26 Hilarious Restaurant Responses To Bad Online Reviews

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One of our favorite things to do online is to check out different reviews! There are many platforms where restaurants, hotels and other places are listed and you could spend hours reading the reviews people left. This is a must before choosing where to go! While in most cases people are honest in their opinions, there are cases in which they don’t share the truth or their review is only one side of the real story. Sometimes the whole review is a lie! This is when the managers of the reviewed places are forced to react and if often leads to hilarious situations, some of which are listed below!

1. There is something fishy about this review

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As it turned out, this person’s review was all made up! Shame on them.

2. This owner destroyed the client

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The client had to audacity to leave a bad review despite not paying their bill!

3. People come up with all kinds of stories just to avoid paying the bill

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This person was frustrated about paying the whole bill and this is why they made up an excuse!

4. This person blame the staff

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As it turned out, there was no dairy in this client’s meal and he probably felt bad for other reasons!

5. This client’s review got destroyed

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This is why you should not believe every review you see online!

6. Some people can go really low just to avoid paying for their meal

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This person tried to be as negative as possible but the owner of the place shut them down completely!

7. This is how you handle such reviews

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It seems that people often try to have a good meal without paying the right price for it.

8. This person’s review was shattered to bits

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As you can see, the restaurant manager even uploaded a photo of the receipt to back up their response!

9. The chef took matters into his own hands here

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We absolutely love the way this chef responded to this review! He had a lot to say!

10.  This person forgot to mention one tiny detail

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As it turned out, the person was actually employed for a short period of time at this place!

11. This is one brilliant response

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The manager of this Irish pub took their time to respond to this obnoxious person’s review like a pro!

12. The things people do to get free food

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The lenghts some people are prepared to go in order to pay less for something are beyond our perceptions of what it means to have dignity!

13. This is the oldest trick in the book

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Here is how some people try to give their competition a bad name, but this method doesn’t work anymore!

14. Some people try to compensate for their bad days by making others look bad

test ad
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This is an example of have one’s bad mood can result in a review that was not deserved at all!

15. Some clients really push things too far

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This customer’s demands were totally unacceptable and the response to their review clarified what actually happened!

16. There are some terrible people out there

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We cannot believe the nerve of some people! After the thing this person’s partner did, she still decided to leave a negative review!

17. People love leaving reviews so others could see they have been to a certain place

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In this case, the management of the place just had to respond and the person who left the review was probably ashamed!

18. This is a petty way of getting your revenge

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We will never be able to understand why people do such things! It is simply wrong to try and pull off stunts like this one!

19. This is the best response we have seen lately

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Here is another example of how people expect to get away with taking things too far! Bringing out an extension board at the bar is an absolutely ridiculous move!

20. This is another petty person who simply lied about their experience

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The situation turned out to be a lot different than described and this person should think again before leaving a review like this again!

21. Here is a simple way to shut down a person for not being completely honest

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Leaving a bad review because you are mad for not being right in the first place is a petty thing to do!

22. Someone got shut down instantly here

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Here is another individual who thought that leaving a bad review would be enough to bring the place down!

23. This person did his best to cover his lies but he failed

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As we already mentioned, people are willing to humiliate themselves in an effort to make a place look bad!

24. This reply was a complete timelapse of the real thing

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This person does not have a chance to prove this reply wrong! This is how you take care of  your business’ reputation!

25. This person also fabricated their review

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We are really supportive of the people who take their time and expose phoney people leaving bad reviews!

26. Competitors often make mistakes in their effort to make other businesses look bad

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It seems that this fabricated review was left a bit too early, because the place was not open for business yet!

Written by Sven Miller

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