22 Random Facts That Will Definitely Amuse You

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People say that the world is actually not as big as we once thought it was, but there is still plenty to learn and see! Nobody could see it all in their lifetime and nobody could prove that they know it all, too. We keep learning throughout our lives and this is the beauty of it – you can be inspired or fascinated by something when you least expect it! The random facts below are a great way to give it a try!

1. The human body contains gold and this is perfectly fine

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Just dont get too excited about it, because the average quantity is about 0,2 miligrams, which is not enough for an early retirement.

2. Sharks are older than trees

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This does not make any sense, but it is the truth!

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Sharks are assumed to be a species that originated about 400 million years ago, making them about 50 million years older than trees!

3. Horses do not vomit because they can’t

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This is a weird piece of information to hold on to, but it is also something we never knew before! We guess they are lucky to be deprived of that feature!

4. Mangoes are affected by sunburn just like us

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This sounds really strange as we have never heard of such a thing before! The problem is actually serious because it affects a significant number of fruit, causing crop losses.

5. Swearing is actually good for you as it relieves stress

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You have probably felt this and you don’t need facts to prove it, but some studies have shown that letting off the steam by shouting all the swear words that come to your mind!

6. Dolphins actually have names

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Each dolphin has a distinctive whistling sound and every other dolphin could imitate that to perfection if it needs to attract another one’s attention. This is basically the same as human names that we call each other by.

7. Saturn and Jupiter have diamond rain

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This sounds like a fantasy but we assure you it is not! In fact, it is something that scientists were able to measure, and the diamond rainfall on Saturn is about a thousand tons on a yearly basis!

8. McDonald’s actually has a wedding pricelist

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Believe it or not, McDonald’s a preferred choice for a wedding by some couples! The trick is that you cannot do it in every location, and this service is currently exclusive for Hong Kong.

9. Monkeys practice dental care

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We were not that surprised by this fact, to be honest. It kind of makes sense, doesn’t it? Monkeys really do floss, and they have all sorts of way to do it! The most common tools they use are bird feathers and grass.

10. Gold is an edible metal

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However, it is only edible when it is pure and it is cut into really thin flakes. The quantity is also important! Avoid chewing on your gold rings, though, because they are not pure gold!

11. Human fingers have no muscles inside of them

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Image Source: Pixabay

Now this is something that made the cogs in our heads spin fast! How could this be? We guess that the human body has a lot of secrets to reveal. It turns out fingers are moved by the muscles located in the forearms and the palms.

12. Whales can collect tan

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Here is something else we had no idea about until now! Who knew that whales, of all creatures, were able to have tan? We guess that people are not special when it comes to having exotic tan!

13. Jellyfish literally evaporate when exposed to heat and sun

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We were not aware of this but it makes total sense! Jellyfish are basically water! They consist of 98% H2O, so there is no wonder that they evaporate this easily!

14. Turtles can pleasure themselves

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We know we can do it, but we never knew that other species could, too! But there is even more. Humans and turtles are not the only ones who do it! Elephants, walruses and porcupanes also join the party!

15. We had no idea that avocados were technically berries

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This is actually a curious fact and the numerous avocado lovers out there would be delighted to know it! We always thought that it grows similarly to apples, for example, but it turns out it did not!

16. Stars actually devour planets

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Now this is something that we consider to be real life science fiction! It turns out that if a star happens to be too close to the orbit of a certain planet, that planet would probably seize to exist.

17. Babies are incapable of experiencing dreams

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We guess that they cannot remember whether they had dreams or not, but neuroscientists claim that every human being starts dreaming no sooner than turning 4 years old.

18. Here is what the words ‘flammable’ and ‘inflammable’ have in common

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They sound like they have opposite meanings, but they mean the same thing! Both words are meant to describe something that is easy to be set on fire!

19. Birds never pee

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This is something we have never thought about! It appears that no bird has the features that enable peeing as a process.

20. Eggplants have something in common with cigarettes

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Well, it is a proven fact that eggplants contain nicotine! This is kind of strange, actually, but the quantity inside the plant is really small. Twenty pounds of eggplants contain the nicotine you can find in a singe cigarette.

21. Panda bears can fake a pregnancy

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This is a curious fact and they do it with the sole purpose to receive extra food from their carers!

22. Lighters were invented before matchsticks

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This is another fact that appears to defies logic but it is true!

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