A Belgian Blogger Captured 26 Of The Ugliest And Weirdest Homes In His Town

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Belgium is a relatively small country, but it is definitely a good destination for a holiday trip! There is a lot you can see there, and thanks to the effort of one blogger we learned that there is something particularly interesting that is worth checking out. It turns out that the country is full of weird architecture and there are more than a few wacky examples of ugly homes captured by Hannes Coudenys. He has been photographing such structures for seven years and these are some of the weirdest and ugliest ones. Of course, most of them are not worth paying a visit, but they are amusing to see!

1. The surprised home

Image Source: Instagram

Buildings are inanimate objects, but some of them look as if they are alive. Even better, some facades resemble feelings and reactions typical for people, and this is one nice example!

2. This building looks as if it was finished in a hurry

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What began as a solid-looking structure was finished in a different style for some reason. The upper part looks more as if a wooden shed has installed on the roof’s place.

3. Someone has a weird taste in architecture

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This is one building that is all about the form and not the function! It is definitely a controversial structure but someone obviously thought it was a good idea.

4. Here is another strange house

Image Source: Instagram

It looks old but the roof seems to be brand new! We are not sure why there is a scar-shaped section on the facade of the building, but we guess that it is what makes it unique!

5. Now this is a strange building

Image Source: Instagram

It combines rough edges with round shapes, and there are almost no windows on that huge facade! It looks as if it was built in different stages.

6. This is an interesting solution

Image Source: Instagram

Instead of adding real balconies to this building;s facade, some architect decided to shape the space in a different manner, and it looks out of place.

7. You need to take a second look at this one

Image Source: Instagram

The smaller structure on the right looks like a mean face that is grinning right at you! We guess that is was not a part of the initial design!

8. Here is a house that used to be bigger

Image Source: Instagram

Most of the house demolished for some unknown reason but this part remained there in someone could actually live in. You can see that the blinds are down!

9. Here is another controversial idea for a facade

Image Source: Instagram

Seeing this made us wonder what the idea behind this project was. The bottom window kind of looks like a smile, but it has onlu a small section with actuall glass.

10. This house is one of a kind 

Image Source: Instagram

As you can see, someone decided to give this home a unique appearance, but it is not as stylish as it was probably supposed to be!

11. Here is something you don’t see every day

Image Source: Instagram

We guess that it is a witty idea, but the end result would give most people anxiety. The effect created is definitely curious but it is not the kind of place we would live in!

12. The concrete structures took over this street

Image Source: Instagram

As you can see, this back street has no view at all, because there are concrete walls literally everywhere you turn to! The house at the end of the street is literally surrounded!

13. They outdid themselves here

Image Source: Instagram

As you can see, someone came up with the brilliant idea to freshen up the facade of this house, but we guess that it did not work out as planned!

14. This was definitely done on purpose

Image Source: Instagram

We are not sure why this exists, but it is a fact! You know what they say, seeing is believing, but we still refuse to believe that someone lives in this house and likes the way it looks!

15. This one looks like a warehouse

Image Source: Instagram

We are well aware that industrial design became trendy in the past decade, but sometimes people push it a bit too far and they end up with a result like this one.

16. This one is uglier than it appears to be

Image Source: Instagram

The angle of the photo is a bit tricky, but you could still see that the front part of the house is built in half, leaving a flat wall looking towards the yard, which is a controversial decision.

17. The miniature one is as ugly as the real house

Image Source: Instagram

Some people take real pride in the things they have, despite the fact that it might be something that not everyone would appreciate, and this is exactly the case here.

18. Simplicity is not always the better choice

Image Source: Instagram

Keeping things simple might work out for some people but they still need to put in the effort needed in order for things to okay in the end. These windows definitely ruined all the effort here!

19. Now this is one real gem

Image Source: Instagram

When it comes to ugly houses, this is probably on top of the list! As you can see, the house has been modified numerous times before and looks awful!

20. There is a reason for this urban landscape to look like this

Image Source: Instagram

There was another building there, and all the colors on those wall were actually the room colors! Let’s hope they fix this because it looks unattractive.

21. This one resembles an old monument

Image Source: Instagram

Some architect tried to be creative by using another approach the is currently a trend – concrete. However, using too much of it ruins the effect.

22. Someone wanted to live large, obviously

Image Source: Instagram

We guess that there is nothing wrong with wanting to live large, but giving an ordinary house a facade worthy of a castle is not the right way.

23. This is the worst location for a house for sure!

Image Source: Instagram

It is easy for one to see that this structure was built in the backyard of something much bigger, and it looks more like a trap than a house!

24. This home can make you questions the architect’s sanity

Image Source: Instagram

There are so many details here that we are no entirely sure where to begin. All those edges and uneven surfaces can make your head spin!

25. This is kind of creepy to see

Image Source: Instagram

This gloomy-looking house is definitely not the place where you want to be, especially when you consider the creepy statues on the balcony!

26. This is not a collage

Image Source: Instagram

These two houses look so absurd that the photo looks like a joke, but it is a genuine one!

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