27 Times People Thought They Met A Celebrity But Couldn’t Be More Wrong

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Some of us are lucky enough to meet a famous face but such encounters are relatively rare. If it actually happens, the excitement is enormous for all the right reasons! However, something that also happens is that people are more than positive that the person next to them is a celeb, but they are either not exactly sure who they are or the adrenaline rush made caused them to mistake a regular person for a celeb. Regardless of the reason why that happens, one thing is for certain. All of these situations end up in a hilarious disaster! The list below is full of examples! Check it out!

1. This poor girl was probably disappointed when she realized it was not Rihanna

Image Source: The Chive

We guess that mistakes happen all the time but the person on the right looks nothing like Rihanna.

2. Here is a person who got it all wrong

Image Source: Reddit

This person attended a Hugh Laurie concert and posed for this photo unaware that he was one the right!

3. Many people fell for this one

Image Source: Twitter

This Morgan Freeman lookalike was able to fool a lot of people and he probably had a blast!

4. This restaurant owner still thinks he met Tom Cruise

Image Source; Reddit

If we happen to go to North Eastern Thailand, we will tell him that the man next to him is not a celeb.

5. Here is someone who looks exactly like RDJ

Image Source: Reddit

These people were absolutely sure they met Mr. Stark but they were wrong!

6. This man was probably disappointed after just one tweet

Image Source: Twitter

This person was sure that he met Maisie Williams in person but she confirmed that it was not her.

7. Here is a person who still thinks that he actually met Jake Gyllenhaal

Image Source: Reddit

Unfortunately for this happy person, the one next to him is certainly not the famous actor.

8. These girls wore their prettiest smiles for nothing

Image Source: Twitter

You can see that the effort these girls made to look was a waste because they did not meet Drake.

9. Here is a person who got played

Image Source: Reddit

The young man on the left thought he met the GoT author but that’s not Mr. Martin.

10. That’s not Peter Dinklage

Image Source: Reddit

Well, he sure does look like him, and what is an ‘adult beverage’ anyway?

11. This girl met Will Smith and she mistook him for someone else

Image Source: Twitter

She actually thought that she had the pleasure to meet Tyler the Creator!

12. This man is not an NBA star

Image Source: Larry Brown

Despite the appropriate height and the resemblance, this is definitely not Dwight Howard.

13. There is another Morgan Freeman lookalike

Image Source: Reddit

We mean, even if people do look like Freeman, there is no way they sound like him, too!

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14. This girl was convinced she med Ed Sheeran for more than a year

Image Source: Twitter

And nobody could blame her, that kid is the spitting image of the singer!

15. These ladies thought they met Andy Samberg

Image Source: Reddit

They insisted that they should take photos with him, so they did. Maybe they realized the mistake later.

16. Here is one Rod Stewart lookalike

Image Source: Reddit

The person on the right was convinced the met the rock legend and we would have done the same!

17. The man on the right sure does look like Chris Pratt

Image Source: Twitter

The person on the left realized that he did not meet the actual Chris Pratt after he got sober.

18. This person looks happy to meet a legend

Image Source: Twitter

Unfortunately for him, that is not Will Smith. He doesn’t even look like him.

19. Here is one false Johnny Depp who got lucky

Image Source: Hornet

When these girls met the man you see in the photo, they insisted to buy him a hotdog and he accepted.

20. This man really looks like Bono

Image Source: Reddit

The U2 front man actually has a doppelganger! No wonder this person mistook him for the singer.

21. Ken Jeong is a different person

Image Source: Twitter

The person who attended that game looks like him, but the The Hangover star confirmed it was not him.

22. We are not jealous

Image Source: Reddit

The reason is that they did not meet the actual Bill Murray! We wonder if someone told them.

23. Nope, this is not Oprah

Image Source: Ninja Journalist

Well, she kind of looks like her, but one thing is for sure – Oprah is not a flight attendant.

24. Here is another Peter Dinklage doppelganger

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that the famous actor has one too many doppelgangers walking around!

25. The man in the costume was convinced he met Johnny Depp

Image Source: Reddit

His friends spent a lot of time before they were able to make him accept the obvious – it was not him.

26. This was actually printed in a magazine

Image Source: Reddit

A restaurant bragged about the visit Ryan Gosling paid there, but in reality it was not him.

27. This woman lost it when he saw him

Image Source: Facebook

We guess she knew who he was but mistook him for his colleague, and Mark can’t be mistaken that easy!

Written by Sven Miller

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