26 Of The Most Hilarious ‘Feel Old Yet?’ Memes Ever Created

Image Source: Reddit

Internet is an endless source of fun, and you can spend hours every day just enjoying new and random content that can amuse you and inspire you. In some cases you can see things that can make you feel nostalgic while you laugh upon seeing them. This is the type of images this list is about! It suggests some of the funniest ‘then and now’ collages which are designed with the sole intention to bring fun and maybe to make you feel old as well!

1. PewDiePie

Image Source: Reddit

What better way to start the list than mentioning PewDiePie? The YouTuber actually posted this one himself, and it only shows his great sense of humor!

2. This is a witty one

Image Source: Instagram

It is obvious that these two characters have noting in common, but there is a weird resemblance between them and someone used to create this image!

3. Now this is a bit disturbing to see

Image Source: Twitter

Well, whoever came up with this surely knows their game, because these two definitely have common facial features, making them the perfect combination for such an image!

4. Here is another funny entry

Image Source: Instagram

Now this is what quality humor looks like! It appears that people are able to make the weirdest comparisons, and this one is both wacky and cool!

5. This one made us laugh out loud

Image Source: Imgur

What could we say here except ‘wow’! The image on the left is the iconic kid in a Sponge Bob outfit, and the other image suggests how the same kid would look like when older!

6. We have always thought about this

Image Source: Twitter

We are actually kind of glad that someone really did this one! Most of you would admit about thinking of this uncanny resemblance, too!

7. This one is too accurate

Image Source: Imgur

Sometimes these funny comparison images are actually really well-made, because they show things and persons that only a few people would link to one another!

8. BGT was the place where many stars were born

Image Source:

The genius behind this idea realized that adding Susan Boyle’s image as the supposed aged Harry Styles would be a great idea and it is too funny to see!

9. This is an accurate comparison

Image Source: Instagram

Someone probably saw this person and immediately linked his appearance to the animated character! It is easy to see why!

10. We used to find the little girl photo to be a bit creepy

Image Source: Instagram

We never knew that there would be a similar image with an adult person in it, not to mention that the two ladies kind of look alike, too!

11. Poor Thomas

Image Source: Twitter

This is probably the darkest kind of humor one could relate to the cartoon series! We admit that the image on the right is definitely relatable to Thomas’ appearance!

12. We always knew these two were doppelgangers

Image Source: Reddit

We never thought that we would see a comparison image like this, but we have thought about the uncanny resemblance between these two celebs!

13. This is how we want to age

Image Source: Reddit

First of all, this is the kind of thing that we love seeing! Witty people create witty things that are beyond funny! Second, we would love to never age, too!

14. This one is more than obvious

Image Source:

We had to see this coming, but it never occured to us! Well, it seems that Cal had a real life prototype all along!

15. This is as accurate as it could get

Image Source:

We are not sure if Miley went for that look on purporse, but she definitely achieved the look the animated character has!

16. This is the best entry on this list

Image Source:

We love everything Danny Trejo is involved in, because he has a great personality, and this comparison might not make you feel old, but it could make you laugh for an hour or so!

17. We could believe our eyes here

Image Source:

Someone really outdid themselves with this collage, because these two photos are a perfect match! No caption needed here, just a simple ‘wow’ would do.

18. The hairstyle does the trick here

Image Source:

This is just as funny as it is clever! Someone noticed that Cody; hairstyle is trendy now, and this is mainly because Taylor Swift rocks it!

19. Ed Sheeran has been around long before he was famous

Image Source:

This definitely brings back memories, and it shows the reason why we accepted Ed Sheeran’s appearance as something really familiar!

20. This one is beautiful

Image Source:

If we happened to see the image of the model on the right, we would immediately relate it to Sadness from Inside Out as well!

21. Well, this was unexpected

Image Source:

This is one of those moments when we wonder why we never saw the similarities between two people or two objects that have been around for a long time!

22. This is just too good

Image Source:

We could apply the caption from the previous photo here as well! Seeing this did not make us feel old, but impressed us a lot!

23. This is our new favorite funny image

Image Source: Twitter

We have actually thought about the possibility of Neil Patrick Harris resemblance to one of the legendary MTV characters, but we never thought about Benedict Cumberbatch playing the other one!

24. This is a different kind of humor

Image Source: Imgur

As we already mention, there is a different and witty kind of humor that we prefer, and this is a good example of it!

25. Now this is something else

Image Source: Imgur

You just can’t make stuff like this up! The similarities in both images are just too big to be missed and the collage is perfect!

26. This is the proper way to end the list

Image Source: Reddit

Here we have not one, but three iconic musicians and all of them were featured in the best possible way here!

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