25 People Who Miraculously Avoided The Biggest Disasters

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We are all aware of the fact that luck has got a lot to do with most of the things that happen to us. Some people may think that they have everything under control, but they actually don’t! In fact, luck can sometimes be the only thing that could keep you on the right track and even keep you alive. Whether you believe in luck or not, there are times when you just cannot deny that there is such thing, and the list below gives some nice examples!

1. Here is one reason why you should wear a helmet at a construction site

Image Source: Reddit

This person should be thankful that the helmet proved to be strong enough to protect they head, otherwise this wouldn’t have ended well for them for sure!

2. This was close

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We guess that just a few inches to the left would have caused a different outcome of this situation! As you can see, something smashed this windshield at a high speed!

3. This is what we call having luck

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The chances for this to happen are really slim, which makes this driver lucky! They surely escaped a truly horrible fate!

4. Protective gear is a must when you operate some kind of machinery

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It is safe to say that this man still has a thumb because the protective gloves he was wearing proved to be quality made, and he got away with it this time!

5. Here is a situation nobody would like to be in

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It is fair to say that this driver escaped the worst! We always thought that these parking lot cables would not be able to stop a car from falling. It is a good thing we were wrong.

6. Now this was close

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This driver has no business on the tracks, but the car probably slipped to one side and he was not able to get it off the tracks, but thankfully it all ended well!

7. This curved tree saved a Focus

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The odds for this to happen are really slim and we really love to see how the owner of the car reacted after he saw what happened. He was probably shocked but happy to see his car intact!

8. Here is another accident involving a tree

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Avoiding a car is one thing, but avoiding a bicycle is a different story! The tree felt so close to the bicycle that it was all a matter of inches!

9. Here is another similar case 

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Unlike the example with the Ford Focus above, this time the car was really close to getting completely crushed! The owner was probably happy that he did not park it a few meters back the previous night.

10. Posing for a picture after losing control over the car means everything is fine

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This person lost contol over his vehicle, but luckily for him, the car did not go too far off the road or roll over to the side, and he even posed for a photo!

11. Here is how twenty meters made all the difference

Image Source: Reddit

This farm would have been completely destroyed if that boulder happened to be on a slightly different path on its way down the hill!

12. This must have been quite the stunt

Image Source: Imgur

Sometimes things happen for a reason and despite the fact that this driver was probably speeding, he was still abe to defy the forces of gravity!

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13. Here is another close call

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This small SUV is dangling dangerously but it is unlikely to fall down. Everyone was okay in the end, including the vehicle.

14. This would have been painful for sure 

Image Source: Instagram

This image is the reason why you should watch out when you step into an abandoned property, because dangers are lurking on every corner!

15. This was kind of unexpected

Image Source: Imgur

As you can see, this driver happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, but it could have been worse! He was lucky the car did not fall inside the hole.

16. This would have been a huge problem

Image Source: Imgur

It may not look like much, but a bird hitting a speedin aircraft can cause serious damage, and these people avoided such a moment!

17. Here is one lucky cameraman

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We probably don’t need to telll you this, but baseball players can send a ball flying at extremely high speeds, which is why this cameraman was lucky to be behind the camera when this happened!

18. This driver ws able to stop just in time

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This is just about as close as it gets when it comes to avoiding a tree that fell down. The driver reacted just in time before the tree slammed the roof of their car.

19. This patrol vehicle suffered some damage

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It was definitely an intense pursuit and the most important thing was that everyone inside the vehicle was unharmed in the end.

20. This person was inches away from losing their life

Image Source: Imgur

Well, this is about as close as things could get! As you can see, this person definitely got lucky because the chances of avoiding this was really slim!

21. This Volvo was inches away from disaster

Image Source: Imgur

As you can see, this yet another example of a situation that ended on the best possible way, given the circumstances!

22. This pickup truck stopped just in time

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This would have been a huge drop, and the chances of survival after such a fall would be equal to zero!

23. This is what happens when you are not careful

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You should always be careful when you attemp a maneuver at a parking lot, because one wrong move can lead to disaster!

24. This is why motorcyclists wear helmets

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In order to avoid serious injuries, you should always put on a helmet before taking off on a bike!

25. This is another proof that a helmet could save a life

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It is important that the helmet is quality made, too, otherwise it would not withstand such a collision.

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