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28 Quotes From Male Authors About Female Characters That Got Published

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Writing a book is hard, as you need to send a message to the readers and you must make it sound good. To make any sense of what the author must say, they must speak the language of their target audience. Still, there are quotes from different books that make us wonder which is the target audience exactly. As the list below suggests, male authors tend to include quotes that are more or less absurd and even inappropriate but they still got published! These examples are somewhat wacky and kind of creepy but they are a fact, nonetheless.

1. The body 

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Now, this is one quote that you have probably never come across but we have, and we can tell you that we stood there with eyes wide open – yes, we all had the same reaction. In the quote, you see a graphic description of a scene that someone came up with, and we guess the details are a bit too much here, to be honest. Maybe you should decide if this is acceptable.

2. The measurement 

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They say that we never stop learning and that is a thing that we wish we never learned. It appears that this male author decided to introduce an interesting but kind of cringe-worthy way to measure breasts. Needless to say, many people would never accept such things in any book but this author thought it was a good idea.

3. The cringy quote 

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Talking about unacceptable quotes, we could hardly believe that this was included in the book. No need to underline this, but we still have to mention it: people in their 30s are still young, and judgmental remarks like the one with the stretchmarks are also not a good idea, as people can have them for a number of different reasons.

4. The pregnancy 

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Male authors can sometimes go beyond any rational thought and they could certainly write in an inappropriate manner. This is an example of that. The conclusion that women are not prepared for giving birth as much as a male would be is kind of left hanging in the air without any facts backing it up. Women are tough and they don’t care how their bodies change during pregnancy, as they care the most about the baby.

5. The nipples

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Here is yet another quote that can make you pause and ask yourself what was the author thinking about when he included it. The underlined section of the text you see is unbelievable and there are more than a few good ways to explain just how cold it was instead of incorporating a quote like that. The readers were surely baffled when they wrote this text.

6. The reasons

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You surely know how shallow some people are. In fact, some folks are only interested in their partner’s body features and not in their personality. This quote is the perfect proof of that. How could someone say something like this and hope that it sounds good? Well, it does not and the reasons why are too many to list here.

7. The judgmental quote

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Here is something that could back up what we just mentioned above. This author decided that it was a good idea to describe a character in the most insulting manner ever. The author obviously assumes that women with the body type described above are often positive and have a good personality because they want to escape reality. Well, their reality extends to much broader borders than just their bodies.

8. The description

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Since we just mentioned weird descriptions of body features, we just had to include this quote. It seems that the author really wanted to make the readers feel the same way his character felt but things went way over the line. The cringy description of the character’s body features is something we wish we didn’t read.

9. The need

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Well, it is not hard to guess the genre of this book, right? Despite the fact that similar quotes are typical for such books, we still believe that this one is a bit too much. The description of the process the author had in mind is kinky but he surely had other options to underline how the character felt and what she wanted exactly.

10. The age

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Here is yet another male author who seems to think that women in their 30s are not young anymore. Well, here is a newsflash: they are, and we believe this is the period of a woman’s life when her beauty thrives! Nobody in their 30s should feel like they are old because they are not even in the middle of their lives. This quote is something that most readers probably didn’t accept as normal.

11. The anticipation

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Seeing how this person was able to describe something that we have all experienced when it gets cold is kind of weird because we can all see what the author wanted to imply. We, as readers, need to relate to the way the characters in a book feel but it is the author’s job to make us feel that way. The quote you see made us feel nothing but the sheer surprise of the things we had to read.

12. The body features

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Male authors seem to love this kind of description for some weird reason. We believe that they need to stop focusing on such details.

13. The puppies

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No, these are not the puppies you have in mind. The author of this text wanted to create a nice comparison but we guess it is not nice enough.

14. The other comparison 

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Believe it or not, this is also a comparison that was not edited and the book was printed as you see it here. This should never be included in any book.

15. The issues 

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Now, this is one way to describe the “that escalated quickly” phrase. We are not sure if the author wanted readers to relate to this description but we cringed when we saw it.

16. The other body features

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When you write a book and you want to describe a character, you must make it feel right. The reader must read a flawless description and this one is the exact opposite.

17. The short quote

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This is yet another quote that had us thinking about why male authors emphasize breasts so much? There is one good reason for that and we all know it, we guess.

18. The body image

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Here we have the kind of description that perhaps a wider circle of readers would be okay with but we seem to have a problem with it: the small details.

19. The unbelievable quote

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Authors know that one of the hardest things to do is to make the readers feel the same emotions the characters do but this is not the right way to do it.

20. The disgusting quote

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Now, this is one of the most unbelievable quotes on the whole list. Since it is so graphic, the description you see here will make you imagine the scene but that is not a good thing.

21. The weight

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Talking about cringy and weird quotes, this one is a piece to remember! The weird body features described and the specific weight mention made us wonder if the author describes a real person or not.

22. The weird sentence

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Not only is this sentence super weird but it also implies something in particular. We can all see it: the author wanted to underline that the character was not beautiful.

23. The specific body description 

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If you still haven’t had enough of weird body feature descriptions, here is one more to make you wonder why the author had to include it in the first place.

24. The cellulite 

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Apart from being absurd, this quote is also kind of funny because it is so inappropriate that it shouldn’t exist. Yet, it was included in a book.

25. The creepy quote

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Quotes do not get more creepy than this one. The author must really have thought on his mind that we never want to know about for certain.

26. The weird quote 

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Compared to the rest of the list, this quote is almost innocent but we can all see that it is still weird to see.

27. The ancient punching bags

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We are not sure about what we will say here but we think we might be right: there is no way you can see the phrase “ancient punching bags” in another book.

28. The long description 

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You can see how this author took his time and paid special attention to a character’s breast. A whole passage of the text was dedicated to them.

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