25 Times People Proved That Little Things Can Make You Whole Day

Image Source: Reddit

It doesn’t take much for us to be entertained. Even when we are feeling down or our day is gloomy, a small and seemingly insignificant thing would be enough to brighten our mood. We guess we are not alone, as people share the things they saw that made them smile or chuckle. The list below is full of such things.

1. The dingy

Image Source: Reddit

Now, this is one brilliant way to begin this list! As you can see, this is not the typical US Navy ship and it is nowhere near as big as it should be. The reason for its existence is a mystery to us but it looks cool.

2. The self-irony

Image Source: Reddit

Here is how awesome people can be! This man is blind and he wanted to propose to his girlfriend so he kneeled down. Of course, the whole thing is a setup and we love such self-irony.

3. The old image

Image Source: Reddit

Someone saw this story and shared it online. This person found her old child photo and asked her dad to alter it and put different lettering. The request was honored and we absolutely love the result.

4. The sense of humor

Image Source: Reddit

While this may be considered to be vandalism by some people, we reckon it is the kind of sense of humor that never gets old. Someone wanted to have some fun with this restriction sign and so they did.

5. The sticker

Image Source: MemeGuy

Here is how good comedy is created. Seeing such a thing would ultimately make your day brighter and better. This funny person came up with the best possible sticker for their SUV.

6. The sign

Image Source: Reddit

We cannot imagine just how many people have tried to push and pull this door because they followed the instruction one step at a time. The funny sign is a sign of a great sense of humor.

7. The altered image

Image Source: Reddit

Here is something that you will surely think about when you peel your next banana. Someone decided that this would be a good idea and they created a weird hybrid that is also fun to see.

8. The lyrics

Image Source: Reddit

Here is something that probably nobody needs but we are sure that everyone would appreciate! There is no telling how many hours this took to complete but we like the end result a lot.

9. The VW

Image Source: MemeGuy

Here is how people who drive cars that you don’t see every day behave. This person surely loves their VW Bug but they also had a sense of humor and you can tell by their choice of license plate symbols.

10. The instructions

Image Source: Reddit

Here is how witty the San Franciso police forces can be! They decided to put up an instruction warning people to be careful but the last bit of instructions is kind of controversial if you ask us.

11. The driveway request

Image Source: MemeGuy

Social distancing and the lockdown got many people feeling just like the individual who decided to write this sign. We guess that most of us could relate to it and use the same type of request.

12. The teacher

Image Source: MemeGuy

Talking about people who are bored by sitting at home all day, we simply must show you this image. We believe that those who came up with the idea had a lot of free time and also dog training skills.

13. The casino

test ad
Image Source: Reddit

Here is yet another example of someone who was able to come up with a rather weird but fun way to spend a few quality hours while waiting for the pandemic to end. That’s the spirit!

14. The suit

Image Source: Reddit

We have seen all kinds of suits in our lifetime but this thing beats all the best ones we have come across. This kale farmer decided that his clothing is the absolute best way to advertise his produce.

15. The name

Image Source: MemeGuy

Marketing experts and product designers need to work together in order to create something amazing and you can tell that this team has what it takes to make a winning product. We love this one!

16. The other sign

Image Source: Reddit

We are glad that people all over the world take their time and share images of the funny and weird things they see. This person decided to share funny sign that someone used to get rid of people wanting to enter Wales.

17. The horoscope

Image Source: Facebook

Sometimes. horoscopes are nowhere near the actual events that happen to a person but there are moments when the zodiac magic works like a charm and we believe this will be the case here.

18. The cast

Image Source: Facebook

We know just how much a fracture hurts and how it can affect one’s everyday life but there is one thing people who suffered a broken bone need to do – never give up! This person used a few markers to show their strong spirit.

19. The tricky image

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that this person really wanted to travel to a distant country so they simply decided to see how that would feel at the moment. They created a setup that recreated the view from an airplane seat.

20. The book

Image Source: Reddit

We believe that there are books that cats would be glad to read but this one would not be on that list. The reason why this book exists in the first place is beyond us but at least this feline is interested.

21. The store

Image Source: Imgur

Now, this is some fine comedy here and it only took some clever thinking and a smartphone to be completed. Actor Tim Curry seems to look good no matter where he is.

22. The pentagram

Image Source: Reddit

Now, this is the kind of weird thing we would be baffled to see. All kids create their own kinds of gaming setups but there surely isn’t a more peculiar than this one.

23. The haircuts

Image Source: Reddit

Here is a person who literally can transform himself using one of his friend’s skills. She needed someone to practice on and he gladly volunteered. He had fun in the process, too.

24. The birthday party

Image Source: Reddit

This is one of the most unusual formats we have seen when it comes to a birthday party. As you can see, the idea is not bad at all and it is worth the try!

25. The address

Image Source: Reddit

We guess there is no need for a specific caption here. The person who noticed this related these letters to something we all get.

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