential threat to them. In this case, one cute pup is not aware that the huge cat behind him is watching his every move.

17. The mushroom

Image Source: Reddit

Now, this is a tricky image and you need to take a closer look to see what is there in the background. Once you see it, you cannot unsee it, we guess. Yes, there is a deer behind the branches just above the mushroom.

18. The doppleganger

Image Source: Reddit

Sure enough, these two men are not identical but it is still a curious coincidence that they are dressed pretty much the same and their body posture is also similar. This is a nice moment to capture.

19. The dance

Image Source: izismile

Weddings are all about having a good time. There are laughter and a good mood but there are mostly dances. We guess the person in the back would find it hard to dance while wearing these high heels.

20. The kids

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that having more than one kid means giving equal attention to each and every one of them. In this case, the kid behind the front door obviously wanted to be part of the action.

21. The selfie

Image Source: Twitter

This person decided to pose for a selfie but she probably didn’t notice what was going on in the back. There is a cat hanging from another person’s jeans.

22. Joe Rogan

Image Source: Twitter

Joe Rogan is doing his absolute best to look the other way and we can all understand why. He is a gentleman and it shows.

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