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24 Unusual Neighbor Stories Shared By The “Best Of Nextdoor” Account

Image Source: Reddit

It really seems that people are neighbors to each other in most of their lives. There are not that many individuals who can say that they don’t have neighbors. We envy those people because they avoid all the problems that come from having one. Of course, it might also be fun to have neighbors but the reality of that is best shown in the list below. The NextDoor app reveals a whole new side to the relationships between neighbors.

1. The loud noise

Image Source: Twitter

Someone was able to calmly explain to one of the neighborhood kids that the noise they heard last night was not caused by what they assumed it to be. The kid should have known that.

2. The valuable item

Image Source: Twitter

Well, the least we could say is that this person surely has interesting people as neighbors. Someone should explain what this item is to this person and they will never hold it again.

3. The lady

Image Source: Twitter

People sometimes have the worst thing to do say or do. The person who had the audacity to use the NextDoor app to ask her neighbors to work for free as staff members should be ashamed of herself.

4. The sliced bread

Image Source: Twitter

Here is one of the perks of having neighbors. This person realized that someone was feeding the birds that kept bringing the bread slices to his yard and had to ask others to stop feeding them.

5. The raccoons

Image Source: Twitter

It seems that the urban way of living is no match for a group of raccoons. Trash pandas have no regrets and feel no remorse, so they would steal your trash bin in an instant.

6. The good things

Image Source: Twitter

Now, this is what we can refer to as inappropriate behavior. This man obviously insulted this woman for seemingly no reason and this is not the proper neighbor behavior we want to see.

7. The poll

Image Source: Twitter

Sometimes, a good idea is no understood by everyone and this woman understood that the hard way. Her poll was popular but the answers given don’t need any comments.

8. The advice

Image Source: Twitter

It seems that many people still fail to understand the importance of recycling and we are certain that they will realize that one day. The neighbor who gave the additional advice was sassy, though.

9. The Flag Day.

Image Source: Twitter

It seems that this app gives people the chance to interact in ways that they would probably never choose in a direct conversation which is normal, actually.

10. The pink pill

Image Source: Twitter

There are many reasons why a person would be concerned about something but finding this in their kid’s room is the least of their worries. The person simply had to turn it around and read the word correctly.

11. The letter

Image Source: Twitter

If this does not give you an idea of how utterly annoying people can be, then nothing else will. We believe that whoever received this was a bit pissed about it but then laughed.

12. The flower

Image Source: Twitter

Well, this is the kind of paranoid behavior that causes problems sometimes. There is no telling how many times this person has considered that someone was following them.

13. The help

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Image Source: Twitter

Now, this seems to be a bit too extreme but we guess that the woman was furious because she had one primary source of inspiration that was now gone. Let’s hope she forgave her son.

14. The cat

Image Source: Twitter

Here is one way in which such an app can actually be helpful. The person who lost their cat uploaded an image of the feline and specifically mentioned he had no clothes on.

15. The story

Image Source: Twitter

This is actually a funny story about a person who felt so embarrassed after her mistake that she decided to post this via the app. Her message probably reached the right person.

16. The funny post

Image Source: Twitter

Here is one of the funniest things we have seen lately. Someone was obviously flabbergasted after being exposed to the described thing. Imagine this person really losing their balance.

17. The sarcastic person

Image Source: Twitter

This person probably knew that with a post like that they will end up in two different places – having a lot of new friends or more enemies than ever before.

18. The report

Image Source: Twitter

Now, this is something we thought was not normal and it seems that others felt exactly the same way. Needless to say, having Christmas lights on Thanksgiving is a huge no-no.

19. The greenery

Image Source: Twitter

It puzzles us how deluded some people are. They think that they are always right and they also think that they can have someone busted but they often make mistakes like this one.

20. The flags

Image Source: Twitter

This person posted with the sole intention to make themselves stand out from the rest as a bigger patriot but someone was quick to shut them down.

21. The quarantine

Image Source: Twitter

Here is how one person asked for sugar and we do not know how to feel about it. She demanded people bring her and they would even need to label it correctly.

22. The thief

Image Source: Twitter

It seems that holding a grudge would never do you any favors so you might as well try to say whatever you have to say and get it over with.

23. The dog

Image Source: Twitter

Now, this is one of the funniest ways to tell a neighbor that their dog barks a lot. Of course, this person would never steal the dog but we know they considered it.

24. The name

Image Source: Twitter

It seems that even if you try to be a good neighbor and state that you are ready to help anyone with anything, someone will show up and make you regret that you decided to write in the first place. This is what happened here.

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