28 Relatable Book Covers That Sums Up My Life

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Some of the funniest content you are able to find online is often more than relatable, and this is what makes it funny, we guess! Naturally, people are different in more ways than one but they also share many things without even knowing it. Different daily activities, habits and other things are common for the majority of us and this is what the list here is about. It features part of the funny book covers you can find in one really cool Instagram account. These are simply too funny!

1. This is definitely something we can relate to

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We need to admit that we done the same on several occasions and we are not the only ones, too!

2. This one is super accurate

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It seems that the best things we can throw in an argument come to our mind after it is over!

3. Here is a trick question that we do not know the answer of

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We believe that in most cases people really do grab a snack just out of boredom!

4. This is not the best way to save money

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Well, saving money this way is not the thing you would like to do, but it has that effect on you, we guess.

5. Story of our lives

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Most of us are already engulfed by the same daily agendas that take the better of us.

6. We need to admit we all do it sometimes

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The explanation behind such actions is a mystery to us but we still do it, anyway.

7. We tend to make things harder for no reason

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This is something we all do and we really think that doing it is a burden we don’t want to feel.

8. It is all about priorities

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If you find what you do to be boring, you fill always find something else to do and procrastinate.

9. This is no secret anymore

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This is the reason why some people cover the microphones on their devices with tape.

10. The circle of life

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We wish this wasn’t so, but it is for many people! Planning a budget is hard to do!

11. The years just keep piling up

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We believe that doing things like making resolutions is worthless without actions.

12. Family holidays are the worst sometimes

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We can definitely relate to this funny cover, but we wish it wasn’t so!

13. Most of us do that al the time

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Trying to explain the obvious is a thing most people do and it leads to awkward moments sometimes.

14. Sometimes we don’t know how be adults

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The years go by one after another but many people do not feel like they become mature.

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15. We wonder why that happens

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It seems that going to a hair saloon and not feeling happy about the end result is a common thing but people never admit it.

16. We never think about this

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Doing this is a typical part of our lives. We spend small amounts of money that keep piling up.

17. It seems that we all prefer not talking to the Uber driver

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For some reason our comfort during an Uber ride depends on not communicating with the driver.

18. This is almost a type of art 

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We hate taking the trash out which often leads to stuffing the trashcan more than it could handle.

19. It is a shame so much food goes to waste

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We also have the good intention to cook our own meals but we end up ordering dinner online.

20. We let ourselves have too much one on a regular basis

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You might call it a weakness but we actually like doing it!

21. Keeping it on a professional level is hard

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We can definitely relate to this one, and we know we are not the only ones who would!

22. This is odd but it is true

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It seems that it is easy to decide something when we have nothing to lose, right?

23. Such quotes are people’s favorite thing

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Sharing a quote in a conversation might make you appear smarter but it might make you feel embarrassed, too.

24. Every college student knows how this feels

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This is just about the things in life we cannot escape from, because they are the inevitable truth.

25. Sometimes allowing room for compromise is hard

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When it comes to accepting things like this one, a person could really have a hard time!

26. It seems that we all search of a way to escape some major issue

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Many adults decide that if they just escape from the issue, it would be settled by itself.

27. We have all fallen in this kind of trap

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The ability people have to self-sabotage themselves has always been puzzling us!

28. Drinking enough water is an essential thing to do

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We need to take care of ourselves and our bodies need plenty of water in order to be healthy, but we neglect that!

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