24 Relatable ‘Today’s Kids Will Never Know’ Tweets

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Ah, the good old times! We love it when we have the chance to see some reminders of just how amazing the 90s were, and the following list is a real treasure chest when it comes to that. Today’s kids would probably find it hard to understand most of it, but if you are a 90’s child, then you might even notice your eyes begin to water at some point. Nostalgia is not always a bad thing to feel, and we guess that in this case, it is even heart-warming.

1. The music

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We agree with this tweet because it is the truth. We always fell for that one single that was amazing but buying the album just for it resulted in disappointment. This happened every single time and we are glad it is no longer like that.

2. The phone

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It is super easy to make an appointment today. You reach inside your pocket and call someone ten minutes before you get to them. It was not that easy in the 90s. You actually had to use a dial phone and make arrangements earlier.

3. The phone, again

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Since we are talking about using the good old phone units at home, there is something else about them that we should point out. When talking to someone over the phone, you could easily end that call by slamming the receiver, and that felt really good sometimes.

4. The movie rent

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Now, this is one of the best things we could remember. Since most kids rented a bunch of movies on a weekly basis, every now and then this happened, and it was a wonderful feeling, indeed!

5. The choice

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Today’s graphic engines and software applications are super advanced, giving kids the chance to create wonders! Well, it was quite different back in the day, and what you see here was pretty much the choice you had in terms of graphic design.

6. The texts

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Texting was kind of a something we all didn’t like. Not only did you had to press a key several times in order to type a single character, but you were also limited in your text, so you had to shorten what you needed to say in order for it to be sent at all.

7. The portable music players

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We have all we need in a single device today: a variety of music sources and players, cameras, maps. But it was different in the 90s. You had to have one of these if you wanted to enjoy tunes while on the go.

8. The game

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Talk about iconic 90s things! This is one of the ways to identify a whole era, and the tweet has another point, too. Nobody knew how to play that game, and most people still remember how they could not play it for more than a couple of minutes.

9. The tape

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There were no DVD players back then, and the only way to see a movie at home was to turn the VCR on and put a VHS tape in it. However, sometimes you had to rewind it first, and that a real bummer.

10. The experience

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Renting a movie was good because we all enjoyed watching the movie we got, but the experience itself was even better if the movie was rented from one of these locations. It was a pleasure to step inside.

11. The computer lab

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Going to school was not everyone’s favorite activity, but all students were eager to enter the computer lab for sure! The reason is beyond simple: most kids did not have a computer at home.

12. The mouse

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We guess that many people still use a PC mouse, but these devices are much more advanced today. Back in the 90s, the mouse was quite different, and you even had to clean it regularly!

13. The pencils

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Ah, we remember these! We are convinced that many people still use them on a regular basis, and you might even say that losing one of them felt super bad, like losing a part of a treasure.

14. The phone plans

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Cell phones with unlimited plans are a common thing today, but it was a different story just a couple of decades ago. As you can see, this person still remembers what it was like when you had an unlimited time to talk at night.

15. The tape stacks

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When there were no DVD players or laptops, all your favorite movies had to be stored on VHS tapes, and since a single tape is quite big, we had huge stashes of those. Sometimes they took the whole living room library!

16. The McDonald’s squad

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Yes, that is correct. While Ronald is still around today, his squad is long forgotten. It was a real thing back in the day, and it is a shame that these characters are not part of the same crew today.

17. The new friend

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Contacting the parents of someone you met felt kind of hard at first. And you definitely had to go through this, because there were no personal phones, so you had to ask to speak to your friend when their mom picked up the phone.

18. The Netflix struggle

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Now here is something that most of today’s kids would probably be surprised to hear about! Yes, there was Netflix back in the day. It is not something that has been around only for a few years. But it was really, really different!

19. The tournaments

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The 90s were a completely different time in all aspects of life, and this tweet suggests yet another fine example. As you can see, even the games were super different, and we had to do this all the time.

20. The song names

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Yes, it was a real struggle to find the song you wanted to listen to on this device. Today’s music streaming apps make it super easy to find the perfect song in just a few seconds, but that kind of luxury was not present in the 90s.

21. The Limewire struggle

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Talking about music apps, one of the most popular, if not the most popular of all, was Limewire. No doubt about it. But downloading a song from that platform is something that irritated us a lot!

22. The sounds

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Ah, these sounds were just as this person described them to be! That excruciating sound can still be heard by most 90s kids!

23. The socks

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It might seem weird, but this is how things were. Yes, you actually had to do this, as there were no ankle socks available!

24. The download

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We wish we didn’t have to go through this, but it was a daily thing to do. Downloading something and seeing that it stalled was really disturbing and it happened all the time, too.

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