25 Pics Of Kids Throwing A Tantrum For No Reason

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Kids live in their own world and sometimes their parents are unable to explain something reasonable or understand what their offspring want to achieve. The result is always the same when such a situation occurs: a temper tantrum. Kids can cry for the most impossible reasons you could think of and the list below can give you an idea of what it’s like to deal with a screaming toddler. The fact that a kid cannot pick up the book he uses as a chair is enough to make him cry, we guess.

1. The Golden Gate Бridge

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There is nothing like a long road trip with the family. Seeing some monuments and sights is always a great experience but it could go wrong. This kid is crying because of the realization that the Golden Gate Bridge is not golden at all.

2. The ravioli dinner

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Kids have all kinds of unreasonable preferences, especially when it comes to eating. They could easily refuse to eat whatever their parents have prepared. In this case, a girl wanted ravioli but when her mom cooked ravioli, the kid cried because she didn’t want ravioli anymore. Imagine that!

3. The bus

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Here is yet another situation that nobody could expect. Children want impossible things much too often and you could not explain to them that what they want is not achievable. This boy wanted to get on a bus he saw while watching TV and cried because he couldn’t.

4. The sticker

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We guess that you could almost hear this picture after looking closely at it for some time. This kid is extremely upset after his mom wanted to take this “sticker” from him. You can see that it is not just a sticker but the boy could not be convinced.

5. The sun

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Some parents would give everything within their powers to be able to switch off the sun if their kids wanted them so they could just stop crying. This is exactly what the parent of this kid failed to do. The toddler wanted the sun to be switched off so the pumpkin could be lit.

6. The upset child

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Kids have all kinds of weird requests in their little heads and parents are usually too baffled to even think about how and why their offspring come up with them. This boy is very upset because his mother didn’t let him hold his poop. Yes, that’s right.

7. The breakfast

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Well, there is no doubt that parenting is hard but sometimes it seems to be borderline impossible. Parents are heroes not only for doing the best they can to raise their kids but for protecting their lives, too. This kid wanted to have a battery for breakfast and his mom stopped him.

8. The daffodils

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Here is a boy in a state of desperation for the weirdest of reasons: his mom told him that she could not bring back the daffodils after they were gone. The boy obviously couldn’t take the news and you can see his reaction.

9. The backpack

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Some kids are not really sure what to do when they are excited. This boy was happy to ride his bike in the back until he threw a tantrum. He wanted his cycling backpack really bad! The trouble was that it never existed.

10. The bug

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Moms should know better and ask their kids before they do anything around the house. The reasons are one too many but the image provides an example. The girl you see is upset because her mom crushed a spider. The girl decided it was her best friend and cried about it.

11. The dishwasher

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Here is why you should always think twice before denying something your kid wanted. Of course, you should offer an alternative if that said thing is impossible. In this case, the request of the toddler was weird: she wanted to go inside the dishwasher.

12. The yellow cup

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We already mentioned how kids could be equally upset when they don’t get what they want or when they actually get it! This boy wanted a particular yellow cup. His mom gave it to him and the kid realized he doesn’t know what to do with it, so he cried.

13. The books

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Of all the weird things a kid could cry about, this is definitely the weirdest. The kid you see is crying because her mom stopped her from throwing books at her face. This would be hard to explain to anyone which is why the mother took a picture.

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If you still don’t have children, then you probably have only the slightest idea of what that’s like. It seems that most people are sure that it is not as hard as parents describe it to be but we guess it is beyond anyone’s imagination. To prove how challenging parenting actually is, we will share the list below: it contains photographic evidence of the hard moments when kids throw temper tantrums over hilarious and ridiculous reasons. You might be amused but these parents did not find it funny when these situations occurred. How do you comfort a girl when she upset about not having more toes to paint?

14. The word

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Believe it or not, a kid can get upset over something as trivial as a particular word. In this case, the girl heard the word “green” and cried – it clearly makes her feel uncomfortable for some reason and we’re not sure why. She probably doesn’t know, either.

15. The kite

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It is fair to say that adults love presents just as much as kids do but the reaction is somewhat different. This image proves it: you can see that the boy cried immediately after her mom gave him a new kite. Maybe we’re talking about mixed emotions here.

16. The cat food

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Kids can have weird requests sometimes and their parents are forced to deny certain things. Needless to say, toddlers could never understand why they can’t have certain things, so they do what they do best – get upset and cry about it.

17. The goodbye

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It seems that some parents have the kind of patience we will never be capable of. This situation shows how patient a mom was when her toddler became upset about not having the chance to say goodbye to the poo before mom flushed it.

18. The balloon

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Kids love all of their possessions and there is a good chance that they will not like it when other people get to touch them. In this case, one girl became really sad and cried just because her dad touched her balloon!

19. The ban

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Parents need to forbid certain things and their kids are never happy about it. It seems that toddlers never understand why they’re not supposed to do something. This little girl is crying because her mom saved her from running in the middle of the road.

20. The bath

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This image is a bit of a paradox, actually. It seems that many kids would do anything to avoid bath time but not this girl. She wanted to have a bath immediately after having one! Her mom couldn’t explain why she didn’t want to bathe her a second time.

21. The trash

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Toddlers often refuse to eat and parents know that this could be a serious problem. The mother of this boy, however, had a different problem. Her kid had an appetite but the wanted to eat trash straight from the bin. She didn’t let him and this is the result.

22. The cake

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It seems that the cake is the most important part of every kid’s birthday, alongside the presents, of course. This girl received the unicorn cake she dreamed about but she still became upset about it for some reason.

23. The marker

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Trying to please a toddler is really challenging: you need to be careful and you must identify their needs to the smallest detail. When this girl received the wrong pink marker from her mom, she was obviously disappointed.

24. The bath bomb

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Bath bombs are definitely something you should never eat but kids are not aware of that. This toddler cried because of that fact but we think that people who eat Tide pods should also try to learn they should not do it.

25. The swim

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Here is one boy that obviously wanted to draw attention after his parents denied him a certain thing. The kid wanted to swim but there were two main problems: the toddler couldn’t swim, and the water was really cold.

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