26 Students Who Neglected Proofreading And Regretted It Immediately

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Student life is anything but easy! You need to be focused on a ton of work while you try to make a living. This is the kind of life parkour that many individuals need to master in order to make ends meet. As the list below suggests, proofreading is a must for every student if they want to have one less problem.

1. The title

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Here is one of those situations that people sometimes describe as a “near-miss”. As you can see, this girl did something she regretted after that but the good news is that she got away with it and received the highest score possible. She will be careful next time for sure.

2. The other title

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It appears that people are not supposed to write such things, especially when they end up leaving it and submitting it as is. We guess that the professor was not very happy after she saw this insulting heading.

3. The emotions

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It is definitely a bad idea including the way you feel in the text you are about to submit. You are advised to check before sending even if you never included a thing similar to this girl’s idea. It is big no-no.

4. The name

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Here is one classic mistake that many students allow to happen. Having some fun and amusing yourself is one thing but allowing the professor or the teacher to see such a thing is a rookie mistake.

5. The footnote

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There is little we could say about this mistake, as most of what happened here is obvious. What you don’t see is the student’s frustration during his work on this paper. It is what made them write this.

6. The filler title

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It appears that people will always allow the same mistake when it comes to leaving their filler titles before submitting their work. This is another similar case. The person should at least be glad it is not offensive.

7. The funny mistake

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Here is one example of how the teacher can actually handle the mistakes students make when they leave a filler title. You can see the note the reviewer left here.

8. The paper

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Here is one girl that obviously knows what she almost did. She shared the title she was about to leave on her paper. You can imagine how the reviewer would have reacted after seeing this.

9. The filename

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People are always in a hurry to finish something annoying and this person was obviously trying to send their paper as fast as possible. They forgot to change the file name while rushing.

10. The grade

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Here is yet another example of how a huge mistake can actually turn out to be neglected by the person who reviews the paper. We guess that the A-minus is a great result considering the title.

11. The reason

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We believe that even seemingly minor mistakes can cause great trouble. In this case, the mistake is rather witty and if the reviewers had a sense of humor, they would love it!

12. The notes

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This is the funniest example of a student who never reviewed their paper before submitting it. As you can see, the person left their to-do list in their notes would never do it again.

13. The other filename

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This person probably regretted choosing this particular file name. Still, we believe that teachers have been understanding enough to let this pass.

14. The lab report

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There are mistakes that people make due to not knowing something and there is another category that is entirely different. Misspelling your own name is hilarious!

15. The novel

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We believe that writing a novel is a responsible task that you should love but this is not the case here. This person probably couldn’t wait to finish it and wrote this at the end.

16. The subtitle

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Well, there is not much we could say here, as the picture says it all. It seems that the person has already accepted his fate.

17. The mistake

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You can tell that this person was not that enthusiastic about writing and submitting their paper. Leaving this line in the text is a huge mistake that surely was not left unnoticed.

18. The different title

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This is by far one of the best project titles we have seen. As you can see, the person intended to focus on the title later but made sure to leave some instructions.

19. The honest title

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There are things we could allow if we were the people who reviewed papers submitted by students and this is something we could even tolerate! As you can see, it is an honest one!

20. The funny file name

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As you can see, leaving an inappropriate name for the files students submit is the most common mistake of them all. This one is hilarious!

21. The essay

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There is little we could add here but one thing is for sure: the person who left this title in the paper double-checked every other essay they ever wrote.

22. The line

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Apart from writing something out of boredom, some students leave notes for them to read later and to make changes if needed. This person did that and regretted it.

23. The paragraph

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Marking the exact place where you want to add a paragraph in the text is important but make sure to either make it visible or delete it after altering the text.

24. The uncommon title

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This is yet another student who spent countless hours on her paper but failed at its very end. She sent the final edit with a hilarious title but the reviewer probably wasn’t laughing.

25. The long essay

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Just like we suspected, some students can’t wait until they finish their essays and they hurry to send them and cross the task off their to-do lists. This person should have proofread her work.

26. The weird line

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Here is one very funny mistake that does not involve a hilarious file name or title. The reviewer had every right to be puzzled by it!

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