28 People Who Lied With The Sole Intention To Get What They Want

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Remember what Dr. House used to say? One of his most memorable quotes was ‘Everybody lies’ and it is as accurate as it could be! Nobody can say that they never lied in their life! Well, they could say it, but it would be a lie! The worst kind of lies are said when someone wants to change a situation or manipulate other people. An innocent lie can grow big and when it gets out of control, it becomes irreversible, and no apology would be enough to make things right. The list below suggests situations when people lied just to get something they wanted, and this is not right at all but it is funny and amusing to read those stories!

1. This is how it all started on Twitter

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This person admitted about the lie she came up with in order to move in with her boyfriend. We guess that she should have told him the truth!

2. We guess many people have done this

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We believe that getting something you really wanted means that you need to push things a little bit, but this is probablly a bit too much!

3. This is definitely a clever way to avoid a tough situation

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We are actually impressed by the fact that some nine-year-old kid could come up with such a brilliant plan!

4. This person was able to exploit the circumstances like a boss

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This is another clever idea which would probably not come to anyone else’s mind! People are willing to do the impossible to avoid a situation!

5. We guess that this was a bit inappropriate thing to do

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Deceiving someone in order to achieve a goal is a no-no, regardless of the importance of the thing you wanted to do or have!

6. This is actually a cool story

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This person proved that he did not need a degree in order to be successful! All he needed was motivation and he had a lot of it!

7. Here is another brilliant mind 

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This is not a good idea, generally speaking, but we still have to admit that it is a sign of brilliance and we admire that!

8. Here is what it means to risk it all

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We believe that making a huge bet sometimes pays off and in this case, it definitely did! Nice thinking for a fifth grader!

9. This is a story worthy of a novel

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It is actually hard to understand what happened here, but when you understand it, you realize how clever this person was for writing such a story!

10. Here is how you can manage your own professional career

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There are times when you just need to admit that you lied about your background so you could allow your career to begin and grow!

11. Here is what it means to be in the right place at the right time

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Living mostly on the street can teach you a lesson or two, and we guess that this person learned a few trick out there!

12. This is not just lying, because it requires talent

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We are more than sure that this person is very talented in order to achieve such a thing! It takes a sharp mind, too!

13This is one way to escape a tricky situation

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This person came up with a story in the last possible moment, and we really admire the idea about the lost cat!

14. This is something that we would definitely lie about, too

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If it took a lie to get away from a person like that, than we are completely supportie of this person and the way she handled the situation!

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15. Now this is something curious

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This definitely took a lot of effort, but we are more than sure that it was worth it! Lying to your parents is still not okay, though.

16. This is one really funny story

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We believe that lying on such a massive scale and for so long requires a certain talent, and this person has it!

17. We almost imagined this one

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We can also imagine the face of this person’s mom when things got a bit out of control for her taste!

18This must have been annoying

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Sometimes people lie for no obvious reason! Turns out, they do it just for fun, and this is a nice example of that!

19. Here is how things go sometimes

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This person had no intention of looking for an apartment but his wife realized that later, and she is right to still tease him occasionally!

20. This is definitely the coolest excuse ever

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We guess that this person’s dad was actually proud of his son for doing what he said he did!

21. This was one convincing lie for sure

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Why would anyone doubt such a story? It sounds really cool, but it also sounds like it could be the truth!

22. This must have been a cool party

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This person lied about the party organization but it was worth it for them, and we guess it was not such a big deal!

23. Here is a story worthy of featuring in a movie

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We are more than sure that most people would never believe this story but we have no reason to doubt it!

24. Here is another clever way to avoid attending class

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This person has some truly admirable skills, but we still believe that deceiving someone is not the way to go.

25. This is what we call having a privilege

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This person had something that every student would like to have, but most people would never do what he did!

26. This girl was really on a mission there

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She had the weirdest reason to be mad at her siblings, but the end result was good for her!

27. This was a real plan

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This person considered all option and put the plan into action, and it obviously worked exactly the way she wanted!

28. Now this would be an inspiration to some people

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It seems that all the hustle and bustle involved in getting married and later divorced was worth it for these two.

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