22 Real And Relatable Dad Jokes That Are Too Funny Not To Share

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You might have come across the most famous dad jokes account on Instagram that has a growing fan base. There is no wonder about that, as the jokes are nothing but hilarious. We all know that dad humor is the best kind of humor but we believe that it is underrated. Dad jokes are the kind of humor we prefer. They are witty and we love seeing tons of them, which is why we decided to share the newest and funniest we found.

1. The Tinder profile

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There is not much we could add here. You can see that this is a joke but imagine if someone had this approach when setting up a real Tinder profile. We guess that most ladies would appreciate the witty humor.

2. The doctor

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We all feel anxious when we need to go to the hospital, regardless of the reason. In this case, the joke suggests a scenario that we believe is impossible to happen. Still, it is funny to imagine it!

3. The assumption

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Here is something that is just as funny as it is witty. There is no telling how things could have been today if this actually happened. However, we can never picture Las Vegas as the source of something so big.

4. The delivery

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It seems that dads are able to joke about literally everything, including the birth of their own kids. This proud father announced the news in the funniest of ways and we love it!

5. The drums

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Here is one superb joke that actually portrays the problems some people have with their neighbors. You should expect someone to ring your doorbell if you play the drums at night.

6. The top joke

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Like we already mentioned, dad jokes are by far the wittiest ones imaginable. Needless to say, this one could make anyone laugh for half an hour straight!

7. The text

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We guess that some husbands are not aware of the moments when their wives are romantic. Even when they realize what is happening, they could still decide to have some fun.

8. The wife joke

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Dads need to be careful when they decide to have some fun because their jokes can backfire massively. This is the case here. It is obvious that this dad’s wife had her own way of having some fun on her husband’s account.

9. The gear

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Those who are already in the fishing business know the type of clients described here. There is no secret that fishing equipment is expensive and the way this dad joke explains it is hilarious.

10. The bed

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There are things you see, read, or hear that you simply cannot deny. This joke tells the short story of how a bigger bed would transform your bedroom. We can’t argue with that.

11. The noise

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There are people who will always love the Mariah Carey CD’s full of Christmas songs but this dad is obviously not a fan! As you can see, he joked about it in the funniest possible way.

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12. The evidence

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Apart from making fun of everything and everyone, dads are also good at making fun of themselves. This funny joke almost got us rolling on the floor.

13. The game

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Dads love playing all kinds of games but we believe some of them can be dangerous to them. This funny joke hardly describes actual events but the sheer thought of it happening made us laugh.

14. The reality

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There is little we could say as a comment to this funny joke. Maybe the old saying “it is funny because it is true” is the best way to describe it. We guess many teenagers act in a similar fashion.

15. The stages

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We are absolutely sure that many dads out there would relate to this funny joke. It is kind of sad to realize this but we guess there is nothing more that we could do about it than to accept it.

16. The pun

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Dads can joke about everything and they could even create clever puns, too. One could never find a way to make part of the Microsoft Office package seem fun but that is a challenge a dad can accept anytime. This text suggests how that played out. We really love it!

17. The reaction

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We all react in a certain way when we see something exciting on TV. Of course, the reaction depends on what we are watching and on our personality, too. In this case, one dad realized his wife was probably funnier than him.

18. The wish

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Genies obviously are not to be trusted but this dad decided to take his chances. Imagine being able to summon a real genie and this happens to you. As they say, you need to be careful what you wish for.

19. The holiday

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Dads are always honest in their effort to explain a certain situation. This funny text suggests one. As you can see, the dad and his family are not going to visit Hawaii and the reason is obvious.

20. The name pun

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Dads are also good at coming up with witty name puns. As you can see, one dad was able to pull off this joke like a pro. The name he came up with is really funny and we love it.

21. The electric joke

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Here is one really clever example that some people would find it hard to understand but we are sure all the other dads would surely relate to it.

22. The conversation

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Dads know when to joke about something and they never miss a chance to do so. As you can see, this dad thought that acting like he didn’t hear his wife at all was extremely funny, and it is.

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