29 Evil Designs Showing How Manufacturers Actually Deceive Us

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Some manufacturers are willing to do anything in order to increase their profit. This, of course, includes a lot of things that should not happen, but one of the most annoying of them is the deceitful package designs we have seen many times before. Some companies spend fortunes in order to make the appearance of their products more attractive and desirable. In the majority of cases the customer only realizes that he was deceived after opening the package and the feeling of frustration immediately kicks in! The list below is full of such examples.

1. This is just wrong

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We did not count those markers, but they are definitely not 150 in that box!

2. Someone exposed this manufacturer

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As you can see, the content of this package only fills the transparent part.

3. We took this one personally

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You cannot do that to pizza lovers, you simply can’t!

4. Here is something nobody could see coming

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The middle cupcakes are half the size of the other two and this is unacceptable!

5. This must be forbidden by law

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We cannot believe that this is actually allowed to happen!

6. Here is a product that looks nothing like it was supposed to

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You can clearly see that these cookies are definitely not the same as the package suggests.

7. Here is a strange comparison

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The bottle on the left is bigger but it contains a hundred tablets less!

8. Here is one trick we don’t like

Image Source: Reddit

This person found out that they were deceived by sheer chance.

9. This is not an actual roll

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As you can see, this is only a sheet of stickers and not an actual roll!

10. Here is a pen that was supposed to reduce plastic use

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Well, it is not the thing we expected to see for sure!

11. These pizza rolls look good but they are not approximately 40

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The package suggests a certain count but it is nowhere near that count!

12. Here is another classic trick

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No, seriously, such things must not be allowed and manufacturers should be fined if they do it.

13. We never expected that Haribo would allow for this to happen

Image Source: Reddit

This gummy bear container is actually half full, which makes us furious!

14. Someone bought pieces of cardboard that were supposed to be staples

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Instead of getting a full box of staples, the person paid mostly for cardboard.

15. Here is a deceitful meat package

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We guess that selling 1/3 less meat than the customer expected to receive is nothing but fraud.

test ad

16. Now this is pushing things too far

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The package specifically said it was 100%, but it turned out to be polyester that feels like silk.

17. Here is another product that makes us furious to look at

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This hair product’s actual volume is not even half of what it appears to be.

18. This shampoo bottle looks basically the same, but slightly bigger

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However, its actual volume decreased by a whopping 17%, which increased the company profit!

19. Here is a deceitful toy bucket

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This plastic constructor bucket was not as full as it appeared to be. The cone inside did the trick!

20. A six-year-old girl bought this se was frustrated

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The only good part about this is that she realized that not everything in life is to be trusted.

21. Here is frustrating sight to see, especially if you are hungry

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We believe that whoever bought this was more than disappointed.

22. These people probably feel the factory as if it was their home

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We guess that this is nothing but a lie. They did add ‘factory’ to the package to avoid problems, though.

23. We hope this was a mistake

Image Source: Reddit

We cannot believe that they used a package that was four times the size of the actual product!

24. This person thought they bought a set of wireless earbuds

Image Source: Reddit

As you can see, there is only one included in the package, which is absurd, but it obviously happened.

25. This dessert bar is not supposed to be like that

Image Source: Reddit

The chocolate pieces were only on one of the bar corners, where the package was transparent.

26. Here is a package that was supposed to contain a lot of product

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This is totally unacceptable and the box is about six times the size of the actual product.

27. Here is how you can make a pizza lover feel pain

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We believe that whoever bought this pizza will never buy another one again!

28. This is a $10 candy bucket

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Of course, it looks just like a real bucket, which was the whole idea initially!

29. Here is another classic move that intends to deceive customers

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This cleverly designed package hides the fact that the tray is only half full!

Written by Sven Miller

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