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25 Of The Worst Customer Interactions Shared By Retail Workers

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Working in the retail or the service sector is challenging but we guess that people who decided to pursue a career in either of the two are aware that they need to persevere in order to achieve success. Dealing with people, however, is not an easy task, and the list below shows why.

1. The golf course

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Here is the kind of behavior that we consider to be inappropriate, to say the least. People like the woman described here obviously do not deserve their social status or privileges.

2. The important person

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We guess that people should never disrespect others but that happens a lot, unfortunately. The woman who said this needs to understand that important people do not state it themselves.

3. The milkshake

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Some clients seem to feel the urge to complain about this and that but they can sometimes be tricked into believing that their requests have been answered. This woman never realized that.

4. The greeting

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There are moments when you could actually agree with a client who has something to complain about but this is not the case here. This person should never complain about the type of greeting.

5. The jeans

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Imagine this: you are working at a bookshop and someone walks in only to yell at you because there were no jeans available. Sometimes, people’s behavior is unacceptable and this is one such example.

6. The tenderloin

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Here is one example of how clients could actually make the staff cry which is a huge no-no. We salute the manager for standing his ground and protecting his employees.

7. The fingernail

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Here is an example of how difficult it is to run a food delivery service. People would complain about anything imaginable and this is a fine example of how some people complain for no reason at all.

8. The amusement park

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Here is yet another example of how people should always stay calm when they are provoked. This person had every reason to tell the father to leave the premises but she never raised her voice.

9. The client

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There are rude people and then there are people like the man described here. We believe that people who show such an attitude should never be allowed to enter the premises again.

10. The ice cream shop

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This is yet another example of how clients sometimes believe they defeated the system by doing something unacceptable. They think it is their right to ask for such things and they always get what they deserve.

11. The tip

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Here is something we cannot understand. Someone decided that not leaving a tip was okay because of the most ridiculous excuse. The waitress even lost money and the client was still not happy.

12. The refund

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The manager is obviously the one to blame for this situation. The demanding customer was not right to ask for more money than they paid for and still got it which was not the right thing to do.

13. The bakery

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Some people think they know it all and that they could do a better job than the people behind the counter. This situation is something that many people working in the service sector have seen.

14. The identity

Image Source: Twitter

Imagine having to deal with such people on a daily basis. We would be absolutely baffled to receive such a call. How could this woman believe in such a thing is beyond us.

15. The GameStop shop

Image Source: Twitter

Here is one tweet that reveals all the things that are wrong with clients’ behavior. This lady was probably proud of her rascal son and even had the audacity to bring him back and cause more damage.

16. The customer at Best Buy

Image Source: Twitter

There are moments when you wish you were not a witness of something because you know you could not do what you were supposed to. Telling this person what was wrong with them was not an option for these employees.

17. The Starbucks location

Image Source: Twitter

Some of the most unbelievable client stories come from places like Costa or Starbucks. This person shared a moment that was absurd enough for them to leave work for good and we can understand why.

18. The smoothie

Image Source: Twitter

Here is yet another example of what we mentioned in the caption of the previous image. This situation is something quite common and we hope that people start acting right.

19. The donuts

Image Source: Twitter

This is one of the situations that we could never explain. It sounds like a joke but it was apparently something that happened for real. The lady was probably in search for an excuse to return the donuts.

20. The group

Image Source: Twitter

People seem to think that their requests should always be answered regardless of how absurd or silly they can be. This woman was told that there were no round tables but she wanted to confront the staff.

21. The coach

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Some parents have wild ambitions when it comes to their kids and they are ready to take it to the extreme. One dad was obviously such a parent and he wrote an email to prove it.

22. The drive-through

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We will never understand why people think that employees are supposed to follow their every command. In this case, the customer was obviously cranky and he made the employee cry.

23. The pizza delivery

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The times when pizza delivery people have had weird or dangerous interactions with clients are probably too many to list but this example gives you an idea.

24. The tweet that started it all

Image Source: Twitter

Now, this is the kind of thing that would be enough for us to ask the complaining woman to leave. Imagine how she had the audacity to complain about other people in the restaurant.

25. The coffee

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Here is one last example of how people sometimes act in a manner that is meant to make others feel insignificant.

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