29 Images Proving That Perfect Photos Are Not To Be Trusted

Image Source: Reddit

You probably already know this, but we will say it again – most of the content on social media should not be trusted. Images, posts or news that are shared are often misleading or they are entirely not true! People make things up for different reasons – sometimes it is for profit while in other cases they do it just for fun or to make their lives seem more interesting than they actually are, even if the images are not meant to be shared on social media.As the list below suggests, most photos are actually not as striking and glamorous as they appear to be.

1. Here is what some Photoshop skills can do

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This image is one brilliant setup and most people would be easily deceived that the girl is actually swimming inside a flooded building! Technology enabled photographers to do some wild things!

2. Here is one dreamy image

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The beautiful effect created here is a pleasure to see, but the props and gadgets needed for its creation are not that fancy. All it took was a skilled professional and a small pool!

3. It is all about the lighting

Image Source:

The image on the left looks stunning and it was meant to turn out perfect, but the scenery of the place where it was taken is quite ordinary, actually! This is how quality photos are made!

4. This is one perfect landscape from the 50s

Image Source:

It looks like an ordinary photo, but it is not! As you can see, the whole thing is a clever setup created with scale models of vehicles. The angle of the image was key here!

5. It did not take much for this image to be taken

Image Source:

Here is one photo that is worthy of featuring on the cover of a fancy magazine, but it was actuallt taken in an ordinary room while the girl was standing on a table! There is nothing fancy about that!

6. Here is another perfect moment that is not real

Image Source:

Most people would be envious of the person who got the chance to take an image of this beautiful landscape, but the truth is that it was taken in a studio, and it is all a scale model setup!

7. This is a perfect image

Image Source:

The girl was captured in the best possible moment, but we guess it took at least several attempts. The only thing required here besides the studio equipment was some flour!

8. The things people do for social media

Image Source: Twitter

This might seem weird to you but some people think that such images are cool and they need them for their social media accounts. Now you know what it takes for such a simple image to be taken!

9. The blue hour in Paris must be amazing to see

Image Source: Imgur

Well, this girl cannot share how she felt when she saw it, because she was never there! She just stood next to a wall mural and after the image was taken, a few fitlers and effects transformed it!

10. This is kind of gross

Image Source: Imgur

While the end result might be good, the process of its making is a huge no-no for us! We hope that the newlyweds avoided this shower!

11. This was not a moment of peace and quiet

Image Source: Imgur

What it seems like a peaceful moment for this person was actually a clever setup! The main goal was for her to look like she was in a deep state of mind, and she does!

12. So this is how these images are made

Image Source: Imgur

We have seen a lot of these photos on social media but we always wondered how they were taken, but we did not imagine something as funny as this!

13. This portrait looks stunning

Image Source: Imgur

Well, it turned out that the dreamy part with all the mist and smoke around the girl was artificial! We actually like the result and we guess it was a creative thing to do.

14. So this is how food photography is done

Image Source: Imgur

Taking the perfect photo of a piece of food is harder than most people think and it takes some serious skills! The second image shows a little trick that definitely helped for the final result to be awesome!

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15. Here is how another kind of magic happens

Image Source: Imgur

We guess that having the right skills is enough to transform anything into a work of art. The amazing picture of that Audi R8 turned out to be created using a scale model place on a table!

16. These people were not as brave as they seem

Image Source: Imgur

It seems that these people were playing with fire by dangling from that rock, but in reality it was not that elevated. In fact, everyone could approach it and take such a photo, but they had to wait in line first!

17. This dreamy photo was taken in a back street

Image Source: Imgur

Here is another proof that having the right skills and vision is the key to taking a perfect image! Seeing how this girl actually looked while the photo was created and comparing it to the final version is just amazing.

18. So this is why the light is always perfect in such photos

Image Source: Twitter

We wondered how these women looked so perfect in this type of photos. They appear so casual but yet they are always looking their best. The secret has been revealed!

19. Here is another perfect food photo

Image Source:

We already mentioned that it is hard to take the perfect image of a piece of food, but this person did it like a pro! The simple setup they used is amazing!

20. Sometimes the Photoshop skills create all the magic

Image Source:

It seems that any photo could be turned into a masterpiece if you have the right skills for the job!

21. Here is another scale model photo

Image Source:

We are more than certain that no more than one person of every hundred people who see this photo would guess that it is not a real car!

22. Taking this image took a lot of effort! 

Image Source:

We absolutely love the end result of all the effort these people put in taking this image!

23. This is a beautiful image

Image Source:

Well, it is not as fancy in its original version and the effects were the main thing here.

24. Simple ideas work best

Image Source:

These images prove that an ordinary setup could lead to great results!

25. We actually like the original more

Image Source:

Whoever edited this picture transformed it completely but the original is not half bad!

26. These scale models were enough for a post-apocalyptic scene

Image Source:

This is the kind of work we like to see more of! The end result is amazing.

27. Here is one more dreamy image taken in an ordinary way

Image Source:

The image took a lot of time to be edited to perfection and the final versions of it is awesome!

28. Here is a cool portrait setup

Image Source:

In some cases all it takes is just one more detail in order for the image to be perfect!

29. Here is another simple but perfect image

Image Source: IMGUR

This took a few takes and poses but they achieved a nice result in the end.

Written by Sven Miller

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