25 Strange Coincidences Proving That Reality Is Not What We Think It Is

Image SOurce: Reddit

There are a lot of things that we could consider to be a coincidence but in some cases it is just too big or too weird and we cannot help but wonder if coincidences actually exist! Some people call it faith, others accept such moments as different kind of signs, but we wonder where the truth is. It is probably somewhere in between these things. What matters the most is your perception of the world. It will dictate the way you accept weird coincidences. Even if you do not believe in faith, these curious moments are still worth seeing!

1. This is a tiny version of the Roman Colosseum

Image Source: Reddit

We really liked this accidental miniature of the Colosseum someone found in the middle of the railroad track.

2. This bull has a natural tattoo

Image Source: Reddit

The forehead of this majestic animal is marked with the image of its own skull, which is really cool!

3. The resemblance is uncanny here

Image Source: Reddit

We really like how someone noticed the resemblance between this person and the fictional character!

4. Christiano Ronaldo found his lookalike

Image Source: Reddit

This random fan is not the player’s spitting image, but he sure does look like his brother, to say the least!

5. Someone came across this rock

Image Source: Reddit

There are two curious things about it. It was split perfectly in half and it looks like a stone avocado!

6. Now this is a weird costume

Image Source: Reddit

We are not sure why this person wears such an outfit but the disguise is a success. They blended in perfectly!

7. This is just a pocket inside a tent

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that the designer of this tent had no idea that the pocket inside of it would look like the Gmail logo.

8. This person should get part of the profit

Image Source: Reddit

It looks like this person was the prototype for the logo, but he had nothing in common with it.

9. The water inside this bottle froze in a curious way

Image Source: Reddit

We genuinely believe that this is one of the best coincidences on the list. The ice inside looks like the mountain on the bottle!

10. This is what it is like to have your own cartoon version

Image Source: Reddit

This person probably noticed the resemblance and posed for this photo. Apart from the hair color, he nailed it!

11. This machine froze in an interesting pattern

Image Source: Reddit

We think that whoever saw this machine in winter was probably scared by the way it froze, and you can see why!

12. This person found his ancient doppelganger

Image Source: Reddit

Now this is a cool thing to find! We guess he was a bit puzzled by it but he was also proud of that resemblance, too.

13. The spiderweb Eifel Tower

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Image Source: Reddit

This is one of those ways in which mother nature proved us that it is capable of creating stunningly beautiful things.

14. This doorman and the pregnant woman shared the same type of body curve

Image Source: Reddit

We really like the way how this doormanbelly has about the same size and shape as the pregnant woman’s.

15. This is an interesting receipt

Image Source: Reddit

Such coincidences are always interesting too see and many people consider such moments as signs of good fortune.

16. This person found an interesting match

Image Source: Reddit

This person was probably intrigued to discover that her ring was a perfect match to these beautiful door knobs!

17. Now this is a funny moment

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes random images turn out to be captured in the best possible moment, and this one is no exception!

18. Here is one postbox that is a true work of art

Image Source: Reddit

We believe that the owners of this house really care about the tiniest details and they made sure the postbox was a work of art, too. It is a perfect copy of the actual home!

19. You will not be able to unsee this

Image Source: Reddit

If you take a longer look at this bottle, you will notice how the coffee beans are shaped like an angry bird’s face!

20. These people definitely knew where the problem is

Image Source: Reddit

After this truck was involved in an accident under a bridge, someone noticed this funny coincidence!

21. This water leak formed an interesting silhouette

Image Source: Reddit

This silhouette created reminds us of Sherlock Holmes! It is definitely an interesting thing to see!

22. There is an interesting detail in this image

Image Source: Imgur

If are not able to find it, here is a hint – the man in the middle is just chilling but he also formed the word ‘no’ with his body!

23. Now this is something curious

Image Source: Reddit

Finding a rock that looks like someone’s profile is so cool! It even matches the color in the section where the hat is supposed to be!

24. This is a glitch in the matrix, perhaps

Image Source:

These two girls look like twins, and they have the same outfits! Maybe they really are sisters, who knows?

25This person realized an amazing coincidence

Image Source: Imgur

He happened to be at the exact location where the photo for this wrapper was taken! It is an amazing coincidence that he bought that chocolate bar!

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