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27 Advertisements And Signs With Texts That Are So Wrong They Are Right

Image Source: Reddit

Marketers have a very important task: they need to sell the product they are hired to advertise. Needless to say, there are mostly experienced professionals and know what to write and what visualization they need but there are moments when things go wrong and this is what the list below is about.

1. The sign

Image Source: Reddit

Well, this is should have been an easy task but you get the idea. Someone failed to divide the two exclamations here – there should be a darker line between them.

2. The other sign

Image Source: Reddit

This is yet another sign that did not require much thought but it still went wrong. They should have been more specific about what was going on in that area.

3. The truck

Image Source: Reddit

This truck trailer probably has a nice message written on its back but when one of the gates is open, the other one leaves us with a different kind of idea.

4. The toilet sign

Image Source: Reddit

This is a classic example of someone who should have used comas but failed to do so. The end result is hilarious and we believe people find it to be super funny.

5. The design

Image Source: Reddit

It appears that good messages in advertising are nothing without a good layout. The graphic designer of this project must have been too busy to notice the end result.

6. The nice idea

Image Source: Reddit

We need to hand it to these people – they really created a good adverting piece except for the part with the highlighted word, or, should we say, the one next to it.

7. The van

Image Source: Reddit

Now, this is one really curious visual effect. We are certain that those who wrapped the van’s windows were not aware of the effect created by the opened sliding door.

8. The sign

Image Source: Reddit

This is the sign someone put up in campus to announce a suicide awareness campaign. You can see what is wrong with it the second you see it.

9. The message

Image Source: Reddit

Now, this is one rather disturbing slogan that sends a completely different message than it was supposed to. The designer was probably confused to see the finished product.

10. The blood donation campaign

Image Source: Reddit

Campaigns like this one are awesome but raising awareness about it is a different thing. These people tried to do that but you can see how they failed to do so.

11. The warning

Image Source: Reddit

When you intend to warn someone not to push a certain button, you must be absolutely sure you are doing it right. Whoever came up with this solution must redesign the stickers.

12. The funny ad

Image Source: Reddit

Here is another piece of advertising content that can make you laugh. They managed to send a completely different message than the one initially intended.

13. The No Smoking sign

Image Source: Reddit

The people who created this sign wanted to use a big NO and ban three different things but it turned out that they banned bicycles cooked by pets.

14. The protest

test ad
Image Source: Reddit

It appears that people who stand behind a cause need to plan their activities better. As you can see, their demands are not as clear as they would like.

15. The quality

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that selling food products is a huge responsibility but mistakes still happen. the producer of this chicken product had to put a separate label stating the reduced price.

16. The layout

Image Source: Reddit

This awareness card was a good idea until the layout ruined the whole thing. How would someone know what kind of accident to do when they are in a car?

17. The other layout

Image Source: Reddit

Here is yet another example of a good copywriting piece and a bad layout. They probably wanted to emphasize the first message but the end result is not okay.

18. The confusing directions

Image Source: Reddit

Now, this is the kind of sign that could easily cause accidents! As you can see, people would always turn right if they don’t manage to read the whole sign in a second.

19. The store

Image Source: Reddit

This clothing store wanted to put a huge ad on their windows, so they did. The problem was that they chose the Diesel brand and the first half of the name looks odd on a separate window.

20. The confusing office art

Image Source: Reddit

Here is a brilliant example of how a great idea can go bad. They tried to create a piece of art combining a few uplifting messages but the end result is extremely confusing.

21. The awkward message

Image Source: Reddit

This store wanted to make students aware that their trollies could not be used for moving but ended up putting an entirely different message.

22. The rocks

Image Source: Reddit

We get the idea behind this sign. They wanted people to see “danger” and then read what the danger was but not is looks as if this was a special kind of rocks called “danger”.

23. The brochure

Image Source: Reddit

Now, this is one curious example, as it involves a mistake made that was supposed to be obvious. The clever idea with the different fonts failed because there had to be a line between the two columns.

24. The protester

Image Source: Reddit

Here is one person who supports a particular cause. The problem is that her cardboard sign was not written as it should and her cause looks a bit confusing at first.

25. The motivation

Image Source: Reddit

We believe that every gym needs to have such indoor campaigns to motivate their members. This case, however, is an exception, as the motivation makes no sense at all.

26. The store mural

Image Source: Reddit

This is another classic example of how a good message to customers was completely ruined by bad graphic design. As you can see, the ribbon part ruins it all.

27. The work-free place

Image Source: Imgur

There are many examples of how to mess up a great message to a certain audience and this is one of the best ones you could see. We hope they saw the mistake soon enough.

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