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25 Epic Design Fails You’ll Struggle To Believe Are Even Real

Image Source: Reddit

Design helps your brand stand out and be remarkable. They are what people will recognize and remember you for. This is the reason why it is very important to make something catchy and that would make your company or product unique. However, some designers apparently have a different idea of what unique or catchy might be and it is what creates some of the most epic designs fails we have ever seen.

From inappropriate children’s shirts and badly-worded signs to see-through bathroom stalls and awful choice of paint, the designs on our list will make you cringe and laugh at the same time.

You would definitely want to take a look at these design fails

1. Oh, thank God, I thought I was somewhere else!

Image Source: Imgur

But I do not want to be here, I want to be there… If you ever get lost in China, do not worry. There are signs everywhere that will show you exactly where are you at the moment. And obviously, right now you are… here. China signs to the rescue. If “here” is not assigned to “Here – where the people get lost.” then is not really helpful, though.

2. The irony is unbearable

Image Source: Reddit

Let’s put the new issue of your favorite magazine in a plastic bag, while on the cover of that issue is a warning about the danger of plastic. Because why not? As much as we appreciate the irony, we can’t be indifferent when it comes to the hypocrisy of this particular situation too.

3. Just in time for Father’s Day

Image Source: Reddit

This example of unfortunate ad placement is hilarious to say the least. We can only hope that the readers of that newspaper have enough sense of dark humor to appreciate it as much as we did. We have no idea if some editor did that on purpose or not, but the result is what it is. To be honest, we are more curious to know if the ad was successful, too.

4. What is your expiration date?

Image Source: Reddit

I am not sure; just give me a minute to ask my inner clairvoyant about this. Or check my horoscope for today, there might be something too. Although it is obviously a section for a credit card or a passport, being taken out of the context is what makes it as hilarious as it is. Well played, really well played.

5. Let’s color the Dalmatians

Image Source: Reddit

Who thought of that brilliant coloring book? Give that person a reward! Out of all possible breeds you choose this one. We know that children have a lot of imagination and surely will not see the irony in this, but still. Even snowmen have more colors, come on!

6. When all you wanted was just some gas

Image Source: Reddit

It is hard to decide whether it is a case of a broken lighting or a horror movie scene. Or maybe it is just a really unwelcoming gas station. Whatever it is, you might not want to risk it and go further. But if you are brave enough you should try and go inside to warn the staff about their epic lighting fail. They might appreciate it.

7. Perfect design for children’s clothes

Image Source: Reddit

Children love clothes with cute animals on them and that is understandable. What is also understandable from this picture is that cute animals obviously love cute animals as well. And they are not afraid to show it.

8. Do you need some privacy? Oh, never mind…

Image Source: Reddit

We have a couple of questions. One – who thought glass bathroom stalls would be a cool thing? Second – why would someone think that way? And three – why is there someone who is actually taking a picture exactly at this moment? Can this whole situation get worse?

9. Apparently it can…

Image Source: Reddit

This is the perfect example of how things can always get worse and what an epic design fail actually looks like. Here is some unwanted advice for the great mind that came up with such thing – instead of putting glass stalls just do not put anything at all. The result will be exactly the same and you will save yourself some money and hard work.

10. Super penetrant

Image Source: Reddit

Here is a favorite photo on the list. The name, the design – all that makes it really hard to understand what is the real use of a product like this. What it does exactly? In what situation we can actually use this? It is left to our imagination to decide. Whether this was made on purpose or not, it is hard to be indifferent when it comes to a design fail like this one.

11. You serve what now?

Image Source: Reddit

What flavors do you have? We appreciate the dedication your company shows to satisfy us, but this is somehow too much. It is still hilarious though. Hannibal would approve. At least now I understand why I do not like pizza – I am just not a people person.

