25 Images Showing Why Some Girlfriends And Wives Are Keepers

Image Source: Reddit

The ultimate happiness in one’s life is having someone to spend all eternity with. And not just anyone, but the one you can call your soulmate! The list below features images showing some of the lucky men among us who have already found their partners, and they are definitely worth keeping!

1. This is one way to tell that you are expecting

Image Source: Reddit

There is nothing like combining Bob Ross’ image and the news that you are going to have a baby! This is a brilliant idea and it takes a special kind of sense of humor to pull it off! It is our kind of sense of humor, too.

2. Here is an interesting sign

Image Source: Reddit

One person’s wife noticed it and told him that she would gladly walk that extra mile to arrange the best funeral for him – the one he deserved. Dark humor is always welcome in a marriage!

3. This mother is not crying

Image Source: Reddit

The only person in this photo who is crying is the newborn baby! The mother gave birth to the baby and immediately started laughing out loud, and the nurse could not hold her laughter as well! This is what we call a strong spirit!

4. This is one woman’s idea of a funny snowmen setup

Image Source: Imgur

This scene is something we have never seen before. The sheer thought that snowmen could be incorporated in such a thing never occured to us, but we need to admire the effort the woman put creating this surprise!

5. Playing dumb is sometimes a nice strategy

Image Source: Reddit

We all know that one of the main difference in writing between Spanish and English is the use of the letter ‘j’ instead of ‘h’. Bilingual people often get these two mixed up, and this Venezuelan wife was able to use it to troll her husband!

6. This husband expected something else

Image Source: Imgur

We guess that one of the main contributors to a healthy marriage is laughter! The more of it there is, the better. In this case we believe that laughter is served daily, and this image is just an example!

7. This is our kind of poem

Image Source: Reddit

The sweetest thing a spouse can do for their partner looks like this! This note was written by one man’s girlfriend and it is equally witty and funny! The clever puns she came up with are awesome!

8. One person’s girlfriend really wanted him to get off the bed

Image Source: Reddit

People say that if you really want something and you are enthusiastic about it, you will eventually have it, whatever it is! This girl wanted her boyfriend out of the bedroom, so she seduced him with a trail of Pringles!

9. This is what family is all about

Image Source: Reddit

This is a funny situation. One man received this image while he was in the bathroom behind that door. She wanted to let him know that the family cats really wanted to be by his side! She probably laughed about the situation, too!

10. One of these people’s wives was able to take this image

Image Source: Reddit

This is one really funny image, and the woman who took it should be proud of herself! She noticed the resemblance between these men and the Teletubbies. We guess that TeleHubbies would be an appropriate name for them!

11. Here is a simple instruction sheet

Image Source: Imgur

It would be nice if most women simply left guiding notes for their husbands – it would make both their lives much easier! In this case, the woman who left it added a big dose of sarcasm to it and we love her approach!

12. This is the best possible surprise

Image Source: Imgur

If your woman finds a way to tell you that you are going to be a father by trolling you at the same time, you know that she is a keeper! This is exactly what some lucky man experienced!

13. Sometimes a simple joke requires patience

Image Source: Reddit

This is one really clever joke and we respect the wife who did it! She arranged the setup and waited patiently for two days when her husband finally opened the fridge and read the note!

14. Here is one precious gift

Image Source: Imgur

The best feeling  a man could get is when his wife knows him so well that she gives him something special! In this case, this man received the best possible pair of socks!

15. These dudes have a secret

Image Source: Reddit

The secret is that they are not dudes! Well, at least one of them isn’t! The person on the right is the girlfriend of the person on the left! She showed up to a party dressed like that and became the center of attention!

16. One man received an image of the family cat

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that he did not expect to see an image like this one. Technically speaking, it is still a photo of the cat, but his wife’s reflection really changed the whole scene!

17. This gift was picked for a reason

Image Source: Reddit

This is the kind of attitude we like to see when it comes to marriages! Instead of making a scene about her husband’s habit to cut food on the counter, the wife came up with this brilliant idea!

18. Here is what a grandma did

Image Source: Reddit

Someone noticed this photo in the house of their friend’s grandmother. The 80-year-old woman chose to replace her late husband’s face with a cutout of Leo DiCaprio, and it is just too funny!

19. One man received this in a message from his wife

Image Source: Reddit

It was their son’s scoresheet from their son’s music class and she joked that she wished she had similar scoresheets for at least seven of her former boyfriends. She knew he would be petrified by this!

20. Now this is something you don’t see every day

Image Source: Reddit

If you come back home to find your pregnant wife wearing a Deadpool costume, then you know you married someone truly special and you need to keep them!

21. This wife delivered to her husband’s request

Image Source: Reddit

We absolutely love people with a distinctive sense of humor, and this person’s wife is obviously among those people. He wanted a country-themed breakfast and she delivered in style!

22. Here is how you can easily change a scientific paper into something funny

Image Source: Reddit

Adulthood is boring sometimes, and people often do goofy things with the sole purpose of making their day funnier! This person’s wife added a few words to this headline and completely transformed it!

23. Now this is a funny setup

Image Source: Reddit

Walking in the bedroom and seeing this would make everyone laugh, and this person’s husband definitely appreciated her clever idea of how to create a hilarious image!

24. This person was happy to have his girlfriend take his photo in front of this stadiun

Image Source: Imgur

Little did he know, she had a plan all along, and she took exactly the photo she had in mind. He probably laughed about it, but he was not that about it, either!

25. This seems fair

Image Source: Imgur

As you can see, this person has a point, because her man already ate his half!

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