23 Times People Hilariously Recreated Their Childhood Photos

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We can never get enough of seeing how people do their best to recreate old photos taken decades ago! The feeling you get after seeing the original and the recreated photograph compared to one another is really good and it brings a different kind of sensation to different people, depending on the content. In most cases these photos are either hilarious or really funny to see! Such examples are compiled in the list below and most of them are able to make anyone laugh out loud or make their own memories come back to them!

1. These siblings experienced a change in their attitude

Image Source: Reddit

The big sister looks happier in the original photo, while 22 years later she is a bit annoyed, while her brother is definitely amused by the situation.

2These brothers surprised their mom in the sweetest possible way

Image Source: Reddit

Both photos were taken as a gift for Mother’s Day, and they have two decades between them! The boys’ mom was probably moved to tears both times!

3. The person on the right and his cousins are still close after 24 years

Image Source: Reddit

Boys will be boys, and these two funny images prove that! This person and his cousins stayed as close as they were back in the day.

4. Now this is one photo that deserved to be recreated

Image Source: Imgur

It is nice to see that this person never lost his inner child and he proved that he was able to pull off the same stunt years later!

5. This man chose a funny image to recreated

Image Source: Reddit

We are more than certain that this man could have chosen another photo, but he picked this one because it was the funniest!

6. Bathing time is just as fun now as it was for these brothers

Image Source: Reddit

These brothers showed that they remained really close by recreating this photo of them in the bathtub!

7. Here is a sweet memory that a father and son recreated

Image Source: Imgur

We really liked how this dad and his all grown-up son were able to recreate what was probably their first picture together!


Image Source: Imgur

9. These boys are adults but they still remember how to have fun

Image Source: Imgur

Their childish ways might seem odd to some people, but we think it is the best kind of bonding experience!

10. The son became a perfect copy of his father

Image Source: Reddit

These cute pictures show how the two man changed over the years, and the son definitely looks like his dad!

11. These siblings wanted to surprise their mom

Image Source: Reddit

We guess they did a good job and their recreated childhood photo was the perfect gift for their mom’s birthday!

12. Now this is what we call a funny comparison

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Image Source: Imgur

Seeing this person as a kid acting like a frog and the way he was able to recreated the old photos is absolutely hilarious!

13. There are more than two decades between these images

Image Source: Reddit

We are more than sure that a lot has changed since the original photo was taken, including the front porch of that house!

14. These images are lovely

Image Source: Reddit

You can see how diverse this group of friends is, but they remained as close as they were more than fifteen years ago!

15. Nothing has changed within this family

Image Source: Reddit

The first thing we noticed after seeing the recreated photo is that the head of the family still looks kind of unimpressed!

16. The good old ways never change

Image Source: Reddit

There are almost four decades between these images but that man still handles the skateboard like a professional!

17. These brothers made sure all the details in the recreated photo were accurate

Image Source: Brit

We are more than certain that when their family saw what they did, they thought that it was an adorable idea!

18. One of these brother was still able to fit in the box

Image Source: Reddit

However, there is a catch! It is not the same box, but a bigger one, and they drew the logo with a red marker pen!

19. Here is one proud father and his three sons

Image Source: Imgur

You can see that the smile on the father’s face only grew bigger over time, as his sons probably made him feel even more proud!

20. Now this is what we call a job well done

Image Source: Imgur

These people did the impossible and they were able to repeat a scene from many years ago with incredible accuracy!

21. Making a mess is not typical only for toddlers

Image Source: Reddit

When adults enjoy a tasty meal, they also tend to make a huge mess, and this person wanted to show that some things remain the same!

22. These siblings are all grown-up now

Image Source: Reddit

The amazing thing about this image is that the father of these kids barely shows any signs ageing, and this is incredible!

23. These veterans recreated a really cool photograph

Image Source: Reddit

The Vietnam vets decided to pose for a photo just like they did fifty years ago, and they all look good!

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