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25 People Who Were Destined To Do Their Jobs

Image Source: Twitter

Do you believe in faith? Maybe you enjoy witnessing strange coincidences, too? Well, you are definitely in luck, because we have a treat for you! The list below includes images showing clear indications that the people in the photos were probably destined to do exactly the thing they do for a living. Sit back and enjoy the list!

1. Lieutenant McBurney

Image Source: Twitter

Now this is what it means to have the most suitable name for the job! This firefighter is lucky enough to have the best name possible and it seems like it was his destiny to become a firefighter! We are sure he is good at his job!

2. Lord Brain is probably a leading neuroscientist

Image Source: Reddit

This is almost too good to be true! This name is probably the most suitable a neuroscientist could possibly have! It sounds like a pseudonym but it apparently is the person’s real name! it makes the cover of this book stand out, don’t you think?

3. Sue Yoo is definitely the best namer for a lawyer

Image Source: Pinterest

Nope, this is not a pun! This is the actual name of this person! As you can see, this is the lawyer’s actual name and we cannot think of something better, to be honest! You can be sure that whenever she says her name in the courtroom, she brings a lot of smiles on people’s faces!

4. Ka Ching is a cashier and that is perfectly normal

Image Source: Reddit

As you can see, this is another example of a brilliant coincidence between one person’s name and their current job! Such coincidences are amazing because they look like an intended pun but once you realize they are not, it all becomes even funnier!

5. Andrew Drinkwater is a water research specialist

Image Source: Reddit

Now this is one way to be sure that you have the right man for the job! And since this particular job is of great importance, we believe that this person is probably the most qualified for the job! After all, we reckon that nothing happens by chance and this man was destined for this position.

6. This man is obviously too good

Image Source: Comedy Central

Being a volunteer is not of everyone! It takes a big heart and a lot of time and dedication. Sometimes you can tell that a man will be the best possible volunteer only by looking at the face or, in this case, by seeing the name! Mr. Toogood has a really cool name and a noble mission!

7. Here is another cashier with a suitable name

Image Source: Reddit

We cannot believe how these coincidences happen! They are just too good and they almost look like someone intentionally designed a prank! Kashera is a cool name on its own and when it is combined that the person behind it is a cashier, things are even better!

8. Dr. Docktor is a name worthy of a movie character

Image Source: Izismile

When we say that some people were obviously pre-destined to serve a certain cause, we mean things like the coincidence above! How it is possible for a doctor to be named Docktor? Like we already said, there are no real coincidences, we just call them that. This man was born to be a doctor for sure.

9. Joshua Butt is also a doctor

Image Source: Twitter

And he is not just any doctor, too. He is a gastroenterologist! You are probably not surprised by this fact, are you? Well, we are not surprised at all! This is a funny way of adding to his title and the impression the patients get from him probably begins with a smile!

10. Mr. Bookendorf is all about books

Image Source: Pleated Jeans

This is another example of a person whose job is embedded in their name! Therefore it is probably no surprise to see that Mr. Bookendorf is a librarian! He is probably respected even more for the cool name he has!

11. You can definitely trust this ophthalmologist

Image Source: Twitter

Sometimes all you need to do is see a specialist’s name and you will be comfortable with trusting them! This is exactly the case here! We believe that Dr. Seawright is a popular name among and all the patients are glad to see her.

12. Miss C Sharp is an amazingly good name for a music teacher

Image Source: Reddit

When you hear that a music teacher’s name is Miss C Sharp, you cannot help but chuckle! It is a really cute name and we believe that everyone who meets this person is delighted to hear that she was actually doing what she does for a living!

13. Chef Kitchin looks like a complete professional

test ad
Image Source: Twitter

We guess that a chef needs to put in a lot of effort and spend years of their life in order to build a name in the field of work! This is a vital part of the chef’s career and it is the only way to be recognized among colleagues and restaurant owners! We guess that Chef Kitchin is more than lucky!

14. This is not exactly a job title, but the name still fits like a glove

Image Source: Okcfox

Here is one funny example of how a man’s name can be related to what he does in the funniest possible way! Mr. Weed was arrested for marijuana possession and his face does not say that he regrets it much. In fact, he seems to be aware of the unintended pun involving his name.

15. St. Paulos is right where he belongs

Image Source: Reddit

This is another professional whose name is more than enough to convince you that he is right where he belongs! St. Paul Paulos works at the St. Paul Police Department and his name is actually making us respect him even more, because he was probably born to do what he does now.

16. Mr. Slaughter is a meat manager and this is no surprise

Image Source: Pophangover

Not everyone is capable of working or dealing with a slaughterhouse because it takes a certain skillset to do it. We guess that Mr. Slaughter had absolutely no trouble with working where he does because it is literally embedded in his name.

17. Amy Freeze is a weather presenter and we like that fact

Image Source: Instagram

What better name for a weather presenter? Maybe if her last name was Sunshine, it would have been even better, but we think that Freeze is also a cool name! it reminds of the Batman movie featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze.

18. Mr. Farr is a runner and we guess he could run a marathon with ease

Image Source: Twitter

When you want to be recognized in your field of work, you need to make a name or you have to choose a nickname to set yourself apart from the rest! Mr. Farr was obviously in luck because his family name is like a business card for him and it suits a runner really nice!

19. This is a lawyer who definitely knows his game

Image Source: Upcoming

Here is another person who was born to do a certain job! Jonathan Law is a lawyer and we are sure that all of his life as a kid he used to hear jokes about his family name, but he actually turned it into a career and we admire him for that! He looks so happy to be where he is!

20. When you say to go to a barber, you don’t mean their actual name, right?

Image Source: Instagram

Well, this person was more than proud to show that he actually goes to a barber whose family name is Barber! This is so cool and we have never heard of such a family name before! It must be a nice feeling to be working the one thing that gives meaning to your family name! We are sure that Mr. Barber is a skillful barber, too!

21. This charity CEO is definitely the man for the job

Image Source: Food for the poor

Apart from the fact that he looks like a nice person, Mr. Mahfood also has the best family name to suit his position in the organization he is in charge of! Of course, it needs to be pronounced in a certain way to make sense worthy of a pun, but it is still a nice coincidence.

22. Here is another weather presenter with a more than appropriate name for the job

Image Source: Twitter

Sara Blizzard is a name that sounds really awesome and it gets even better when you realize that she is a weather presenter! It appears that weather presenters have names which are associated with forces of nature rather than with the sunny and warm seasons, but we like these names anyway.

23. Dr. Blood is definitely a name you will remember

Image Source: Twitter

If you are genuinely afraid of hospitals, this name will make you cringe! Dr. Blood may sound like a creepy name, but the specialist behind it has an extremely important job as the trauma team leader! We guess that her name is closely related to her work for the most unfortunate reasons.

24. This archaeologist has the perfect name

Image Source: Twitter

We guess that having Graves as a family name would also be suitable for an undertaker, but it suits an archaeologist just as good! Dr. Graves is probably well aware of the relation between her name and her job and she is probably used to the unintentional pun and the jokes that are probably constant part of her day.

25. Here is a cool way to end the list

Image Source: Instagram

What would you assume a tree-climbing champion’s name is? Most people would to try to guess something closely related to that discipline and they would be right! Scott Forrest is a champion in this interesting sport and he is another of the people who seem to be born to do what they do best!

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