24 Hilarious Puns That Will Make You Groan

Image Source: Reddit

1. The Puppy and the Megabite

Image Source: Reddit

If you have ever owned a puppy, you know just how much the little things love to chew whatever they can. My dog, for example, has eaten several of my shoes and destroyed one of my remotes. It is hard to stay mad, though, as puppies are adorable. This puppy is one of the more adorable I have ever seen. How could you get angry at a creature with such a sweet face? You simply can’t.

2. The Carpenters and the Builders

Image Source: Reddit

Owning your own business is hard, and it can be difficult to make your business stand out from the crowd. Unless you do something truly unique—which few businesses do—you need a good slogan or funny name. Otherwise, people will simply forget you.

The name of this business is definitely groan-worthy, but you probably will not forget it anytime soon. I bet the business has a lot of customers.

3. The Person Interacting With Naomi

Image Source: Reddit

As any user of social media knows, from time to time you get a strange message from a person you don’t personally know. That person may not even be real; if they are, they likely want something from you, and they’re generally not looking for a friend. They probably just want your bank account details or other information. Identity theft is a thing, people, and you need to be careful.

4. The Pickup Lime

Image Source: Reddit

This might be one of the worst puns ever. However, it is probably a pretty great way to get a date. It’ll definitely get you noticed. How could you say no to a person who attempts this move? Michael, the guy in this image, definitely has courage and a somewhat amusing sense of humor. Good for him for making the effort.

The other people in the image definitely look amused, and you can’t blame them.

5. The Big Fan

Image Source: Reddit

Like most on this list, this a groan-worthy pun, but also a pretty hilarious one. The protestor definitely has a good sense of humor—in addition to wanting to save our planet.

We should all be fans of renewable energy, of course. While the technology still needs to develop somewhat in certain respects, it is definitely our future. It’ll definitely be interesting to see where we get the majority of our energy from in 20 years or so.

I wonder if any of the other protesters had signs that were half as clever.

6. The Truck-related Pickup Lines

Image Source: Reddit

A lot of people were probably confused by this image—at least until they realized that the sender was talking about pickup trucks. The recipient was clearly confused at first.

The sender is correct—that was great, and he or she has no reason to apologize for the joke. The sender also knows a lot about trucks, which I guess is sort of impressive.

Prior to the 1950s, pickup trucks were primarily purchased for work-related reasons. Nowadays, very few people who buy pickup trucks in the United States actually use them for work-related reasons. They’re passenger cars, more or less, and almost 20 percent of vehicles purchased in the United States are pickup trucks.

7. The Stools

Image Source: Reddit

I’m no expert when it comes to sales and marketing; however, I would think that you would not want your customers to associate your product with fecal matter. However, I could be totally wrong. It is going to be really hard to forget this particular billboard.

8. The Brief Chase

Image Source: Reddit

There’s nothing like a good underwear-related pun to brighten your day, is there?

There’s something weird about running from the police in boxers, though. If they’ve caught you and you are in your underwear, you should probably just surrender. Going to jail is better than being an embarrassment to your family until the day you die.

You really have to wonder what the guy did to get the police attention, don’t you? It must have been pretty serious if he was willing to risk being embarrassed for the rest of his life.

9. The One About the Brakes

Image Source: Reddit

A good mechanic can be hard to find. A clever mechanic is even harder to find. I bet these people do great business. Even if your car is a wreck, you’ll at least get a laugh while you spend thousands of dollars for a new transmission.

10. The One With the Sign

Image Source: Reddit

This pun is truly groan-worthy. I’m also not sure why it would be written on a board like that. How does the establishment being advertised benefit from such a terrible pun?

It did make me laugh, though.

11. The Caesar Dressing

Image Source: Reddit

This is Caesar dressing. Julius Caesar, the dictator of the Roman republic, was stabbed to death. The whole thing most likely happened on March 15 in 44 BC. March 15 is also known as the “Ides of March”.

Caesar’s last words are debated by scholars as well as historians; he might not have spoken any final words at all. True or not, the man is well known for saying (translated into English) “You too, Brutus?”

Regardless of whether or not he uttered any last words, Caesar almost definitely died on March 15. The assassination happened at the Theatre of Pompey. He was stabbed 23 times. According to one account, over 60 people participated in the assassination of Julius Caesar.

In the late 1500s, William Shakespeare wrote a play about Caesar; it is called “The Tragedy of Julius Caesar”.
Interestingly enough, one of the assassins—Brutus—plays a more prominent role in the play than Caesar actually does.

The salad dressing in this image was stabbed, true, but it is still salvageable. Hopefully, it did not go to waste.

12. The Hanger Games

Image Source: Reddit

This might be the worst pun ever, and the outfit worn by the guy is just atrocious. What was he thinking?

