28 Of The Best Things People Found At Garage Sales And Thrift Shops

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If you have never been to a flea market or a garage sale before, we strongly suggest you visit one! Chances are that you would be amazed by the things you are able to find there! In some cases people strike gold and they find rare and valuable things that are hard to believe! The thrill you receive while searching for hidden treasures in such places cannot be compared to anything else! The following list shows examples of what one could find at these places

1. This mug is one person’s favorite one

Image Source: Reddit

He found it at a garage sale and it was obviously custom made, but the person who bought it has no idea who the people in the photo are!

2. This is a hilarious stand

Image Source: Reddit

Someone was selling real family photos to people and we cannot believe someone would buy such a thing, but on the other hand, the price is fairly cheap!

3. This person’s sister bought a couch from a yard sale

Image Source: Reddit

It is obviously in really good condition and it looks great, not to mention that it turned out to be a perfect fit for that tight space!

4. Someone found a load of Pikachu dolls at a thrift store

Image Source: Imgur

They all appear to be in mint condition and we like how they look all lined up!

Image Source: Imgur

This is is really an army of smiling Pikachus and we love them!

5. Someone paid only $3 for this 

Image Source: Reddit

It is a block of wood with 5,000 coats of paint on it! A person named Pete painted a layer daily for approxmately fourteen years and the result is actually amazing to see!

6. This is one awesome stool

Image Source: Instagram

This real gem is something we would gladly pick up, too! This is the first cow-themed bar stool we have ever seen, and it is awesome! It looks like a custom build, but we cannot be sure about that!

7. This is one serious wrench

Image Source: Reddit

Well, it turns out that it looks like the real thing, but it is not! It was made out of plastic, which probably surprised this person! We believe that this is a collectable, because toys are never this realistic!

8. We fell in love with this sweater

Image Source: Reddit

People have all kinds of preferences when it comes to clothing, but seeing this amazing sweater makes us think that everyone would put their differences aside and admit that it is super cute! The color is awesome, too!

9. These ladies have a cool tradition

Image Source: Reddit

Instead of uying each other gifts, they spend $20 at Goodwill and they dress each other, and then pose for a photo together bragging with the result! This is an awesome experience!

10. This was put up for sale at a charity shop

Image Source: Reddit

How could someone not fall in love with this piece of art? It is impossible not to like how brilliant and funny it is! We guess that everyone with a sense of humor would like to own this thing!

11. Someone found the perfect decoration for their appartment

Image Source: Reddit

We are not sure what this artworks is supposed to represent, but we like it anyway! It is something you do not see every day and it features a cat, which makes it more than appropriate to be put in most people’s homes!

12. This is must have

Image Source: Reddit

If we could get our hands on a sweater like that, we would definitely buy it! The idea of replicating Jaws using a cat instead of a shark is genius and every cat person would wait in line to get one of these!

13. Here is another treat for cat lovers

Image Source: Reddit

This is one of those items that you simply cannot go wrong with! We mean, who would not like having such a clock, right? It is suitable for every home of even for the office, and we think it is a great find!

14. This person found the same toy they used to have as a kid

Image Source: Reddit

What are the odds of finding a brand new version of your most cherished stuffed toy? This person probably relived their childhood all over again after this discovery, and the plush toy really seems to be in mint condition!

15. This is the funniest possible way to advertise this item

Image Source: Imgur

This person seems to be realistic about everything in life and tell things by their true names. In this case, they explained why this thing was put up for sale and it is hilarious to read the note.

16. This is a set of glasses that has quite the history

Image Source: Imgur

Most people would probably prefer to keep those as a memory from the beginning of their relationship, but not this person! They obviously want these glasses to go, and the price seems to be fair, too.

17. Here is one happy person bragging with his thrift shop treasures

Image Source: Reddit

As you can see, his personal style is a rather wild one and we believe that only a few people would approve such an appearance but we are not here to judge! As long as this person is happy, then we are happy, too! And we also think everyone needs some color in their life!

18. All these treasures cost some lucky person a mere $10

Image Source: Reddit

This is where we became envious! Finding this amazing set in mint condition at a garage sale and getting everything for ten bucks sounds like one of the best deals ever made in the history of yard sales!

19. Here is one curious but slightly weird set

Image Source: Reddit

Those are not just figurines; they are salt and pepper shakers! We have never seen this set before and, to be honest, we would have definitely bought it if we happened to see it at a garage sale!

20. Here is one really cool vintage kettle

Image Source: Imgur

This kettle was produced in the 70s but appears to be in a good shape, which makes the $7 price someone paid for it a really good deal! The rainbow decoration is a typical thing for that era.

21. This is a curious find

Image Source: Reddit

You can really find curious stuff at Goodwill and this person found one item that they paid for immediately! They intended to use it as a lunch box and we guess it is a cool idea!

22. This is how someone modified their $2 purchase from a thrift store

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that it looks really different and just as cool as before!

23. Here is one hilarious mug

Image Source: Reddit

Needless to say, the person who bought it probably uses it on a daily basis!

24. Now this is an amazing find

Image Source: Reddit

Some lucky buyer came across a camera that used to belong to a WWI soldier and still had a film inside!

25. This charity shop has an employee with a sense of humor

Image Source: Twitter

The employee decided to market some goods and put photos of Jeff Goldblum inside all photo frames available!

26. This person paid just under $2 for this amazing find

Image Source: Reddit

All Stephen King fans would envy this person for  the rest of their lives!

27. Now this is one interesting type of footwear

Image Source: Reddit

Someone came across this really curious item and we all know what it is, right?

28. This person found a photo of their doppelganger in a thrift shop

Image Source: Reddit

It is a really curious find and we hope he bought the photo!

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