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24 People Who Showed The Internet What Self-Irony Is

Image Source: Reddit

People with a strong sense of humor are our kind of people, no doubt about it. Being able to talk about anything with someone without the fear of them getting offended is a great thing but it is not always possible. If you know that your friend has a strong understanding of self-irony surely helps, as they can joke about themselves all day long. This is what the list below is all about.

1. The avocado

Image Source: Pikabu

People who are overweight are usually trying to hide it but not this person. He actually used his huge belly as a feature and created a hilarious and witty avocado costume. We bet everyone loved it.

2. The Donut Day

Image Source: Twitter

Who says that police officers lack a sense of humor? This person decided to post a funny image online with the explanation that this was the proper way to train for that special day.

3. Leo DiCaprio 

Image Source: Variety

When the talented actor finally got his Oscar, he decided he might as well joke about it. When his Oscar got engraved, he said that he had no idea if this person did the same job every year.

4. The uncle

Image Source: Reddit

This person was so unfortunate to lose their leg but he obviously never lost his spirit. It seems that he found a way to joke about his amputation and we think he is a very cool person.

5. The workout

Image Source: Reddit

Getting in shape is hard, especially in the beginning. This person knew that it would be difficult for him to start and he decided to have some fun. You can see that lifting these weights will not get you in shape.

6. The sign

Image Source: Reddit

There are people who always think about their safety before doing anything you can think of. This person is obviously not a part of that group. They posed like this on purpose, of course, given the sign.

7. The shirts

Image Source: Reddit

While we really admire the message written on these boy’s shirt, we cannot help but notice that there is more than one person in that store wearing it. They knew that so they were all in the same line.

8. The offer

Image Source: Reddit

Trying to impress the ladies sometimes takes a lot of effort and we know that this person knew he would have zero luck but he still gave it a try. His body posture is hilarious as well!

9. The tattoo

Image Source: Reddit

We have always wondered about the idea of having your partner’s name tattooed on your body. While that seems to be a romantic idea, you could end up getting dumped. This person solved the problem and moved on.

10. The haircut

Image Source: Reddit

Talking about tattoos, we just had to add this image to the list. This person was getting bold so he decided he might as well have some fun with that. His tattoo is witty and funny. We love it!

11. The yearbook photos

Image Source: Imgur

Having your yearbook photo mixed up is not something most people would brag about but we believe that this person thought it was special.

12. The table

Image Source: Reddit

We know that this was created as a joke but having people actually choose the table and sit around it is hilarious. Having a great sense of humor is all it took for these people to join the fun activity.

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13. The fortune

Image Source: Reddit

Well, this is why most people have trust issues. It is clear to see that those who believe in these fortunes would be devastated to find two of these at the same time. This is what many other people surely received as well.

14. The selfie

Image Source: Reddit

Taking a great selfie requires patience, as it takes a lot of time and effort, not to mention a dozen or more takes. This person literally nailed the best angle and the small mirror on the bottom left corner is the best feature here.

15. The card

Image Source: Imgur

What looks like a postcard is actually a yearbook photo. There is no doubt that this person wanted exactly what you see here. You might even raise an eyebrow when you see it but we are sure she loved it.

16. The recovery

Image Source: Newtimes

Having a strong spirit to endure medical interventions and to overcome severe conditions is a must. As you can see, this person was able to recover and also announced it via a powerful selfie.

17. The irony

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that appreciating the irony in life is a must because you might as well enjoy such moments rather than feel down about them. As you can see, failure is actually an option and it happens a lot, too.

18. The fortune cookie

Image Source: Reddit

We already talked about fortune cookies and irony and we simply must show you the best image to combine the two of them. This cookie actually tells you the fortune without even having to open it.

19. The nails

Image Source: Twitter

Having your nails done is always a pleasure but the pride of having pretty nails comes along with a lot of compromises as well. There are no words to add to this caption but we guess this girl’s stare and her nails were the reason for that effect.

20. The portrait

Image Source: En.dopl3r

We are not sure why this person needed a portrait for her self-esteem to be higher but it is obvious that it had the opposite effect. The granddad had some skills but he made a 16-year-old girl look like a 50-year-old lady.

21. The haircut

Image Source: Twitter

Here is how a person with a huge sense of humor decided to stand out from the rest. Their yearbook contained an image with the wittiest possible caption. No wonder nobody noticed her haircut.

22. The doppelganger

Image Source: Reddit

Now, this is something extraordinary. This person met Daniel Radcliffe and decided to take his picture with the actor. He thought he looked more like Harry Potter than him and we guess he is right.

23. The pregnancy image

Image Source: Twitter

People are sometimes helpless when they see a new trend and they want to be a part of it. This woman was not pregnant, she just loved pregnant women’s images.

24. The arms

Image Source: Forfun

This person was baffled to see how her arms looked like in the images from a party but still shared all of the pictures!

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