26 Facts You Definitely Didn’t Know About The Matrix Trilogy


15 years ago the world heard the first “Wow” that would start one of the biggest cinema trilogies, while eroding Keanu Reeves’s acting career. It doesn’t get any more epic than that. No matter if you find that trilogy to be a classic, or not – what can’t be denied is that it took the world by storm. A product of its time – sure. Not as good as we remember it – most definitely. But it landed so hard, that the reverberations are still being felt in filmmaking and in film going.
That’s why I’ve decided to list some pieces of information that would get you back into the world of green filters, S&M type of ware, sunglasses (but no sun) and not characters being always as serious as they’re being stupid.

1. Keanu – the climber

Image Souce: Wikimedia

That scene where Neo talks on the phone with his new pal Morpheus for the first time – Keanu climbed out of a real window, that happened to be on the 34th floor (!?!) People give that guy hard time for not being a very versatile actor, but if you ask me, what he did was pure method acting – believing you’re “the one”, who shall not slip and fall to his death.

2. Recycle is the name of the game

Image Source: IMUGR

Betcha didn’t know these movies were so green. In fact, after the shoots were done, most of the sets were recycled completely. An example – a lot of recycled wood found its new purpose as a building material for low-income homes.

3. Code Water

Image Source: Pinterest

Remember the third film finale? That ridiculously prolonged fight scene with Neo and Smith in the rain, while countless Smith copies just stand around and watch the show? Outside of the fact that this was a poor copy of an anime (I won’t mention it by name), there’s a very cool effect that goes mostly unnoticed – the rain itself.


While most of it is water (some real, some CGI), if you look closely you’ll see that some of the droplets are actually code lines – the same ones that everybody outside of the Matrix view it through. It meant that the Matrix was starting to break apart.

4. A clockwork Revolution

Image Source: Pinterest

Remember, remember, the 5th of November… 2003. If by any chance you were one of those die-hard fans who went and watched the last part of the trilogy in its first viewing, chances are you and everybody else in the world who did the same, were experiencing the movie simultaneously, no matter where in the world you were living. Done by design, it was a final little present from the creators, gathering their vast fan base to watch the movie together – like one big family. Kind of sweet, if you ask me.

5. God of Dreams?

Image Source: IMUGR

Morpheus is a name of a deity from the Greek myths. It was chosen as irony to the fact that Morpheus (in the movie) is basically the character who awakens Neo from his Matrix dream.


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