24 Common Girl Problems That Every Girl Have Experienced

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We all face different kinds of struggles on a daily basis, but there are different kinds of struggles depending on what you do for a living, for a example, or if you are a man or a woman. The list below focuses on things most women have experienced more than once, and this is why these situations are more than relatable to most ladies!

1. Here is why high heels can get you into trouble

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High heels require a solid surface to step on, otherwise you are likely to end up in a dangerous situation and you need to be careful on each and every step.

2. This tampon dispenser has some prices

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Most women would be furious to spend a whole dollar on a single tampon  but in case of emergency they have no other option.

3. This is relatable to each and every woman out there

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It seems that bra straps often have a mind of their own and their mission is to bring you discomfort!

4. This is enough to make any lady furious

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This is one of the things that could instantly annoy every woman out there, despite that it is not a big deal.

5. Long nails can be limiting

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If you want to have immaculate manicure, you need to cope with the fact that it comes with certain limitations.

6. This is how you will stop being annoyed by lost hairclips

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Ladies lose a ridiculous amount of hairclips every year, and this person was able to make sure she always had enough of them.

7. This usually happens in the worst possible time

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If you happen to have only one of these and not even a spare hair band in the purse, then you will likely be frustrated.

8. Taking a photo on a windy day is a challenge

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Loose hair on a windy day most likely causes nine out of ten photos to be ruined completely!

9. Making a hair bun is not as easy as it seems

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We believe that those who are blessed to be able to make the perfect bun in just one try should be proud of themselves!

10. Here is another thing that always happens when you least expect it

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Sandal straps are just like flip flops – they fail you just when you need them the most! It is always a bummer when it happens.

11. Here is why you should not wear hair bands on your forearm

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Most ladies out the hair bands they don’t use at the moment on their forearm and they even forget they did it.

12. No woman is happy to see this

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This is especially frustrating when the cosmetic product is ridiculously expensive!

13. Every woman would love to be treated like that

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Women should always be respected no matter what, and their personal space should be respected, too.

14. Here is one reason not to rub your eyes

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Rubbing your eyes is not advisable because it is not good for the gentle skin around them, and this is just one more reason not to do it.

15. This happens much too often

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This might appear to be extreme but girls with long hair definitely know that it is sometimes the only solution!

16. Here is what a bra can cause sometimes

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We guess that this can also happen after wearing a purse for too long! In this case, the bra needs to be replaced with a more comfortable one.

17. Stockings can be ruined in a split second

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Here is another example of how something seemingly insignifficant can ruin your whole day!

18. This is something this girl will remember for the rest of her life

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You need to avoid getting wet after a spray tan session, but this person forgot about that, and you can see the result!

19. This is why you should clean the brush every time you use it

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If your hair brush looks like this, you would likely need to replace it, because it is nearly impossible to clean!

20. Ladies always struggle to find the right shade of highlighter

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Even a tray full of cookies can be the inspiration a person could find when it comes to the best highlighter shade.

21. Quality makeup costs a lot

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In most cases men are unaware of the exact amount of money women spend on makeup!

22. Sometimes women think they look exactly like The Mask

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When they apply more concealer than they should, they often feel like their neck has totally different color than their face.

23. Takeaway cups take away most of your lipstick

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Well, this is inevitable and it is just one of those things that ladies need to cope with, we guess.

24. Bun makers are cool if you could hide them

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In many cases girls are unable to hide the bun makers, and the end result often looks like this!

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