27 Hilarious Ideas That Should Be Made Available Everywhere

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Have you ever reacted to something after seeing it by thinking that it should be implemented everywhere? Chances are you have! We have felt that way on numerous occasions and this is why we decided that we should share this list, because you would probably find most of the things on it to be awesome! All these ideas should be much more popular and they should be used everywhere it would be possible.

1. Here is how to avoid making a mess

Image Source: Reddit

This pizza box is the best thing we’ve seen all day! It would easily prevent a mess and it looks cool!

2. Every parking lot should have these

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These soft barriers are the perfect way to prevent damage from open doors and people passing between the cars.

3. This is another clever pizza box design

Image Source: Reddit

Seeing this makes us believe in the old saying that the best ideas are usually simple!

4. This is a wholesome idea

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We love it when people try to solve problems like this one and we believe this is a nice solution!

5. This is a car wash you can bring your kid to without any worries

Image Source: Reddit

They made sure that the kids would be occupied by installing this amazing device for them to have fun with!

6. This is our kind of vending machine

Image Source: Reddit

This amazing CVS vending machine was installed in one school but it needs to be everywhere!

7. We love this idea

Image Source: Imgur

You can park your bike here and secure it but you could also add air to the tires if you need to!

8. These clever lights are a neat idea

Image Source: Reddit

They enable you to see which one is not occupied without you having to check each and every one!

9. This is a safe way to leave your dog in front of the supermarket

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that going to the store with you dog would be a whole lot easier with these installed in front of the place!

10. Here is one convenient shopping cart

Image Source: Reddit

You actually have a map of the store on your disposal which is something we have dreamed of for a long time!

11. This amazing idea saves water and space

Image Source: Reddit

These urinals enable you to save water because you flush using the water you washed your hands with!

12. There is a reason for this evacuation plan to be there

Image Source: Reddit

It was mounted in a hotel and it was meant to guide people in case of fire when they are likely to crowl on the floor.

13. Someone created a special Rubik’s cube

Image Source: Imgur

As you can see, it was adapted for visually impaired people and we think that the idea is more than awesome!

14. This list of ingredients should be on every product

Image Source: Reddit

As you can see, every ingredient has been mentioned with its specific purpose, and this should be on every product package!

15. We believe everyone would love this idea

Image Source: Reddit

Many shoppers are annoyed by the staff in shops and they prefer not to be bothered by them.

16. Here is one brilliant idea

Image Source: Reddit

Instead of throwing away these bananas, the managers of this shop found a perfect way to sell them!

17. This is one special notebook

Image Source: Reddit

Instead of the traditional lines, it has a hexagonal pattern allowing for chemistry solutions to be drawn perfectly!

18. If you are scared of germs, you will love this one

Image Source: Reddit

You can flush this toilet with your foot and we guess that many people would like this featured in public restrooms!

19. This programmable crosswalk is awesome

Image Source: Reddit

It is located in Singapore and it allows any senior citizen to have more time to cross the road by tapping their ID.

20. Now this is something we have never seen before

Image Source: Reddit

Everyone should be able to admire this view, and even the colorblind people have this chance!

21. These guidelines are a simple solution

Image Source: Reddit

People who have trouble parking are in luck because someone came up with this amazing idea!

22. Every playground should have a swing like that

Image Source: Reddit

Kids with different disabilities should also be able to enjoy swings and this is the way to do it!

23. Here is an awesome way to show support

Image Source: Imgur

Showing someone you support them in a tough time by paying a tribute to their pet’s memory can be everything!

24. Many places should adopt this policy

Image Source:

We are more than certain that many people have been in a situation when such a solution would have been handy!

25. This is a nice way to encourage someone to ask for help

Image Source: Reddit

Many people are in a similar situation but they are afraid to seek help. This is how they would probably make that decision.

26. The floor here is absolutely flat

Image Source: Reddit

Its design is meant to prevent people from running down this hallway, and it looks amazing! The 3D effect of the floor pattern is really clever!

27. This is one cool cast

Image Source: Reddit

It is always a bummer to break a bone, but this 3D-printed cast would make your life easier when you need to shower.

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