23 “I Don’t Know Who Needs To Hear This” Tweets Stating Nothing But The Truth

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Twitter is definitely a place you can always have fun regardless of the time and the topic! People tweet random things all the time and some of them go viral, just like the ‘I don’t know who needs to here this’ trend, which aims to make people realize simple truths about life or some everyday things, and the idea is more than awesome! The tweets in the list below are some of the best ones you could see!

1. This is about as uplifting as a tweet could get

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Sometimes only a few kind words from a stranger are more than enough to get you up and running again! We all have moments when we feel down in the dumps, but we need to remember that these moments are temporary and that the sunlight shines even after the darkest night! The person who tweeted this needs a round of applause.

2. This is a simple but brilliant life hack

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We absolutely love the fact that someone took a minute of their time to share a seemingly insignificant piece of advice that actually makes a great difference! Instead of trying to spread the peanut butter and the jelly on the same piece of bread!

3. This is a valuable piece of advice

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We need to admit that we are among the many people who act exactly as described! Those who are not in a serious relationship always hope for the best and when someone that shows interest in them comes along, they tend to behave as if that someone was ‘the one and only’, but such hopes almost always end up with disappointment!

4. We are glad to see this tweet

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As funny as this is, we are glad to see it because we actually thought that nobody else did it, but it turns out that probably most of us tend to do it, which is kind of weird, to be honest! We are so used to social media and more particularly Twitter that we feel more or less of an addiction and we feel the urge to be online all the time

5. Here is another funny tweet that is right on point

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As you can see, someone gave a rather weird advice but you should listen to this person and do as she says immediately, because chances are that you have never done this, or at least not recently! And it could lead to bigger issues if you do not do it, too.

6. This person should be praised for her tweet

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Well, this tweet pretty much sums up why Twitter is an amazing place to be! You can have fun while you are logged in and you can also discuss a serious topic, but you could also learn valuable bits of information, just like the one this tweet has to offer! It may not look like much, but this is something rather annoying that people will now be able to avoid!

7. We never want to let go of these

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If you are anything like us, then you definitely have a sweet tooth and you struggle with giving up everything that contains sugar. And when it comes to sweets. the Cadbury mini eggs are one of the biggest temptations there are! Giving them up is almost impossible but it is also a must, because they are not healthy at all, despite the delicious taste!

8. This needs to be seen by as many people as possible 

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Just like depression, a burnout is as harmful as it is hard to recognize! The chances of one being able to diagnose themselves are really slim, and it is almost impossible for an individual to admit that they suffered from a burnout! This tweet suggests one simple way for you to recognize if you have the symptoms to match this condition.

9. This is the most important tweet there is

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No matter if have children or not, this is as valuable as a parenting advice could possible be! It seems that most people tend to think that they could treat their children in a certain way and they would just forget about that as the years go by, but it simply does not work like that and you should treat them the right way all the time!

10. It is easier said than done

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Seeing this tweet made us realize that we have been doing exactly the same thing for quite some time, and we always add new things to the to-do list despite the fact that we don’t check off any of the old ones. This means that chores basically start to pile up and this is definitely not a good thing! We all need to a get a grip on our agendas and check everything off that to-do list!

11. Many people treat themselves as if they are their own enemies

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Many people put in a lot of effort in their material possessions but they neglect the one thing that they would really own in this life – their bodies! It does not take much for one to take good care of their body. Only 20 minutes a day of cardio is more than enough to keep a person fit and healthy for many years ahead!

12. Now this is one hilarious tweet

test ad
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Maybe there was a particular reason behind this tweet but we have no way of knowing it! It is definitely a weird thing to say but it is also super funny! The hidden meaning behind is probably the fact that people who are not qualified actually run for president!

13. Maybe this is the right thing to do with such people

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It appears that social media created a whole new plethora of things that we never had to deal with before, and this might be an issues sometimes! As you can see, this tweet suggests doing something that we consider to be a good idea. If someone contacted you online and you chose not to have any kind of relation to that someone, but they keep following you, you might as well be cautious.

14. This is the kind of thing many people need to hear 

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While this tweet is a bit explicit, we neglected the language used in it and focused on the meaning, and there is a lot of meaning here, too! People have poor money spending habits and they cannot control themselves, which is the main problem. They often spend money they do not have on things that they will never need or use for that matter. This is just wrong to do but many still do it!

15. Here is something we are all aware of but we rarely admit

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It seems that there are many things we are all perfectly aware of but we often choose not see or admit them because we wish they were not the way they are. Well, we need to keep it real because this is the only possible attitude! Not admitting that someone would never change their ways means that you will need to keep putting up with the attitude you don’t like!

16. This is something we believe in

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Yes, life really is too short to compromise on many things. Sure enough, sometimes a compromise is inevitable but in most cases we let ourselves do things that are simply not worth neither the time nor the effort you put in them! Reading a book that is not that interesting is such an example. If you don’t like it, simply stop reading it and don’t waste your time.

17. Here is something we can get behind any time

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There are people who often think they are above the law and they choose to ignore all kinds of warning, traffic signs and other means and regulations, but they have no right to do it, of course. When it comes to not fully stopping at a STOP sign, things can get really serious, because the consequences of such a law violation could be severe!

18. We guess that not everyone was in a rush to this

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Maybe this person just finished watching a particular movie starring Nick Cage and she was more or less overwhelmed by that fact! However, urging people to not steal the Declaration of Independence is not something people actually need to hear, we guess! Of course, there may be someone plotting to do it, but a tweet would not stop them.

19. This is kind of harsh to say

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Well, some people use tweets to troll others, and this tweet is definitely going to felt deep by those who have hopes their crush would respond to their feelings.

20. Many people need to hear this, actually

Image Source: Twitter

This is something that people need to listen to, because it is part of normal human body hygiene to wash your face regularly. However, not everyone does it!

21. We also need to hear this

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It often seems that people move from one free trial to another and this is an endless process! You should pay for a subscription and that’s that.

22. You don’t need to go out to eat if you have food at home

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We know it sounds tempting but you would save a lot of time and money by just eating at home instead of going to a diner!

23. The rest

Image Source: Twitter

This tweet definitely has a point. We all deserve rest and I can’t agree more with this tweet.

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