“The Hunger Games”, of course, is a series of novels. They were written by a novelist named Suzanne Collins. The first novel in the trilogy was released in 2008. A film adaptation was released in 2012. It starred actress
Jennifer Lawrence.

All three of the books were well received by critics. The film adaptation of the first book was also well received by critics, and the film earned almost $700 million.


13. The Fortune Cookie

Image Source: Reddit

Most of the time, the messages you get in fortune cookies are sort of creepy or foreboding. This message, however, is a funny joke. That’s a true breath of fresh air. If only all fortune cookie messages could be so amusing, the world would definitely be a better place.

Fortune cookies, of course, are well known as a dessert that is served in Chinese restaurants in many parts of the world. However, they probably originated as a result of Japanese immigrants to the United States in the early part of the 20th century. They might date back to the 19th century. However, they are not considered a tradition in China. In fact, their origins are relatively unclear.

14. The Audi With the License Plate

Image Source: Reddit

You see a lot of stupid vanity license plates while driving around. This one—which is apparently from Ontario, Canada—is certainly amusing enough. Instead of an “Audi”, you have an “Innie”.

15. This Exchange

Image Source: Reddit

This exchange, while hilarious, does not require any explanation or commentary. That’s a cool-looking bird, though. It is kind of scary. I wouldn’t want it to visit my home.

16. The Friend Chips

Image Source: Reddit

This is another business that used a clever name to get people to remember it. In the business community, name recognition is always important, and it would be hard to forget the name of a business that sounds so much like “friendship”. That business probably makes a heck of a lot of money.

17. The Cow-lendar

Image Source: Reddit

Actually, this might actually be the most groan-worthy pun on the list. Really, it is hard to compare them. There are so many terrible ones.

That said, Ben’s joke was apparently pretty amusing to some people. It got four stars instead of five. Granted, there were only two options, so that is not saying a lot.

The young woman in the image does not look pleased at all, though. It looks like she just got finished rolling her eyes, and that is totally understandable.

18. The Rock Bottom

Image Source: Reddit

This is sort of groan-worthy, but it obviously took a lot of effort, so we have to give whoever made it a lot of credit. It is indeed a rock bottom. Myself, I am wondering where the “artist” found those rocks. He or she must have spent forever looking for them. Those are nice looking rocks. The finding of the rocks, honestly, is actually more impressive than the sculpture itself.

To the artist’s credit, though, it really does look like a person with an exposed bottom. Someone has a bit of talent, and that should definitely be acknowledged.

19. The Engaged Toilet

Image Source: Reddit

Almost everyone and everything deserves love and a lifelong commitment. Therefore, as social media user Khishi pointed out, the toilet deserves our congratulations on its engagement.

Let’s hope the engaged toilet gets married soon and starts making babies. As many of us have sadly learned over the years, there can’t be too many toilets. If you’re at a concert, there simply aren’t enough most of the time.

Waiting in line to do your business is always unpleasant. If drinking is involved, it can also get really messy.
More toilets are always a good thing.

20. The Exchange With the Phases of the Moon

Image Source: Reddit

This is another joke that doesn’t require any explanation, but it is really funny.

The moon, with which we are all familiar, probably formed about 4.5 billion years ago, just after the Earth was formed.

The first time a person set foot on the moon was back in 1969.

21. The Case of the Mondays

Image Source: Reddit

This is a pretty funny image. It also reminds us of Mondays. For most of us, due to the fact it is the first day of the work week, Mondays are awful. Practically nobody wants a case of the Mondays. Most people would prefer to sleep through their Mondays. Unfortunately, if you have to make a living, that isn’t really possible.

22. The Cars That Get Toad

Image Source: Reddit

The pun is funny and also very obvious. The real question here is about the sort of business that would put out such a sign. Does the business attract a lot of Wiccans? Is it trying to appeal to a very specific set of customers?

The brooms in the image are a nice touch. One of the brooms is clearly affiliated with Penn State, which has campuses all over the state of Pennsylvania. Penn State stands for Pennsylvania State University, and it has existed since 1855. It currently has over 40,000 students. It even has a college of medicine, which can be found in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

23. The Bear That Built the Table

Image Source:

The joke is clever, but what makes this image great is the bear. While he or she could easily destroy you, the bear is sort of adorable.

Bears are interesting creatures. They are solitary animals, and there are numerous types of bears. Some bears are carnivorous, while others are omnivores. One type of bear, the giant panda, survives by eating bamboo.

Bears are also known to hibernate during the winter; they are capable of doing so for about 100 days.

Since pre-historic times, bears have been hunted for both their fur and their meat. They may be deadly creatures, but they’ve been roaming the planet with us for millions of years.

24. The One With Lord Voldemort

Image Source: Reddit

This one is just embarrassing. Even if you are not a fan of the “Harry Potter” series, you know who Lord Voldemort is. There is no excuse for this.


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