12. The perfect paint for a public restroom

Image Source: Reddit

If you have ever wondered what the perfect paint for a restroom would look like – here you go. It is handmade and the color does perfectly match the purpose of the room. Also, thanks to the brilliant choice for the color because you might never need to wash the walls. All that is left is a “Fresh paint” sign and you are all set! (Until proven wrong, we will be here hoping it is paint and not some crappy job)

13. No?

Image Source: Reddit

We are aware that animal testing is a problem that has draws a lot of attention, but the publicists of this campaign should know that the “No” sign could mean a different thing. The design of this sign just shows that everything can have more than one interpretation and the result can be really amusing.

test ad

14. At least your face is hidden

Image Source: Reddit

We continue with the epic restroom design fails. Apparently, there is some sort of competition for ridiculous restroom designs and we are totally here for it. It is understandable that even designers make mistakes, but who agreed to follow their advice is beyond us. We also do not have any clue why it is left like this even when it is obvious that is wrong. Sure enough, your face is still hidden, but that is not a big relief, is it?

15. Now what?

Image Source: Reddit

Oh, do not mind me – I just needed to pee so bad that I actually got healed and can now use the stairs, thanks. Oh, and here is another thing. Why on earth is the lock on the front side? It is probably a bonus to the already enough epic design fail.

16. 50 shades of gray

Image Source: Reddit

Can somebody explain to us what the point of making a pie chart that is…and why is it gray? It is difficult to use (shocking, I know!) and you probably just wanted whoever will use it to suffer as much as you did while creating it. What kind of chart is that, anyway? It gives me a headache to even look at it.

17. The thermostat

Image Source: Cheezburger

Most of us have some great and funny stories about what is like to have a landlord, but this one is something else. Apparently, this guy just found out that the thermostat is just hanging on a nail and does not really control anything when it comes to the temperature. Sure enough, not all landlords are that bad, but this one is on our Top 5. The design fail is also on the top places in our rating.

18. Just Wasp Yourself!

Image Source: Reddit

We understand the artistic need to make something inspirational, but it takes more than just some famous quote and a fancy background. Knowing the difference between a bee and a wasp is also important. But given the fact that everything is possible nowadays, just let the wasp be a… bee.

19. A perfect toy

Image Source: Twitter

We have seen a lot of toys that can give you nightmares for a long time and this one just added the list. You should be grateful that you are seeing this in your adult life and it is not something you actually got for a present when you were a kid. Learning to count is hard enough; let’s not traumatize your children more.

20. How about no?

Image Source: Reddit

Here is lovely place to get some food, gas and… worms. Let’s pray it is not necessarily in that order. It is understandable that sometimes you want something short and clear for a sign, but you should also consider if it sounds the way it should. The double meaning here can be epic. Hilariously epic.

21. When you see it

Image Source: Reddit

Well, that is really helpful, thanks. Your effort to acknowledge blind people is appreciated. It is the braille that is put at a 7’ height is what we are questioning. Oh, here comes one tall blind person who can actually reach it and SURPRISE! It is also printed and behind a glass. Thank you guys, this is so thoughtful we can’t even…

22. How do I look?

Image Source: Reddit

We are sure this mirror design is a nightmare for every girl out there. The only perk we can think of it might be preventing people from taking selfies. Clever, right? Obviously the designer behind this insane mirror is someone who has never seen mirrors in their life. Never ever. Did someone try to see if your reflection looks normal when you are drunk?

23. Sir, there are ants on my table

Image Source: Reddit

Is this a design fail or a really funny and successful one? And what kind of sense of humor you need to have to even come up with ants. Ants painted onto a table. You can actually enjoy this place if you are not squeamish, but what about the rest of us?

24. You have something on your… oh

Image Source: Reddit

It is important for a brand to offer its customers something unique and “never seen before” each and every time, but too much endeavor sometimes can have the opposite effect. Which we think it is the case here. Why couldn’t they just think of some other colors? Is this the same designer who came up with that bathroom paint?

25. I am not sure I want to swim there

Image Source: Reddit

It is not always just the design; it is the choice of color as well. And yellow is definitely not the right one for a sunshade, especially for a pool sunshade. The illusion from the reflection on the water is not something that would make you thrilled to go in, but we can’t deny – it is the perfect cover for the kids. And we do not mean it protects them from the sunlight.

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