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26 Times When People Were Surprised After Finding Things In Other Things

Image Source: Reddit

There are many times in our lives when we are surprised by the weirdest and most unexpected ones. As you are about to see, some people shared the moments they broke or accidentally opened different things and they were surprised to see what is inside.

1. The phone case

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that products made in China can sometimes surprise you and this person knows how it felt. Their old case had a beer case as an insert under the leather cover.

2. The tin can

Image Source: Reddit

There are numerous times when we struggled to open a beer can and the struggle was real for this person as well. They were surprised to discover there was a second lid under the first one.

3. The swimming pool

Image Source: Reddit

There are not many pools that are designed like the one below. As you can see, it looks like this pool is an ordinary one but it has a deeper section in the middle.

4. The iPad case

Image Source: Reddit

Similar to the phone case shown above, this iPad case was also made using the same technology, if you can call it that – they wrapped old cardboard boxes in leather and we are baffled to see that.

5. The chess figurines

Image Source: Reddit

Here is how one person discovered something curious about their chess set. It turned out that there was a pawn hidden inside the queen. It seems they used the same base for all the figurines.

6. The snap bracelet

Image Source: Reddit

Now, this is something we would never expect to see. This snap bracelet tore apart and the person who wore it found out it was a piece a tape measure wrapped in vinyl.

7. The catch

Image Source: Reddit

Fishing is many people’s favorite hobby to have but not many fishermen had the chance to find such a thing. Someone caught a large bass and found a crawdad inside its mouth.

8. The mussel

Image Source: Reddit

Now, this is one of those things that could surprise even those who expect the unexpected. Someone was about to enjoy a mussel but there was a tiny addition to it.

9. The super glue

Image Source: Reddit

Now, this is the kind of thing that could make you experience trust issues and you can see why! Someone decided to put this product on the market which is nothing but deceit.

10. The jeans

Image Source: Reddit

This person noticed a special pocket sewed to the inside of their jeans. The message on the pocket revealed that it was most likely meant to accommodate a condom.

11. The toy

Image Source: Reddit

One person was surely not surprised after their dog destroyed their pig toy. Dogs often tear apart their toys. The fun part was what the person found inside – bodybuilder pig!

12. The apple

Image Source: Imgur

We love apples and we consider them to be the perfect snack. Still, even an apple can hide surprises and the image here suggests such a situation! This is awesome to see.

13. The orange

Image Source: Reddit

This image reveals a secret that a seemingly ordinary orange had inside of it. Someone’s aunt was lucky enough to come across this amazing discovery.

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14. The tree

Image Source: Reddit

Here is how people can find the most unexpected things by sheer chance. This is a piece of a dead tree one woman took down. She was amazed to find another tree inside – we have never seen such a thing before.

15. The book

Image Source: Reddit

The time spent with a good book and a cup of tea is always a great experience especially if the book is a special one. The example given here is such a moment – this book has a chapter from another author inside.

16. The egg

Image Source: Reddit

This is one of the things we have never seen in person but we have heard about it happening. This person boiled some eggs and found a tiny egg inside of one of the boiled ones.

17. The discovery

Image Source: Reddit

Here is what a woodworker found while he attempted to work on an old log. We guess that some years before the tree was chopped down, someone used it as a target for practice.

18. The Bocce ball

Image Source: Imgur

Imagine this person’s surprise when they accidentally broke a Bocce ball and had the chance to look at what was inside of it. It turned out there were billiard balls inside!

19. The rock

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that nature has its own curious ways of doing things and we cannot help but wonder how was this even possible? This is a rock that was somehow embedded in another rock.

20. The Yoda toy

Image Source: Reddit

Similar to one of the previous images, this canine also tore apart a toy but there was a hidden surprise inside of it. The squeaky part was actually heart-shaped!

21. The jeans

Image Source: Reddit

There are numerous different styles when it comes to buying jeans but the one you see here is way better than everything else. These jeans had the periodic table inside!

22. The golf ball

Image Source: Reddit

You can tell that this tree must have been planted near a golf course because there was a ball embedded inside. The branches eventually hid it until now.

23. The decoration

Image Source: Reddit

For some weird reason, this garden frog had something interesting inside of it. There was a casting of a garden pig inside the figurine and we love such discoveries.

24. The shell

Image Source: Imgur

Here is something that you don’t get to see every day! Someone found this shell and its contents made it unique!

25. The statue

Image Source:

Sometimes the most unexpected things are found thanks to science. There was a mummified monk inside this 1,000-year-old Buddha statue.

26. The dice

Image Source: Reddit

Now, this is the last thing one would expect to find inside a dice! Someone broke theirs and a smaller one was revealed.

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