29 Funny Pics Of Some Of The Coolest Bar and Café Staff Ever

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There are a lot of prejudices regarding servers and bartenders. We guess that the biggest one is that their job is actually easy to do. Well, it is not! These two jobs require more skills than you could imagine! It is definitely not for everyone, too! As you are about to see, these people can also turn work into fun without compromising their main everyday tasks! The list of images below is beyond cool and you need to see it for yourself, so scroll down and have fun!

1. Here is one really skilled waiter

Image Source: Reddit

We believe that one look at this image will make you believe this person could handle anything.

2. The girl in the middle was working her last night there

Image Source: Reddit

It appears that her colleagues decided to say ‘goodbye’ in the most special of ways!

3. Here is an order served the right way

Image Source: Reddit

This person spilled his orange juice and the waitress brought him another with sarcasm sprinkled on top.

4. This is how special treatment looks like

Image Source: Reddit

It is easy for you to feel special at a certain place. All it takes is the cool waitress to spot your outfit.

5. One person heard a customer being rude to the waitress for no reason

Image Source: Reddit

He comforted her and told her she was good at her job and she brought him this note. We love it!

6. Someone complained about the lack of a lemon slice in their glass of water

Image Source: Reddit

As you can see, the bartender decided to make sure there was enough lemon and he nailed it!

7. This is one talented waiter

Image Source: Reddit

We believe that getting doodles on their Denny’s receipts done by the server was a real treat for these people!

8. This is the best waiter we have ever heard of

Image Source: Reddit

After the waiter made a mistake, he decided to correct it. What’s fair is fair, right?

9. This person’s dad joked with the waitress and required a ‘small check’

Image Source: Reddit

It appears that she was into dad-jokes so she played along and definitely she definitely won!

10. Someone thought that the Starbucks barista was not wearing anything from the waist down

Image Source: Reddit

Upon further inspection of the photo, the person realized it was just tan-colored leggings that the barista chose to wear! We bet she knew about the illusion they created!

11. One waiter asked this kid about his choice of dessert

Image Source: Reddit

After the boy said he wanted ‘nothing’, the server returned with this plate and the kid was not happy.

12. A person had a fairly large meal at a restaurant in Berlin

Image Source: Reddit

The person then asked for a small beer and the server came back a minute later with a small beer!

13. This server definitely has the right attitude

Image Source: Reddit

It takes a little effort to make yourself stand out and this server definitely did it with this witty outfit!

14. This person was sad and shed a few tears while eating at the Village Inn restaurant

Image Source: Imgur

One of the servers saw this and brought the person a dessert. The person replied! We love this story!

15. This is a reminder to be nice to your waiter

Imagw Source: Reddit

When you think about it, your server is in a position to end your life in a numerous different ways!

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16. This bartender is a legend

Image Source: Reddit

We believe that this bartender would win every Halloween contest he enters!

17. Customers asked this Waffle House waiter to take their photo

Image Source: Reddit

After making them pose for some photos, he walked away. They saw the photos only after they left.

18. One customer shared with their waitress that they were not feeling well

Image Source: Reddit

When the waitress came back with this cute setup, the person probably felt instantly better!

19. Someone received this kitchen ticket instead of the actual bill

Image Source: Reddit

A customer received this ticket that was meant for order processing and we love the comment!

20. Here is a waiter with a sense of humor like no other

Image Source: Reddit

He has a 1-star review left on Yelp and the comment below it is what makes the whole thing hilarious!

21. Detroit obviously has some skilled servers

Image Source: Reddit

This server works at The Lafayette Coney Island and he obviously has some mad skills! What a legend!

22. This is one clever pun

Image Source: Reddit

We believe that there is no way to see bartender wearing a cooler shirt! This is too funny!

23. One waiter really made these people’s night

Image Source: Reddit

After they had dinner at a local place, the waiter told these people ‘goodbye’ in a clever way!

24. This is how high quality trolling looks like

Image Source: Reddit

This person thought that his barista trolled him and he was not far from the truth! He probably chuckled!

25. Here is another person who spilled his orange juice

Image Source: Reddit

This waiter was sarcastic beyond words an she brought him another glass of orange juice and it looked like this.

26. This is probably a barista’s way to pick-up chicks

Image Source: Reddit

We believe that every barista has the chance to pull off a similar trick and we think it might work!

27. Intended puns are the best

Image Source: Reddit

We already showed you the best bartender shirt, but server had an even better idea!

28. A customer wanted to take her plate in a ‘to go’ box

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that the waiter was in a sarcastic mood because he came back with this!

29. This is an unlikely bartender outfit

Image Source: Reddit

The girlfriend of the person who took the photo is actually the bartender under that T-Rex suit!

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