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26 Couples Whose Happy Marriages Prove That Love Can Last Forever

Image Source: Reddit

We have an important message for everyone! Of course, you have all heard that one before, but a good reminder every now and then certainly helps! Here goes nothing: true love exists and that is a fact! Do not listen to people who tell that love is fiction or that it comes and goes. What comes and goes might look feel like love, but it is not. You see, when true love comes, it is here to stay! If you find this hard to believe, maybe the following examples will convince you!

1. No, this is not a birthday party

Image Source: Reddit

Well, the first image on the list speaks for itself! None of these people turns 70; their marriage does! They spend seven decades together and you can see they are still going as strong as ever!

2. These people are still happy together after 52 years

Image Source: Ridus

These smiles pretty much say it all! They look as beautiful as they were on their wedding day, if not even better! We love the fact that you can remain close to someone all your life and we want that kind of feeling for us!

3. This is a tearing story

Image Source: Ridus

Seventy years of marriage are the biggest sign of love you could think of! These people were happy together and he always sang his beloved a song to put her to sleep, even on her final day of her life.

4. Now this is an epic before/after photo colage

Image Source: Nevsedoma

This will put a big smile on your face for sure! This couple decided to accept the challenge to recreate their wedding photo 45 years after the marriage! They even put the original outfits on!

5. This is what 63 years of marriage look like

Image Source: Nevsedoma

Well, the bodies may get older, but it seems people’s souls could stay as young as they were! These people spent 63 years together and their happy marriage is a proof that nothing is impossible when true love comes into your life.

6. Honeymoon photos are also worth recreating

Image Source: Imgur

What better way to celebrate a moment than to recreate the mood you had back then! This couple thought that it would be nice to recreate their honeymoon photos taken 30 years ago! The idea turned out to be great and they look just as beautiful as they were back then!

7. School sweethearts sometimes remain together all their lives

Image Source: Nevsedoma.

Now this is one story that most people probably find to be too good to be true, but it is! Not many believe in love which began in school, but this cute couple proves it! You can see them in the sixth grade and at their wedding tears later!

8. This is a dream for most people

Image Source: Imgur

Well, dreams do come true, but there is one important condition – you need to believe in true love and the miracle will happen eventually! The story of this couple is the best inspiration. They have been together ever since they met as toddlers, and you can see how she still looks at him!

9. There is one curious detail about these photos

Image Source: Nevsedoma

Well, there is no need for a caption here. Two people who are still in love after 58 years of marriage are proud to pose for a photo, and here comes the funny part. It seems he always wants his significant other to be in the spotlight, because half of him is missing from both photos!

10. A happy marriage keeps your soul young

Image Source: Nevsedoma

It appears that couples can get really old without this stopping them. In fact, it is the other way around! If you share your life with the one you love, you will grow happier in time, just like this couple. They were married for sixty years!

11. This is the secret ingredient to a long marriage

Image Source: Imgur

One extremely important aspect of any relationship is the sense of humor people have. We even consider it vital for the human health, because it allows you to endure through hard times and to laugh when live gives you lemons!

12. Here is another couple married for more than 50 years

Image Source: Nevsedoma

We are well aware of the fact that not everyone is lucky enough to find someone who they want to spend their live with, and it is even more unlikely for that someone to want the same! But when it happens, it could last 54 years, just like in these people’s case!

13. These people have barely changed

Image Source: Reddit

Don’t get us wrong, we can see that they have changed a lot, but it is obvious that only their bodies changed. Seeing those smiles is more than enough for us to know that they are the same people and they are still in love. They also came back to their wedding location to take the photo 60 years later.

14. Here is another wedding that happened 60 years ago

Image Source: Reddit

These people were proud to celebrate sixty years of marriage, and we are super happy for them, but we also kind of envy them! We love the fact that they are literally shining when they smile after all those years.

15. This is the ultimate life goal

Image Source: Reddit

You can see how proud this couple looks like, and they have all the reasons to be! They posed for this photo because they were happy to be together for 60 years, and they built their house 58 years ago.

16. Here is another awesome photo recreation 

Image Source: Reddit

This is yet another happy couple and both spouses are still happy with one another after 60 years! You can see how she looks at him, and it shows that the love between them is still going strong!

17. This is what it means to be alive

Image Source: Imgur

This couple decided to throw a party because of their 60th anniversary, but they had no intention of just  sitting around a table and chatting! They literally created a dance floor and showed everyone how things should be done!

18. Holding the hand of the love of your life is amazing

Image Source: Reddit

The important things in life are not that much, and you can bet that none of them could be bought with money! The most important of them all is probably in this photo. After 60 years these lovebirds are still holding hands!

19. One person shared this photo of their great-grandparents 

Image Source: Reddit

This cute couple created a real dynasty! Their ten kids continued the family with 28 more children, but things do not end there! The couple has 60 great-grandchildren and two great-great-grandchildren! Now this is one huge family!

20. Nobody believed in these people’s love

Image Source: Reddit

This couple was forced to run away in Mexico and settle there because both of their families told them that such a romance would never last. Well, it did, and they spent 62 years together!

21. This is another happy story of a long marriage

Image Source: Reddit

The print in the background shows these people on their wedding day, which was more than half a century ago – 53 years, to be exact. You can see that they are really happy about that fact!

22. One person shared these images of their grandparents

Image Source: Reddit

The couple took the bottom photo exactly 66 years after the original one was taken, and even after so many years they still look like they belong to each other! We wish we had such a relationship, too!

23. These people also celebrated their 60th anniversary

Image Source: Reddit

This is one of the things that everyone should celebrate but not many get the chance to do it! We guess that either need to be lucky or simply to be blessed to have such a life!

24. This is one of the best photo recreations on the list

Image Source: Reddit

There are many ways to recreate an old photo and this couple absolutely nailed it! As you can see, they posed exactly like they did on their wedding day in 1956!

25. Here is another example of a happy marriage that lasted more than 60 years

Image Source: Imgur

This couple is still going strong after so many years together! They are still smiling the same way they did on their wedding in 1957, and you can tell they know they were fortunate to have each other!

26. Keely Shaye Smith and Pierce Brosnan are our favorite celebrity couple 

Image Source: Instagram

They are married for almost twenty years and they look as if they just fell in love! Their relationship is amazing!

Image Source: Imgur

The actor and his beloved wife got married in 2001, meaning that they are probably already thinking where to spend their 20th anniversary! The 66-year-old actor appears to be achieved the ultimate life goal! He has an amazing career  and the family he always dreamed off! May we all be blessed to find true love and to be able to hold on it forever!


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