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25 People Whose Stories Show Why They Are Done Helping Others

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We all know how good it feels to help someone in need, regardless if it is someone you meet on the street or a close friend. There are, however, moments when people wish they never helped because the situations they were involved in were not in their favor. The moments when people realized they should have never helped are often the times when they end their friendships with the ungrateful individuals they helped.

1. The free babysitter

Image Source: Reddit

We cannot imagine being in such a situation because it is nothing but absurd. The person who thought that this nanny was obliged to look after her kids was clearly obnoxious.

2. The free item

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Offering someone your help is often rewarded by a slap in the face, figuratively speaking. This person was ready to deliver a free item but the person was a choosing beggar.

3. The donation

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Here is how ungrateful people could be. This person was forced to drive for 30 minutes and even experienced an accident because of the delivery but the other person still refused to cooperate.

4. The teacher

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Some people think that once a person helps them, they will do it indefinitely. Of course, this is not so and people who help others are not obliged to continue doing it until the end of time.

5. The cousin

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It seems that the person described here is the kind of relative or a friend that everyone has been involved with. These people never know when to stop and they keep asking for help all their lives.

6. The neighbors

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Here is how one person learned their lesson and finally realized that some people do not deserve the help they need. People like the ones described there need to be left on their own.

7. The movers

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People who help you move for free are the kind of friends who you need to keep close. However, there are individuals who do not deserve help because they are too bossy to be tolerated.

8. The truck

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The things people ask others for should be based on their capabilities and the relationship between the people. It appears that many people would gladly take advantage of you if you are willing to do it.

9. The college

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College students are often forced to deal with tough situations but it seems that some people are willing to take advantage of the helping hand they receive. This person did the right thing for sure.

10. The generous person

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Beggars are sometimes not who they pretend to be. They could be scammers and you might never realize it until you see them and caught them red-handed. This person was disappointed to realize the truth.

11. The friend

Image Source: Reddit

People can act weird and they could also deceive you without missing a heartbeat. This is what one individual did and her intentions were only to separate this person from his wife.

12. The fraudster

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Sometimes, people learn their lessons in the hardest possible way and this is what a person had to go through to realize that helping others could come at a cost nobody is willing to pay.

13. The couple

test ad
Image Source: Reddit

Now, this is the kind of scheme we have never heard about before and it seems that people should be extremely careful when they are begged for help. People need to be aware that there is a danger involved.

14. The trips

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This person was generous enough to include free consultations as part of their business. A few people got the right to be consulted in an exchange for a review after their trip but only one person left a review.

15. The work

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The freelance community knows how this person feels. He worked for free do gain their portfolio but one obnoxious person wasted a lot of their time but they also really never made any payments.

16. The manager

Image Source: Reddit

This manager became the initial reason why this person stopped helping coworkers. We understand why he decided to stop helping other people and we guess he is right to do so.

17. The cook

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Now, this is the kind of behavior that should never be tolerated. These horrible people never like the life choice of the nephew but made an exception because his partner was a good cook.

18. The beggars

Image Source: Reddit

This is definitely the type of behavior you should stay away from. We are more than certain that nobody should tolerate such people because they are like leeches and will never stop acting like that.

19. The bills

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This is how one person came to realize he was being used all along. Not being able to say “no” to such people is a huge mistake and you should always consider denying help as an option.

20. The neighbor

Image Source: Reddit

Here is how one person felt like his neighbors were obliged to give him the lawnmower as if it was his right to use it after asking only once to use it. He even became estranged after these people told him to buy one himself.

21. The small town

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Now, this is something that people who live in small towns surely understand. For some reason, whenever there is a problem, people choose to stay away and not take a side.

22. The good friend

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Here is how one person took advantage of her friends and coworkers by lying she had cancer. She actually took money from them and left work numerous times to do whatever she wanted.

23. The new husband

Image Source: Reddit

Here is how one person got treated instead of being welcomed as a guest. This is just unacceptable and we are glad that she realized she is not supposed to do any of this.

24. The help

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Here is how one person decided to give one person a lesson and we absolutely love his decision. We are sure she got the message.

25. The puppy

Image Source: Reddit

This is how one person decided he was doing the right thing but realized he messed up. He did the right thing weeks later.

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