26 Real Life Images Proving That Marriage Ain’t A Joke

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There are two kinds of people in this world – those who are still not married and the rest who have at least one marriage behind them, or they are currently part of one. Unmarried people often think that it is all fun and games and it is not that big of a deal to get married. They think it is the same as before the wedding. Of course, married people know that it is just not so. Some people probably do not feel any kind of difference, but in the majority of cases marriage proves to be an adventure that is not for the faint of heart! The list below will give you an idea or two.

1. Making compromises is a must

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Any marriage is based on a string of compromises and we guess these newlyweds are aware of that.

2. This is not just a joke

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We believe that this is actually a simple test to see how fast they lose their cool.

3. Here is how things are restarted in an instant

Image Source: The Chive

Every argument between married couples is not really over until it bursts few more times.

4. Sometimes wanting to do something for your spouse is harder than expected

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Men struggle with certain things their wives want them to pick up, and it seems this goes both ways.

5. This is a fine sense of humor

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We find this funny, but we guess that some men might actually feel intimidated!

6. Marriage is putting all the cards down

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We believe that when you are already married, you have the freedom to speak directly and sincerely.

7. Romance is a different thing in most marriages

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Romantic conversations and even intimate moments take a different turn in most marriages.

8. Well, we guess this is true

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It is hard to argue with that! We all know that you can’t win a woman, she chooses you!

9. Here is a relatable image for all the moms out there

Image Source: Imgur

It might be a bit exaggerated, but it is still true. Moms follow their duty 24/7 despite the cold.

10. Every fight ends with food

Image Source: Me Me

The best way to bury the hatchet is to show love and care. Food is the best way to do it!

11. It is pointless to argue with a woman

Image Source: Me Me

Married men know that they should never argue with their wives, because they remember everything.

12. This is true in most cases

Image Source: Thinking Humanity

If your wife tells you to do something in a certain way, you better listen because chances are she’s right.

13. Here is another relatable image

Image Source: The Chive

The situation described above happens all the time and it was illustrated perfectly with this image!

14. We guess that this is an excuse

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Image Source: Whisper

Women often find it hard to keep a secret, so when they share it with their husband, this is the excuse.

15. Here is how it goes

Image Source: Me Me

Students have absolutely no idea what life has in store for them and this collage pretty much sums it up!

16. Choose your words wisely

Image Source: Spiked Nation

Like we already mentioned, women seem to able to record every conversation you ever had with them!

17. Some men tend to brag about doing chores from time to time

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There is no need for bragging because most women do these things on a daily basis.

18. Now this is a facial expression many men have seen

Image Source: Instagram

We guess that there is no better way to explain these moments than this image. It speaks for itself.

19. Someone obviously tried to score

Image Source: The Chive

This is the result if a game men like to play, but they are not NBA players and rarely win points.

20. Here is how it goes

Image Source: The Chive

We might as well admit his, but married men need to ask their wives before going out with the guys.

21. There is no escaping from house chores when you are married

Image Source: Imgur

We guess that being married is somewhat comparable to an approaching tornado.

22. Here is some food for thought

Image Source: Facebook

The funny caption of this image is actually funny because there is a lot of truth to it!

23. Some dads know only half of the struggle

Image Source: Imgur

We guess that only moms who are with their kids all the time know how tough it really is!

24. Women sometimes want to be dared to start a fight

Image Source: Facebook

It appears that men often fail to read the signs and this makes the tension even stronger.

25. Here is one man who have probably seen it all

Image Source: MemeXYZ

The long face and the blurry eyes are sure signs of a fight with the wife, no doubt about it.

26. This is one image that will make you chuckle

Image Source: Ebaum’s World

Of course, the image was taken at the right moment and is a coincidence, but it is still e metaphor.

Written by Sven Miller

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