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24 Misleading Images That Will Make You Take Another Look And Chuckle

Image Source: Reddit

Not all images are the same, as you can easily see something new numerous times a day for as long as you live. The list below is full of curious images that will make you look twice. They are the perfect way to amuse yourself and spend some quality time while resting your brain.

1. The shadow

Image Source: Reddit

Random things are sometimes worth sharing despite being seemingly ordinary. In this case, one outside lamp and a surveillance camera created a cute effect – their combined shadow looks like a frog.

2. The pepper

Image Source: Reddit

This looks like some kind of prop or a man-made item but it was actually something created by accident. One person was making a salad and this pepper had something to say about it.

3. The steaks

Image Source: Reddit

Well, this is something you don’t see every day and we can admit that we want to see such a thing in person. These stakes look exactly like a pair of running shoes which is curious to see.

4. The USB port

Image Source: Twitter

This is one of the funniest images on the list. As you can see, this is a USB port that kind of looks like a face. Even worse, the plugged cable makes it look like someone stuck something in its eye!

5. The muffin

Image Source: Twitter

Once you see this, you will never be able to unsee it. This muffin was probably slightly bigger before it was baked. You can clearly see that it looks like a mouse and we hope it tastes good, at least.

6. The camera

Image Source: Twitter

CCTV and surveillance cameras are a common thing today. People used to think they are nothing but luxury but most homes have a couple of them. This one would be our preferred choice.

7. The cat

Image Source: Reddit

What looks like a giant egg on a plate is something entirely different. The owner of this cat came up with the idea and placed an orange, creating a funny effect.

8. The eggplant

Image Source: RedditHere is one of the most unusual eggplants you will ever see. It was deformed to the point it now looks like a human face. We would expect some people to consider this creepy.

9. The lighters

Image Source: Twitter

Here is one very unusual sight to see. Someone went to the store and their attention was captured by a huge stack of lighters. Their tiny faces seem to be glad to see the person taking the image.

10. The leaf

Image Source: Reddit

Fall is already here and there is a good chance of seeing some curious leaf specimens while walking around. Someone already did that and it looks like a samurai.

11. The recycle bins

Image Source: Instagram

Here is something that a person saw while walking around the neighborhood. One of the trash bins was open and the cardboard box inside appears to be surprised because it is inside.

12. The bus

Image Source: Imgur

Commuting on a daily basis is kind of boring if you follow the same route. In this case, someone noticed that one of the few commuters in the nearly empty bus happened to sit behind a rail, creating a funny effect.

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13. The object

Image Source: Instagram

This is not a weird porcelain figurine despite the fact it looks like one. It is actually the moisturizer someone squeezed in their hand. It looks like a tiny statue of someone crying.

14. The coffee

Image Source: Reddit

Here is how one person received a weird surprise when they poured their morning cup of coffee. it seems that even a barista would find it hard to design such a cute frog.

15. The tub

Image Source: Reddit

There are moments when we realize that what we are looking at is actually kind of fun. This person saw that this old bathtub looked like someone who was surprised to be on their back.

16. The snow

Image Source: Reddit

Snowfall is always beautiful regardless of the scenery. In fact, we believe that snow makes everything a lot more beautiful. This snow cat was curious to see which is why someone shared this image.

17. The cloud

Image Source: Reddit

Clouds are a free source of fun, and an endless one, too. It appears that many people are able to appreciate the beauty of clouds. In this case, someone noticed this guitar-shaped cloud and aligned it to the power lines.

18. The carrot

Image Source: Instagram

Here is one of the funniest images of vegetables we have seen. This is a really unusual shape and it looks like it was carved by someone. It is a real shape and it looks like two people cuddling.

19. The tank

Image Source: Reddit

Here is yet another funny image that we also find to be curious. This old tank looks like a caterpillar wearing glasses that is in the process of putting on lipstick.

20. The apple

Image Source: Twitter

We need to admit that the image you see here is curious but it is also kind of creepy, too. This apple was deformed to the point it looked like a baby doll’s head. We would be puzzled to see this in person.

21. The bag

Image Source: Twitter

There are numerous moments in life when we encounter peculiar things. There are similar moments in which the objects we see are common but they appear to be part of a funny moment. In this case, a bag was left on a hard surface and it looked like an old man who was finally able to rest after hard work.

22. The other bag

Image Source: Twitter

Talking about bags, we just had to share this one as well. This brown leather bag looks like someone who was slightly irritated by something and is fed up with having to deal with something like it.

23. The washing machine

Image Source: Twitter

Here is one of the goofiest washing machines you will ever get to see! The knobs and the laundry formed a happy face which resembles the googly eyes that became a popular form of alternative art.

24. The mop 

Image Source: Twitter

Mops come in all shapes and sizes, not to mention colors and patterns. This particular item looks like a grumpy lady with long hair.

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