27 Moments When Things Matched Their Surroundings So Perfectly Well

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes people and things have a reason to be camouflaged, but in other cases this is purely accidental. While chameleons are professionals when it comes to hiding in plain sight, the following images will show you how people and many random objects blended in perfectly with the surroundings, and such things are always curious to see!

1. The dress

Image Source: Menjastevenson

This lady was probably surprised to discover that her dress shared the same fabric as the upholstery of this city bus’ seats! It is kind of a fun pattern, too!

2. The manicure

Image Source: Imgur

Nails are like a canvas and most ladies love experimenting with new ideas when it comes to having their nails done. In this case, this person’s manicure looks like bubble gum.

3. The shoes

Image Source: Imgur

Now this is one cool thing to see! This person’s shoes look really good but what is even better is that they resemble the sand on the beach beneath the person’s feet!

4. The T-shirt

Image Source: Reddit

Here is one really nice combo! This person noticed that their colorful T-shirt is a perfect match with a plate, and this is too good to be accidental!

5. This is no ordinary landscape

Image Source: Reddit

You need to look closer! Just take your time.

Image Source: Reddit

There you have it! The field is full of sheep and the way they were hidden in plain sight is amazing!

6. The shoes and the escalator

Image Source: Reddit

First of all, we need to say that these shoes have the coolest pattern, and this image of them on the escalator makes them look even more curious!

7. The outfit

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that the odds for this to happen must have been pretty slim! We also love the color contrast of both the outfit of this woman and the phone case!

8. Here is another outfit

Image Source: Imgur

Now this is one really professional way to blend in! This person would literally disappear in plain sight if they had a hat with that same pattern on!

9. The Band-Aid

Image Source: Reddit

This here is the perfect match! There is no way for a person to realize this, but there is a small Band-Aid on this person’s thumb, and it is the same color as their skin.

10. The necktie

Image Source: Reddit

Well, this is not an accidental moment, but it is a cool one! This professor wanted to impress his class by matching his necktie to the presentation he showed his class!

11. This is not just a bar top

Image Source: Reddit

If you look close enough, you will realize that there is a moth right in the middle of it! This is the perfect camouflage, no doubt about it!

12. The fire hydrant cosplay

Image Source: Reddit

Here is one funny and witty image! This kid decided to have some fun by acting as a fire hydrant, and we guess that the improvised cosplay turned out to be a good one!

13. This is another pair of cool shoes

Image Source: Reddit

We get why people are in love with collecting shoes – they come in so many awesome designs and colors! In this case, the pair of shoes you see looks like a piece of art!

14. Here is yet another outfit that blends in perfectly

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that if you want to take a nap on the job, you better pick the right way to do it in order to be less noticeable!

15. The pizza

Image Source: Reddit

We have never seen something like this before! Someone noticed how perfectly their pizza blends with the pattern of their counter top!

16. The perfect camouflage outfit

Image Source: Imgur

This image proves that you can pick an outfit good enough for attending an official event and you could still be able to be incognito if you want to!

17. The dragonfly

Image Source: Reddit

As you can see, this little critter looks super cool and we have actually never seen a dragonfly in this colors before.

18. The wallet

Image Source: Reddit

Here is another nice combination that someone discovered. This person’s new wallet turned out to have the exact same pattern as the seats of their car!


Image Source: Facebook

This one is the best example of a camouflaged object on this list! As you can see, there is nothing special about the image upon taking a first glance, but there is a cellphone on that rug!

20. The leggings

Image Source: Imgur

This looks like more than an accidental match, but we believe it is! It is a curious match, actually, and we guess the person wearing the leggings was surprised to see it.

21. The red shoes

Image Source: Reddit

This is a tricky image, but the explanation is simple. The shoes this woman is wearing are the exact same shade of red as the carpet!

22. The flip flops

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that most shoppers would assumed that there is just an empty spot on that shelf!

23. The shirt

Image Source: Reddit

This person is definitely confused and you can see why! Her shirt has the same colors and pattern as this hallway!

24. Here is another shirt that blended in

Image Source: Imgur

Well, actualy the bowl’s inside pattern matched the shirt here, and we really like how it looks! What are the odds for this to happen?

25. The socks

Image Source: Imgur

We are not sure if the fabric of these socks and the carpet is the same, put their pattern sure is! This is as close as it could get.

26. The soap bottle

Image Source: Reddit

Someone noticed that the soap they bought is exactly the same color a the tiles in their bathroom, and it looks really cool.

27. The Watusi bull

Image Source: Imgur

This is one really clever and purely accidental optical illusion! The spots on this bull look as if they are hollow, but nobody could see through a bull in reality, of course.

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