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28 People Who Are Cartoon Characters’ Perfect Real Life Counterparts

Image Source: Facebook

We all know that literally everyone has more than one doppelganger on this planet. It is inevitable as we are almost seven and a half billion already! However, there is another curious way you could compare people in, and this is what the list below is all about! Some of our favorite animated characters have their real life lookalikes and some of them are mind-bending!

1. Kristoff

Image Source: Instagram

This is one cool way to start this list! As you can see, the person pictured above is well aware of his resemblance to Kristoff and the outfit really turned him into his real life version, which is awesome to see!

2. Edna Mode

Image Source: Yancao

Edna was one of our favorite characters from The Incredibles and we are glad to see she is real!

Image Source: Twitter

Well, at least her resemblance to this cute girl is enough to makes us happy! After all, there is a human that looks at her, at least! Her attitude is another story entirely!

3. Hiro from Baymax

Image Source: Pinterest

Baymax was like a fresh breeze in the world of animated movies and we loved that production. As it turned out, there was someone who looked exactly like Hiro Hamada, and that someone is aware of it!

4. Meg from Family Guy

Image Source: Imgur

Peter Griffin’s daughter is definitely among the best characters on the show, and now we get to see there is someone who looks exactly like her!

Image Source: Imgur

This girl only needed a bit of accurate styling and she became Meg’s spitting image!

5. Vector

Image Source: Pikabu

Now this is one character that is hard to replicate, and this person did not have to do anything special, because he is basically the real life version of Vector! Even the orange sweater is straight on point!

6. Eric Cartman

Image Source: Imgur

Ah, we haven’t seen a single episode of South Park lately, but we need to correct that mistake.

Image Source: Reddit

However, this is not the point here! The point is that Eric Cartman has a prototype and he was photographed riding the bus!

7. Merida

Image Source: Imgur

Here is something we never thought we would see! Brave’s Merida was an enchanting character and we loved everything about her, but there was no way for us to guess that she had a real life doppelganger!

8. It gets even more interesting 

Image Source: Imgur

Not only does Merida has a lookalike, but there are more than one, too!

Image Source: Imgur

As you can see, this girl also looks like the animated character, and that signature hairstyle is on point!

9. Peter Griffin

Image Source: Reddit

Well, here is Mel’s dad, whose face is something that we all chuckle when we see it!

Image Source: Imgur

It sounds unbelievable, but Peter Griffin is real, too! This sounds like a dream come true, and it is definitely big news for us!

10. Boo

Image Source: Pinterest

The cutie from Monsters, Inc. is one of the most adorable characters ever made!

Image Source: Imgur

The best part about her is that she is real! As you can see, this girl’s parents noticed the resemblance and added a few touches to the girl’s appearance!

11. Dora the Explorer

Image Source: Facebook

We find it hard to believe, but it is a fact! Dora the explorer has a doppelganger, and the little girl smiling on the left looks exactly like her! it seems that someone made sure her haircut and the clothes and details of her outfit were the same, too, and the end result is amazing and super cute, too!

12. Boss Baby

Image Source: Youtube

Well, when it comes to resemblances, you could never see a more accurate one than this! As you can see from the amazing comparison image, even a character such as Boss Baby has a doppelganger! The toddler looks exactly the same and even has the same attitude, or at least it appears to be this way!

13. Rapunzel

Image Source: Pinterest

This character’s smile is capable of melting every heart out there, and we love her nad especially her personality!

Image Source: Instagram

Of course, her good looks are also something to admire, and the girl you see pictured here looks almost exactly like her! This is one beautiful smile!

14. Staci

Image Source: Youtube

Staci is also among the cutest animated girls ever created! It seems that all the professionals at Dreamworks know how to create many super admirable characters with literally no flaws! In this case they probably never knew that there was a real girl who looks exactly like Staci!

15. Gru

Image Source: Imgur

No matter what we say about this character, it would still not be enough to describe his complex personality! Steve Carell’s voice with the heavy accent only adds to that image, but the best part about Gru is that he is actually real! As you can see, a commuter photographed some stranger who looks exactly like the Despicable Me main character!

16. Mr. Spacely

Image Source: Imgur

Chances are that some of you remember one of the coolest animated series of all time – The Jetsons! It was a futuristic show and we loved every bit of it! As you can see, there is a person who looks like Mr. Spacely – one of the main characters, but there is a dash of Danny DeVito here, and you probably guessed what is going on here!

17. The Mario Bros.

Image Source: Imgur

Now this is what we call an amazing coincidence! Image the odds of finding two people who look like the Mario Brothers and even their outfits are similar to theirs as well! This is definitely a one-time-only event and we are glad that whoever took the photo decided to share it later, too!

18. Ned Flanders

Image Source: Imgur

This is one super curious comparison because it involves a real celebrity and an animated one! Bryan Cranston is one of our favorite actors and in this case his appearance happened to be really close to how The Simpsons’ character looks like, and we love this amazing coincidence!

19. Russel

Image Source: Imgur

Up! was definitely one of the most wholesome animated movies ever created, and it still is! The amazing story and the way it was designed turned it into a masterpiece, but there is something curious about it! Some of the characters featured in the production have their real life doppelgangers!

20. The Fairy 

Image Source: Imgur

This is yet another unlikely resemblance between someone famous and an animated character! Queen Beatrix looks very stylish in this photo but she probably had not idea that she chose almost exactly the same outfit as the Fairy from Sleeping Beauty!

21. Now this is something curious to see

Image Source: Imgur

Some fictional animated characters are so specific that you would never think that you could see someone who actually looked like them! Leela would probably be a nice example of that, but as you can see, there is someone who really looks like her, and we guess that this is a close as someone could get!

22. The sloth from Zootropolis 

Image Source: Imgur

We find this hard to believe, but there is actually someone who looks like the sloth in Zootropolis! You know, the one who could drive anyone crazy with the incredibly slow speed they do everything with! In this case it seems that the girl made a certain face in order too look like the sloth, and it worked like a charm!

23. Johnny Bravo

Image Source: Imgur

Well, there you have it! Even Johnny Bravo is real, and we always believe that due to his incredibly specific appearance there was not way in the world that someone could look like him! Well, it turns out we were wrong all along and there is someone who shares the exact same appearance with the animated hunk!

24. Scar

Image Source: Imgur

This comparison is a bit different than the rest, because it involves two fictional characters! Of course, one of them is a human, so the comparison is worthy of featuring on this list! We always thought about this and not we know that are really pretty much the same! That look in the eyes is identical, too!

25. Mrs. Potato Head

Image Source: Imgur

Well, we are more than certain that this comparison is not something that Nikki Minaj would be too happy with, but it is what it is! Seeing it really made us chuckle but it also surprised us, because we had no way to knowing that someone noticed it and shared the resemblance online. It is one of the best on the list for sure!

26. Here one even more accurate Edna Mode doppelganger 

Image Source: Imgur

Wow, this is one super cool comparison and it is even better than the previous one! For some weird reason Edna’s style is something we absolutely love, and her personality is the other main reason she is a likable character!

27. Mr. Burns

Image Source: Imgur

The Simpsons’ characters are unlikely to have real lookalikes, but some of them make an exception, and this is one of those exceptions!

28. Moana

Image Source: Thewaltdisneycompany

Moana is one really admirable character and we love everything about her!

Image Source: Deviantart

You can imagine how delighted we were when we found out that she was real! Well, at least she has a doppelganger who looks exactly like her!


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