28 Weird Tattoos That Will Make You Look Twice

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Tattoos are one of those body art modifications that have gotten accepted well by society and are very popular among different people – from skaters and punk rockers and even to doctors and scientists. The stigma over tattooed people was lifted, and you can now work in a lot of places despite having visible ink on your skin. If haven’t decided what kind of tattoo you want exactly and where you want it, it is going to be a hard time for you to choose, because the possibilities are endless — artists are getting more and more creative and the techniques used are very advanced. No matter if you just want to hide a scar, mark a memorable moment, or just want a certain realistic image for no particular reason – it can probably be done.

You can find loads of ideas on the Internet that could spark the right idea for your desired tattoo. You must think about it carefully – how big it should be and where it should be placed exactly. The following list will surely inspire you and give you a perspective – there are some pretty cool and crazy suggestions here, and you can see for yourself that the right tattoo artist can transform any idea into a work of art.

1. Math Class Throwback

Image Source: YouTube

The majority of tattoos probably represent a part of the owner’s personal life. Of course, there are some pieces that are just meaningless, but others like the one pictured here are unique because they likely represent something in particular that means something that perhaps only the person sporting it knows. The math tattoo on this person is full of color and looks rather complicated – it is definitely not something you see every day, and it is rather curious what was the idea behind it actually happened to be.

2. Fake Bullet Holes

Image Source: YouTube

This is a great idea, although it seems a bit scary. If you look at the guy from a close distance, you could probably be fooled for a moment or two that the bullet wounds are real, because they look rather realistic. Some may find the idea a bit hardcore, but it is also something that probably just a few people have thought of incorporating in their body ink.

3. 3D Scorpion

Image Source: YouTube

Some tattoos become real masterpieces and push the boundaries of realism – this awesome scorpion piece is an example of such craftsmanship, and we salute the tattoo artist who was able to create it. The scale of the composition is impressive — not to mention the attention to the small details and the shadows. It looks very realistic and is probably one of the best tattoos you might ever see.

4. Gear Leg

Image Source: YouTube

Yet another awesome piece of art – this mechanical leg that represents a shock absorber — and the end result is so cool. The owner of this piece must be in the automotive industry or is probably really into cars as a hobby. No matter what the meaning behind it really is, one thing is for sure – people surely stare at this guy’s leg for a long time after seeing what he has to show.

5. Tongue Ink

Image Source: YouTube

Many people do not even know that the tongue can also be tattooed. Even more, you could tattoo your eyeballs or you intimate areas — if you want to. The problem with the tongue is its surface – it does not allow a tattoo to last long because it can’t really hold ink like the skin does. It is rather painful, too, so it is questionable whether it is worth the effort or not. But people still do it, so we might as well admire it.

6. A Creepy Mouth In Stiches

Image Source: YouTube

Some tattoos are really too realistic to look at, especially if the motive is something scary or creepy at least. This is a perfect example, because the bloody mouth is made with great attention to the smallest details, like the stiches, and the 3D effect makes it look alive. The girl wearing it is probably very happy with the end result.

7. Amputated Arm Turned Into A Shark

Image Source: YouTube

If a person loses a limb in some kind of an accident, there is a way to turn the defect into an effect – this is a perfect example of such transformation. Life goes on even after losing an arm, but an appropriate tattoo can show your attitude. The guy on the picture may have actually lost his limb as a result of a shark attack, and that would give a whole new twist to the tattoo, making it even more special.

8. Awesome Realistic Eye

Image Source: YouTube

One of the parts in the human body that is very hard to replicate by drawing is the eye – in order for it to look realistic enough, great precision must be applied, because it is one of the organs that are communicative — and this has to be recreated. It is a difficult task doing it on paper, but if you do it on skin – it takes practice, skill and a lot of patience; however, judging from the picture – the tattoo artist responsible was really a master of his craft.

9. Slit Throat

Image Source: YouTube

One of the fairly popular trends among hardcore tattoos is picturing fake open wounds. A bullet hole is one thing, but doing a whole slit throat is a bold move, although it looks rather gruesome. We hope that he is able to find a workplace where he is not able to scare everyone who looks at him — at first glance you are likely to skip a heartbeat before realizing it is only a tattoo.

10. Spider On The Back

Image Source: YouTube

If you suffer from arachnophobia, you might want to look away – because this is one realistic tattoo and if you stumble across it in person, you might be a bit scared. However, there a lot of people that find spiders and other insects fascinating and decide to keep them as pets.

11. Cute Little Ankle Bows

Image Source: YouTube

Now here is something that most people would appreciate. It is a great idea, looks really sweet and could be covered easily with socks if needed. The ankle is a preferred area for putting ink by most girls.

