23 Times People Found Things That Are Hard To Explain

We all happen to find or come across curious situations and things, but sometimes they are more than interesting. In fact, they can even be puzzling to the point when they are hard to explain or they are simply something we have never seen before. This is the focus of this list! It shows the kind of things and situations that you definitely cannot see every day!

1. This happened literally overnight

Image Source: Reddit

Someone noticed a curious sight! This was just an empty field of grass, until one morning this circle appeared! It happened overnight and we wonder why the mushroom grew in such a circular pattern! These must be a reason for this to happen!

2. Someone noticed this curious door

Image Source: Reddit

We initially thought that this door was narrowed digitally when someone altered the image, but it is a genuine photo! This super narrow door is hardly usable, but it still probably leads to somewhere.

3. Art comes in all shapes and sizes

Image Source: Reddit

In this case it was purely accidental and this is what makes it interesting! As you can see, someone rear-ended this vehicle, and the mangled area resembles a sculpture of two people kissing! Someone saw it and took this curious photo.

4. Cats never sit like this

Image Source: Reddit

Animals have their strange ways, but some moments they are worth sharing! The way this cat prefers to sit down is definitely something we are glad to see, and we are also puzzle about why it happened at all!

5. This is not a glitch in the camera

Image Source: Reddit

Someone definitely had a lucky strike with this photo, because things like this simply never happen! The reason why these squirrels are standing there in exactly the same pose is beyond us, but it is curious to see them.

6. Here is an image taken in Brooklyn

Image Source: Reddit

This unusual sight attracted someone’s attention for obvious reasons! There is a huge mushroom growing from in between the tiled facade of this building. We like how nature always finds a way to do its thing!

7. There is not a single filter used here

Image Source: Reddit

It looks like this image was taken using a filter, but it has no filters added to it! The reason behind the photo is fairly simple, despite the fact it seems hard to explain. The wind brought thick smoke from wildfires near this area.

8. Now this is what we call a universal sign

Image Source: Reddit

This sign is a puzzling thing to find, and we guess that everyone would be happy to come across such a thing, because it is like no other sign! It definitely was meant to prohibit something, but it is unclear what that thing was. Maybe you should avoid doing everything that comes to your mind if you happen to see such a sign.

9. This cat has a special feature

Image Source: Reddit

We have all seen how cat eyes reflect light and it is always a cool thing to see, but there is something curious about this particular cat. Most felines’ eyes turn green when they reflect light, but this one’s eyes turned blue!

10. These ants probably need to ask something

Image Source: Reddit

We assume that this was just a lucky image, but there is just something about that question mark – it is too perfect! Imagine if the ants had a specific thing to ask? We would never know.

11. This photo is also genuine

Image Source: Reddit

As you can see, there is something in the photo that looks like a darker section over the lower part of these tree trunks. But it is not just a random effect. It is actually an indication of where the waterline was during a recent flood.

12. Someone realized that their car was taken over

Image Source: Reddit

Now this is something you don’t see every day! Cats love sleeping on top of cars, and they mostly do it alone. This is not the case here! These turkeys decided to take a nap on this particular vehicle and the owner of the car probably had a hard time chasing them away.

13. This simple label is not an ordinary one

Image Source: Reddit

It appears that someone has a keen eye for the smallest details here! This tiny label looks quite ordinary until you see the digits it features! As you can see, the two number 9 digits are different for some reason.

14. This is one curious-looking cactus

Image Source: Reddit

Now this is one plant that every fan of fantasy movies that feature dragons would like to have at home! The cactus perfectly represents the structure of a dragon and even its body posture!

15. The seagull parking lot

Image Source: Reddit

You can see right away that the seagulls are not just scattered around the parking lot and they even seem to be parked within the lines. What they are actually doing is hiding from the wind!

16. Now this is something curious to see

Image Source: Reddit

Elephants love swimming and sometimes they need to cross rivers on a daily basis, meaning that they regularly have a bath. The photo shows a group of elephants upon coming out of the water.

17. This Publix receipt is unbelievable 

Image Source: Reddit

We have seen long receipts before, but this one belongs to a whole different category! It is more than four meters long, and the most curious part is that the person who received it bought just four items

18. This sounds like good news

Image Source:

We guess that everyone would be delighted to know that their membership is valid for another five centuries! Of course, this is some kind of mistake, but we are not sure how it could happen at all.

19. Someone noticed these curious paintings at s gas station

Image Source: Reddit

As you can see, the paintings look exactly like the cute dogs, but the tricky part is that they were not meant to match! The owner of the dogs was baffled to find the paintings by chance, and it is just too big of a coincidence!

20. The perfect match

Image Source: Reddit

Someone came across this curious sight while on the go and was able to take a photo. The effect in the background is due to the shade of the color in which someone started repainting the building. It is the same kind of shade as the sky!

21. This is not your ordinary bus driver

Image Source: Reddit

We love seeing celebrity doppelgangers and someone was able to notice the uncanny resemblance between this bus driver and the late David Bowie!

22. This old key looks curious

Image Source: Reddit

Someone noticed a really curious detail on this old key! It used to belong to their mother when she was a college girl. It looks quite different from any ordinary key we have seen until now.

23. This is not a typical thing to see on an insect

Image Source: Reddit

This is one super cool fly and we guess that i prefers to hang around any McDonald’s location! That logo is perfect.

24. The most creative dad

Image Source: Reddit

We believe this is the most creative dad out there. Anyway, we have some hard time explaining the idea behind this, but it is still cool

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