27 People Whose Unique Genetics Made Them Stand Out From The Rest

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It is estimated that within 30 years the human population will pass the 9 billion mark, which is a staggering number of people. It means that being different would be even harder than it is now! However, some people are born different, just like those individuals we call superheroes that we are used to seeing in movies and comic books. The list below is full of images of people born with unique features! Their genetics played a huge role and made them special in a certain way.

1. This person has the right number of toes, but there is a catch

Image Source: Reddit

As you can see, the right foot is missing one, but it is not lost; it is just attached to the other foot! This is extraordinary!

2. There is another thumb instead of a pinky

Image Source: Imgur

This is one really curious case! The pinky is not actually a pinky, but a full-sized thumb!

3. This person has a unique feature

Image Source: Reddit

The skin on his hands becomes this wrinkly each time he gets them wet! It is something we have never seen before!

4. The veins on this baby’s head form a number

Image Source: Reddit

You can easily see that the veins on this baby’s head make a few turns and form a perfect number 2!

5. This is one extremely squishy nose

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that the bone of this person’s nose is either missing or at least a lot smaller than it should!

6. This is a thumb like we have never seen before

Image Source: Reddit

This person can give you the most unique ‘thumbs up’ ever! We believe that no other person has this feature.

7. Here are two thumbs that have a distinctive difference between them

Image Source: Reddit

Seeing this image made us think about the functionality of the right thumb. We hope this person is able to use it just like a normal one.

8. Here is a kid with unique hair

Image Source: Reddit

This child was born with blond hair but there is one small streak that is dark, and this is really weird to see!

9. Here is what we call flexibility

Image Source: Reddit

You may think your eyes are deceiving you, but they are not; this person grabbed that bottle backwards!

10. We love those clever tattoos

Image Source: Reddit

They actually indicate this person’s unique features – some of the toes on her feet are bonded together!

11. One father lost a part of his index finger when he was a boy

Image Source: Reddit

You can see his hand on the right! His son was born with a really short index finger, and it is no coincidence!

12. We have never seen light eyelashes

Image Source: Reddit

Seeing this image puzzled us! This person has white eyelashes on one of her eyes, and we think it is really cool!

13. This is one curious hairstyle

Image Source: Reddit

This boy can have a real Mohawk hairstyle because of the couple of opposite whorls on his head!

14. Here is one unusual freckled face

Image Source: Reddit

This person has a lot of freckles, but they take only about half of his face and we have no idea why!

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15. This person found the perfect game

Image Source: Imgur

We guess that this person applies the same rule for all other aspects of their life, too!

16. These ears are a curious feature

Image Source: Reddit

This baby has a unique feature! Just look at those ears! They look like the ears of real life elf!

17. Here is one way to do your nails

Image Source: Reddit

This person was born without a nail on her index finger, but it still received some attention and like the idea!

18. Someone posted an image of their brother-in-law’s hands

Image Source: Reddit

He posed alongside his parent’s arms and we can all see he got a thumb from each of his parents!

19. This man looks like a movie character 

Image Source: Imgur

Seeing those colors on his beard is awesome and he should be featured in a movie based on some fairytale, for example!
Some people may find this to be disturbing we think that it is really curious to see!

20. This person’s iris is amazing

Image Source:

We have actualy never seen a person who’s iris features two colors in this pattern before! This is stunning to see!

21. This is one unusual hand

Image Source:

It looks like this person was born with only 60% percent of her hand but at least it looks functional.

22. This iris looks like flower

Image Source:

The picture of this person’s eyes looks absolutely stunning and even magical because of that iris!

23. This person has more than just a thumb

Image Source:

This person has four other fingers instead of a thumb! What is even more curious is that they are functional!

24. Here is one man with two sets of middle fingers

Image Source:

We guess that if this person has a wild personality, he probably uses those middle finger more than often!

25. It seems that irises split in two are not that unique

Image Source: Imgur

Here is another case of an iris featuring two colors that almost meet in the middle of it. It is a beautiful feature!

26. Here is one really curious case

Image Source: Reddit

This mother was born with a distinctive birthmark on her head and her baby has the exact same feature!

27. Here is another hand that looks like no other

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that this person is also able to use his hand just as if it was normal and had a full set of fingers.

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