26 School Kids Whose ‘Logic’ Is Definitely Something New

The best part of life is when we go to school, no doubt about it! We have someone to rely on for our well-being and all we need to do is learn a ton of things each day! The fun part about that is when a school kid is asked about something they haven’t learned yet. but they still feel obliged to answer! The results of such situations are often hilarious! The list below proves that!

1. This kid has figured out the true values of life

Image Source: Imgur

We believe that this may be weird to most people, but not to us! Mozzarella sticks are a way of life an there is a good chance that they thought this kid to have priorities, which is a valuable lesson!

2. This is one accurately done assignment 

Image Source: Imgur

Teachers and editors need to be able to design textbooks and tests in the best possible way to they are able to leave no room for such moments! This student decided to complete the task in the most realistic possible way!

3. Now this is a curious way of thinking

Image Source: Imgur

Well, there you have it! This is the kind of logic that could leave you stunned! You can see that this kid accepted the task in a literal way, so the only way to show the process of thinking was to draw a self-portrait!

4. We guess these count as correct answers

Image Source:

Well, this kid answered in a weird way, but it is still a technically correct answer! Seeing it made us chuckle because we remember that we gave such odd but correct answers all the time when we were school kids!

5. This is kind of obvious

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes our brains work in a way that could easily deceive us without us realizing it at all! We believe this is exactly the case here! The kid probably thought that it was too obvious so they marked a less possible answer!

6. Someone really did not bother at all with this assignment

Image Source: Reddit

You can easily tell when someone took their time to complete an assignment the right way and when they simply wanted to do something mediocre in order to submit it. This is what happened here!

7. Now this is a brilliant move

Image Source: Imgur

Sometimes the difference in the way of thinking leads to moments like this one! The topic of this assignment happened to be the perfect chance for this person to show their level of sarcasm and it worked like a charm!

8. This is the best kind of attitude 

Image Source: Imgur

We believe that having a lot of knowledge and skills means nothing if you lack confidence, which is why this kid will probably go really far in life! Giving such an answer to the last questions is a sign of high self-esteem and we like it!

9. There is definitely something wrong here

Image Source: Imgur

As you can see, one of these answers is quite peculiar to see and there is no explanation for it at first. However, the story behind it says it all. This photo was shared by an English teacher in China. Some student obviously used Google Translate here.

10. This is an honest answer

Image Source: Imgur

Well, this is one really grim scenario, but, then again, the people who get to live to be 100 years old are not that many, so this kid definitely has a point here! We guess that honesty is the right approach in all cases!

11. Sometimes it is hard to explain a fact you already know

Image Source: Imgur

This kid knew the right answer here, but the trouble is that the kid had no idea how to explain their logic, so they improvised! This drawing is absolutely hilarious, because it actually shows the kid’s confusion!

12. This is an interesting intro

Image Source:

We are convinced that teachers all around the world get to have loads of fun on a daily basis reviewing their students’ homework and assignments! This particular story probably kept getting and better, judging by the way it begins!

13. This is some clever thinking

Image Source: Reddit

We will say this one before – teachers need to be careful when they design the tests they give to students, otherwise they would need to allow such questions to defeat their system! This kid is definitely going places!

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14. We can relate to this kid’s feelings

Image Source: М

We simply love the contrast between these colors and what some kid wrote! It was probably an honest expression of their current feelings, and it is definitely something we can relate to immediately!

15. Now this is how clever thinking gets you far

Image Source: Reddit

Nobody could deny that this kid is a genius! Having such a way of thinking means that a certain individual could always defeat the system, which is a super important quality to have nowadays!

16. This is a slightly different thing related to weird logic

Image Source: Imgur

it appears that not only kids have more or less weird ways to solve problems or to complete tasks. As you can see, some software applications can be wrong, too, and it is really funny to see moments like the one pictured above!

17. This effort was much appreciated

Image Source: Imgur

Here is the best proof that you should just do what you want and no worry about the consequences! Most people would never give an answer like that and draw a picture to display it, but the teacher was really impressed! We are impressed as well!

18. Nothing should be taken too seriously in life

Image Source: Imgur

As you can see, some smart student decided to have some fun here, and we can understand that! Everyone with an artistic side would immediately appreciate this effort! We guess the teacher liked this breath of fresh air, too!

19. This was a nice try

Image Source: Imgur

This funny image reminded us of the Notting Hill movie starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant. One of the scenes shows Grant mistaking Leo DiCaprio with the famous artist, and this answer is the other way around.

20. Here is a genius at work

Image Source: Imgur

There are many important moments in life when we should just risk it all without thinking about the consequences! This is what happened here! Some student decided to show a different approach and the risk paid off!

21. Peter knows his game

Image Source: Imgur

Well, the boy tried, but as you can see, his teacher was not happy about it and it did not work. However, the main lesson here is not evaluation of this task, The lesson is to always strive to think differently, Thinking outside the box could get you places where you have never been before!

22. Keeping it simple always works

Image Source: Imgur

Here is yet another example of clever thinking that solves all kinds of problems. The question was really simple and it required a simple answer, but the teacher probably expected a slightly different thing to see! Math problems are solved using math skills, of course!

23. This is one curious answer

Image Source: Imgur

We are not sure if the kid who wrote this answer was aware of this, but such an answer actually works as it should! It shows exactly why it is important to know when to give the perfect answer.

24. This is absolutely correct

Image Source: Imgur

We never thought about this in such a way before, but you need to admit that this is the real situation! Kids are, in fact, freeloaders, and they have no other choice! The curious part is that the kids is aware of the fact he is a freeloader and he is not afraid to admit it at all!

25. Someone tried to act smart here

Image Source: Imgur

Of course, teachers must evaluate the answers their students give based on the task, and even if they appreciate their creative approach, there is little that could be done! In this case, one kid gave an answer that is correct if you at the bigger picture, but considering the specific question it was not the correct one!

26. All these answers as correct and super funny!

Image Source: Twitter

Now this is what it means to be witty! This kid was able to hack the system and give a correct answer to each question, but it was not what the teacher expected to see, of course. Despite getting an F, the teacher added a note that really made this effort worth it!

Written by Sven Miller

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