12. Embedded Star

Image Source: YouTube

Here is another piece of art that took a lot of skill and craftsmanship to complete, and it achieved such a perfect end result. The shading and the details make this star look like it really is embedded in the shoulder. It must have taken a whole lot of planning, because it is a complex idea — and any mistake would make it look completely out of place.

13. Chest Muscles

Image Source: YouTube

The realism that has been achieved with this piece is on a very high level and almost gives the impression that it is a photo of an actual surgery, which is kind of scary and awesome at the same time. The good thing about chest photos is that they could be easily hidden with a shirt on.

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14. Realistic Pen Behind The Ear

Image Source: YouTube

You really have to wonder if most would probably remember this guy with a pen stuck behind his ear a good percentage of the time in high school; most people who look at his profile would probably be tricked by the clever tattoo.

15. Old School Portrait

Image Source: YouTube

This is not a real photograph of a woman, but a tattoo on a woman’s back. Portrait tattoos are highly desired, but very difficult to recreate, and sometimes the results are dreadful. The example pictured here is something else, though – the artist managed to beautifully recreate a black and white portrait.

16. Realistic Nails In The Shoulder

Image Source: YouTube

The picture shows another example of the fake open wound trend. The nails look quite real, and if the shadows happen to match the right time of the day, you might be spooked for a few seconds should you see this guy in person. This is a nice idea with an ever better execution.

17. The Dolphin Arm

Image Source: YouTube

This person also lost a limb, and despite that it must have been a huge personal tragedy, these types of tattoos prove that everything can be accepted. The tattoo is really clever, and the guy wearing it demonstrates a strong spirit, which is definitely kind of inspirational.

18: Open Wound Over The Ribs

Image Source: YouTube

This one could actually be placed there to cover an old scar, but we have no way of knowing that for sure. No matter the reason, the ripped tissue and the muscles underneath are done really well, and the whole thing looks quite real — even from a close distance.

19. A Third Eye That Is Rather Creepy

Image Source: Inkedcollector

When you think of a third eye, you are likely to think of the one often pictured on the forehead, but for some unknown reason this man thought that he would put one on his neck. If he raises his head up and the neck stretches, the creepy eyes appears to look directly into you. A weird idea to come up with, but the quality of the end result is next-to-perfect.

20. A Hook Through The Foot

Image Source: YouTube

This guy is probably a fisherman, because who else would come up with this one? The realistic image of a hook piercing through his skin and pulling him up is a nice one, and the shading was laid perfectly to achieve the desired effect.

21. The Hidden Superhero

Image Source: YouTube

This is a rather complex piece to create, and a painful one, too, because the chest and rib area is among the most painful areas to put ink on. The idea for a Spiderman coat under the skin turned out beautiful.

22. A Strawberry On The Foot?

Image Source: YouTube

The impressively detailed strawberry is a masterpiece down to the last detail – everything was done accurately, and it looks as real as it could be. The location of the tattoo is bit awkward, but nevertheless the end result is worth seeing.

23. Hollow Inside

Image Source: Pinterest

The effect of this piece is achieved mainly by the contrast between the all black foundation and the glowing blue eyes. The realistic bones add to the composition, and the girl’s torso really looks like it is hollow inside. The idea and the execution here are really high-level.

24. Eyeball On The Arm Again

Image Source: YouTube

It seems that the oversized and creepy realistic eyes are becoming a trend, and this one is even better than the previous example because the glass-like finish makes it even more convincing – you might expect it to blink at anytime!

25. This Eye Could See Inside Of You

Image Source: YouTube

This eye is part of a huge complex tattoo that covers the whole chest. It is impressive how the artist managed to achieve depth of the composition, and the meticulously crafted details turn it into a truly unique piece. Some may find it creepy, but it is still gorgeous.

26. The Stallion

Image Source: YouTube

This majestic horse is full of color and is fairly detailed as well. The position of the animal makes it look like it is going to jump off any moment now.

27. Haunting Escape

Image Source: YouTube

This is a very nice idea and the execution is perfect. It looks like the person’s body has been possessed and the entity wants to get out, but it is trapped inside. Using white ink made this realistic to the point that it looks textured and three-dimensional. Now this is what you call creepy!

28. The King

Image Source: YouTube

This has to be one of the tattoos that feature the best tiny details and shadows. The face of the king has been recreated to look fierce, and the fact that someone could create such a realistic beard and face on human skin rather than on plain paper is just amazing.

Some tattoo artist have mad skills, and if you would like to make that tattoo you have always wanted to, we hope you find the best place to do it and wear if proudly afterwards!

Written by Nick Martin

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