28 Women Who Did ‘Ask Your Crush Out On Valentine’s Day’ Challenge And Posted The Results

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We have said this numerous times before, but we will say it again! Online challenges keep popping out just mushrooms after a heavy rain do! Some of them are ridiculous and not worth mentioning, but others are really curious and they need to be shared! The case with this one is exactly the same. It all started on Twitter with the simple rules of the challenge, and many women actually did it. The results are more than interesting! In some cases it all went better than expected, but there were some really rude or unexpected replies, too! We hope that each and every person gets to spend a date with their Valentine!

1. This man did not see it coming

Image Source: Twitter

Well, then again, neither did the girl who accepted the challenge! We hope it worked out for them.

2. This was awkward before it became funny

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Accepting the challenge when your crush is actually your husband could lead to such a thing!

3. This woman was probably in luck

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We guess she did it for the sake of the challenge but she was lucky enough to get a ‘yes’!

4. Things escalated quickly here

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This short conversation was probably the beginning of something beautiful!

5. It seems that this person was waiting for it to happen

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They say that things happen for a reason, and this girl was surely glad to accept the challenge!

6. This girl is serious in her intentions

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The way she captioned the conversation tells us that she means business!

7. It turned out okay in the end

Image Source: Twitter

This person realized he was involved in a challenge but accepted the date invitation anyway.

8. This must have been a tough pill to swallow

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We guess that this was rather painful to see, because a rejection is never nice to experience.

9. We guess bro dates count as well

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It seems that not only women were glad to accept the challenge!

10. This person suspected she had feelings

Image Source: Twitter

It all ends well when the answer is ‘yes’, and this is just another example!

11. This did not end well

Image Source: Twitter

We guess this girl hoped for the best but received a rather rude rejection.

12. This person had to make a move sooner

Image Source: Twitter

It appears that if you have feelings for someone, you need to tell them!

13. This is the best case scenario

Image Source: Twitter

This is how things are supposed to happen, and we hope it got even better after the date!

14. If it is not a ‘no’, it is probably a ‘yes’

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Image Source: Twitter

Lets hope that these two went on a date and everything worked out just fine for them!

15. This girl got what she wanted

Image Source: Twitter

Going on a date with your crush is definitely something everyone dreams of!

16. Things worked out here, too

Image Source: Twitter

This is a good enough reason to be hyped, and this girl definitely is!

17. The simple answer is enough

Image Source: Twitter

All a girl wants to hear after asking this question is a simple confirmation! This girl got her ‘yes’!

18. This man knew what was happening

Image Source: Twitter

It seems that the trend went viral faster than expected and some of the people who tried it were busted.

19. Well this turned out to be awkward

Image Source: Twitter

Things definitely did not go as planned here and this girl was obviously not happy about it.

20. Things went okay at first, but then it all went downhill

Image Source: Twitter

As soon as this person realized it was a challenge, things took a turn for the worse!

21. This was really rude

Image Source: Twitter

This is definitely the rudest way to respond to such a message! We do not approve it at all.

22. Well this was awkward

Image Source: Twitter

It is more than obvious that this girl is better off not going on this date at all!

23. This person went straight to the point

Image Source: Twitter

There is no doubt that something happened after this conversation and we like how it feels!

24. This was probably a joke

Image Source: Twitter

You know, guys like roasting each other a lot, so this is no surprise.

25. A simple answer is enough, we guess

Image Source: Twitter

Maybe these two would have a lot to say to each other in their upcoming dates.

26. This was really confusing 

Image Source: Twitter

We cannot blame this person for reaction in such a way, because the girl really confused him!

27. This person found it hard to believe

Image Source: Twitter

We believe it took a lot of explaining that it was not some kind of a joke!

28. It could not get weirder than this

Image Source: Twitter

This is definitely a sign that this girl was lucky enough not to date this person!

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