24 Past Posts That Definitely Did Not Age As Expected

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The things people do or say are never left without consequences and there is always someone or something that would lead back to them. Today’s way of living where everything gets recorded in a way is especially challenging. Nobody would be able to get away with something and you can see that after realizing how some things posted years ago did not age well at all.

1. The disposable items

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Now, this is one thing that you can consider to be widely inappropriate today. It seems that using disposable items is a habit everyone needs to drop in order to reduce waste.

2. The ad

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Here is yet another type of ad that was probably witty enough to advertise the company as intended but it seems that it would be considered to be a huge no-no today.

3. The article

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This is how a group of researchers decided to publish their statement saying that users would be massively reduced. It seems that they could not have been more wrong, as the number of users increased.

4. The billboard

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It seems that people would find this to be amusing but it also can be considered as the best example of how you should never issue such bald statements.

5. The old article

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There are more than a few things we could say about this article but you can see for yourself that the statements it includes were not exactly true which is wrong, we guess.

6. The president

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Well, this was a nice idea for a post but the problem with such posts is the alignment of the events to come. In this case, things did not work as planned

7. The casting

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These people were quick to judge RDJ after he was cast as Iron Man but they were probably sorry about their comments when it turned out it was one of the best castings ever made.

8. The tweet

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It seems that we need to follow this Twitter page because it clearly has some very accurate predictions. James Charles had no idea but this post of his was not a good move.

9. The excitement

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Here is how one crew was super happy about the launch of their brand new game but it seems that their smiles were never the same again as the outcome was not as expected.

10. The name

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It seems that sometimes people have a lot of good intentions but their best effort is not enough. This organization was surely doing a good job but the abbreviation ruined the whole thing.

11. The album

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It seems that those who are familiar with the events related to Bill Cosby would agree that this image featuring the album and the stare created in the gap are now that nice to see.

12. The grumpy cat

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Here is something that made us sad and we all know why. This notebook was supposed to be funny but when they created it, they hardly expected the cat to pass away.

13. The portrait

test ad
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Here is a prediction that never came true for obvious reasons. You can see that this person has nothing to do with the way MJ looked in his last years.

14. The asbestos

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We cannot believe this but they actually sold this product as a substitute for snow. Imagine if this was launched today – the company would be slammed in seconds.

15. The WTO

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We wish wouldn’t have to include this image in the list but you can see what was wrong with this ad years later when the towers did not exist anymore. It was a sad event that shook the world.

16. The video games

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It appears that the toy company CEO had nothing to say but his own opinion because the trend proved to be successful and video games are more popular than ever.

17. The lead

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Well, it was a nice poster to have back in the day but people were not aware of just how harmful this was to humans. We are glad that most paints today are water-based.

18. The computers

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Here is a statement that was made a lot of decades ago. People back then were not able to foresee that computers would eventually weigh just a few grams.

19. The physicist 

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Here is how even brilliant minds could say things that were proven to be wrong. Hertz discovered radio waves but he thought there was nothing people could with the discovery.

20. The group

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It seems that some people are so convinced in something that they built a community around it but they could not be more wrong. The person became world-famous as Lady Gaga.

21. The dice

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There are people who can post critical posts and analysis for a reason that is based on their own expertise but even then they might be wrong. In this case, the person was wrong.

22. The advert

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Now, this is the kind of ad that was meant to attract a large number of buyers back in the day but it would never be appropriate today. As we all know, Apple products are expensive today.

23. The Internet

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Here is how one economist decided to demonstrate his analytical skills but he probably had no idea how wrong he would be. The Internet had a wild impact on the economy.

24. The job


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Here is how a person announced her new job that happened to be at the very same place she spoke not so flattering of a few years back. She probably forgot about it.

Written by Sven Miller

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