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22 Strange Things That Everyone Has Done At Least Once In Their Life

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There are things in life that we think nobody else does, but it turns out that they are common for most people! These things are often irrational or pointless, but we still do them on a daily basis! It is not like a habit of some sort, it is more of small daily rituals that we like doing. We guess that the fact we are not the only ones doing them makes such moments seem less dumb, but they are still worth sharing, and chances are you do a lot of them regularly, too!

1. Here is something we can relate to

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There are two kinds of people in the world: those who always forget to activate the silent mode on their phones and those who never deactivate it! We happen to fall into the second category and we believe that most people do! However, this does not mean that we don’t check it every time we need to make sure our phone doesn’t ring and interrupt some kind of event!

2. This is a favorite daily ritual of hours

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You know what they say – it is not the destination that counts, it is the journey that is really important! This is the reason why most of us make sure that the journey is comfortable, even though it takes only a couple of minutes in some cases! Going to work in the morning means that some people spend more time choosing the right track to play than the time they actually need to arrive at the office!

3. Here is common excuse we all use

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For some weird reason we always set up our own rules when we need to do something that we have no desire to start doing at all! This makes room for a lot of excuses, and this is probably the best one! We decided that we are do what we are supposed to at a certain hour of the day, but if it passes, then we consider this as another chance to delay it. This is called procrastination!

4. We never really finish the dream storyline even if we go back to sleep

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This has got to be one of the most annoying things to happen to someone! Having a nice dream is always a pleasant experience but almost every time you enjoy one, it gets interrupted either by the alarm or your significant other, or maybe even the cat! The point is that you are instantly irritated because you want to continue dreaming because you know it was good, but you cannot remember the exact storyline!

5. Most of us feel exactly like this

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This is kind of weird, actually! We have always thought about the ways in which the human brain functions, and this example shows one of those ways! It appears that in our minds we go to the store to buy something and we need to actually do it, otherwise we feel as if we did something wrong, which is just not so! This is the reason why we feel awkward when going out of the store empty-handed.

6. This is simply a classic one

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Online shopping has its perks but one of the things that are particularly tricky is the way in which vendors calculate their prices. Some of them offer free shipping but it is not actually free! They simply added it to their price, and this is why you think you made a better deal. After all, getting something for free always sounds like the best possible option, right? We are aware of this and we still continue to do it!

7. Here is another relatable image

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This is actually a curious one, and we don’t mean the way in which we accept the prescription of the medication. What we find curious is the way they summed up the things you should not drive. They always refer to them as ‘heavy machinery’ and by that they mean ordinary vehicles mostly, but it still sounds like they mean construction machines or those huge dump trucks you can see in the mines.

8. We believe this is the most common thing for all of us

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We are not entirely sure if this happens because we get distracted or because we want to make the best first impression and we are simply too focused on that, but the end result is always the same. We end up meeting people and not knowing what their names were. It could lead to confusing situations, too, and this might be a good enough reason for use to change our ways, but it is easier said than done.

9. Here is something we wish we could stop doing

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This is probably due to our anxiety, but we still do it all the time! Packing our bags for a trip is always a pleasant moment, because you are in great anticipation of the trip ahead of you. However, it seems that we are never satisfied with the amount of luggage we have, because we always think that it would not be enough, considering the length of our holiday.

10. This is a weird thing that most people do, us included

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Here is a little something that you would surely relate to! Every time we need to be more focus on something, such as finding the right route or the location we are looking for, the first thing we do is turn the volume of the car stereo down. We believe that most of us think that it would improve our concentration, but we guess that it does not matter if we do it at all or not.

11. This is not going to happen for sure

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We are actually glad that we are not the only ones who suffer from these huge misconceptions about past periods of time. If you are in your 30’s not, chances are that you still think that the beginning of the new century was a decade ago and 2007 was only a couple of years ago. We could only wish that was true, but it is not and we need to accept that times passes at a rapid pace and there is nothing we could do about it!

12. This is one of life’s greatest mysteries 

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Sometimes we get to the point in which we are forced to use a universal way to fix a gadget, and this image describes what we mean exactly! This is the oldest trick in the book when it comes to fixing a remote, and the funny part is that we have no idea how or why it works. This is not relevant, actually! What matters is that it actually works almost every time you ‘fix’ it like that!

13. This is the type of behavior that we have no explanation for

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This is another example of something fairly irrational that most of us do. When we are supposed to open a package, we need to make sure that we checked all the warning labels on the box before we proceed with opening it. However, sometimes our desire to do it right backfires and we end up opening it in a far more dangerous way than the one we were supposed not to use.

14. Now this is one strongly relatable post

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Despite the fact that we live in a modern society and we are well aware of the majority of things in the world. we all have irrational fears, and some of those fears are common for most people! This post suggests something that we are more or less ashamed to admit doing, but we simply have to. It might sound absurd for one to do such a thing and it maybe is, but we still do it, anyway.

15. We know how this feels

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If you ever had the chance to play pool, we guess you felt like us when we wanted to play but we have no idea how. In such moments we try not to lose our cool and we act like we have done this all our lives. Of course, this means that those who have the right idea how to play find all of our actions to be funny or just wrong, and that could be embarrassing!

16. Here is something we also do

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This is kind of weird, actually but we guess most of us do it. It does not matter which limb you choose, it might be a leg as well, but the point is that it is kind of strange. This happens mostly if you are in bed or on the couch and you talk on the phone. We get bored while the call lasts and one of the things we do is exactly what is suggested here.

17. We love doing this

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Regardless if you love spending time in the kitchen or not, chances are that you love playing with most of the gadgets and utensils you could find there. Among all the things you can have fun with, these are probably the best ones! Even when you need to use them the proper way, you still fiddle with them just for a little while.

18. This is something we all do

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Even the simplest possible math calculations needs to be double-checked during an exam, and we all do it!

19. This is like a reward we get after doing all the work 

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This is super relatable and we believe we all do it! The same thing happens when we take the car to the car wash – we admire how clean it is later.

20. Everyone makes random noises

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Of course, we mostly do this when we are alone, but it happens in public places, too, especially if we are listening to music and we just zone off!

21. It is easy to get distracted when you check the time on your phone

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As simple notification is more than enough to make you forget about the real reason why you pulled out your phone, and chances are that it happens every single time!

22. Here is another thing we all do

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It appears that despite our intentions to go to the store and just grab a single item, we end up buying a ton of groceries and we always go back to get a shopping cart.

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