29 People Who Successfully Covered Up Tattoos Of Their Exes After Braking Up

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Getting a permanent tattoo is an important decision that needs to be made with a clear head and the right vision. Unfortunately, sometimes people suddenly decide to have one but their emotions are not what they should follow when making such a decision! In fact, in many cases people regret making some of their tattoos, especially when they represent something that is no longer a part of their lives! Tats related to ex-partners take the number one spot on that list!

1. This person doesn’t let past relationships stop him

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It seems that this person dreams of having the name of his partner tattooed on his arm, but thing went out of control when the girlfriends became one too many! As you can see, the list is not a short one at all!

2. This is a witty way to cover a name

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We guess that this relationship did not end well at all, judging by the way this person decided to cover the name of his ex! The witty idea used here is really fresh and it shows the kind of attitude we love to see in people!

3. This is a subtle modification and there is a reason for it

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We believe that this person wanted to leave the tattoo like this in order for it to serve as a reminder about past wrong decisions! The words added below are the best explanation possible and nothing else needs to be added.

4. Now this is something special

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First of all, we need to say that we are totally impressed with the quality of both tattoos, and the person who did the left one is an absolute professional, no doubt about that! The idea for the cover up is nice, too!

5. This is actually a huge improvement

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Some old tattoos are much easier to cover up than others, and this is probably the easiest one to modify! The end result is simply stunning and there is no sign of the old name, which is nice to see.

6. Here is another clever idea

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Well, doing this is kind of controversial because a tattoo imitating a huge red stamp would draw a lot more attention but this was probably of the whole idea! It is a creative way to get rid of a name you never want to see again.

7. This is one of the best examples on the list

Image Source: Instagram

It was a simple name tattoo that was completely transformed!

Image Source: Instagram

As you can see, the final result is an amazing work of art and anyone would be proud to have it on their skin!

8. The improvement is big here as well

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It seems that the initial attempt of a name tattoo was not exactly a successful one.

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The second try, however, appears to be much better ad the color combo is really catchy, too!

9. This one has a lot of sense of humor incorporated in it

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Of course, it is clear to see that the person knew the old name would still be visible but we believe that it was the desired effect here, and we understand this person’s sarcasm!

10. This one is just a little bit creepy

Image Source: Pinterest

As creepy as this example is, we need to admit that a simple tattoo like that was definitely hard to be transformed, but it is clear to see that it was done flawlessly!

11. This one looks like it was straight out of a vintage comic book

Image Source: Imgur

There are good tattoos and then there’s this! The brilliant tattoo you see here is jaw-dropping! The level of detail and the whole concept are magnificent and we salute the mastermind behind it!

12. Here is another name that was left in history 

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As you can see, it was a relatively big tattoo which required some planning before covering it, but the process was totally worth it because the person got rid of their ex’s name and received an amazing new tattoo!

13. Here is another sarcastic way to cover a tattooed ex’s name

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It appears that whoever decided to remove their ex’s name from their skin had a very particular idea about how to do it, and we like the end result a lot!

14. Here is another amazing idea

Image Source: Instagram

It appears that Batman is a universal solution when it comes to ideas about covering old tattoos. This one is equally impressive to the previous Batman-themed one, and the old name was completely covered!

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15. Here is one subtle but gorgeous tat 

Image Source: Instagram

Finger tattoos were a thing back in the day and people’s choice was mostly their significant other’s name, but when a relationship is over, they simply need to remove it, and this is the only possible way!

16. The colors on this one are dreamy

Image Source: Instagram

The old name tattoo was really big so they had to cover it well.

Image Source: Instagram

They actually did an amazing job, and it features stunning colors that match together perfectly!

17. This one looks like a next level piece of art

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These two photos prove that even keeping the old pattern is a good idea when you know what you are doing! They simply added a ton of details but kept the design, and the end result is amazing!

18. It seems that this person combined things perfectly here

Image Source: Instagram

There is nothing better when you combine the achievement of two goals into one action, and these photos prove that such a thing is possible! The new tattoo was placed just right and it covers the old one just right.

19. This is one beautiful mountain tattoo

Image Source: Instagram

It appears that there are numerous ways to cover an old name or a face you had tattooed but some of these ways are better than the rest. This is one of the best attempts and it looks like a painting!

20. Now this is some next level work

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It might be just a bit too much for some people but we think that it was the best way for this person to remove his ex’s image and to demonstrate how he felt about her!

21. This is a similar idea to the previous one

Image Source:

We cannot believe how good this one turned out to be after it was modified! Trying to rework such a complicated tattoo is not easy task but it was done really good here!

22. The ideas some people have are amazing

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Again, this might not be approved by everyone but we need to remind you that these redesigns are mostly due to cancelled relationships and if it did not end well, the person got their revenge by doing this to the tattoos of their ex they have on their bodies.

23. This is one amazing transformation 

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This has got to be the best idea featured on this list and we love it!

Image Source:

This tattoo probably took countless hours to be made and every tiny detail about it is absolutely stunning!

24. Now this is something hilarious 

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The choice this person made when they decided to cover their ex’s image was not a random one! He wanted everyone to see how he felt about his ex, and it is too funny!

25. Here is another similar tattoo

Image Source:

It is kind of hard to believe that it is the same tattoo, but it is technically not it anymore! The end result is perfect and it is also a statement that this person was probably proud of!

26. Such patterns are obviously the preferred ones

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The quality of the tattoos and the level of details on them are amazing, but the curious part about them would be the reaction of these people’s ex-partners! It would be hilarious to see their faces!

27. The improvement here is obvious

Image Source: Reddit

Covering a tattoo up cannot get any better than this! The old one is not as nearly as good to the new one in terms of quality, and this is a major improvement!

28. Many people prefer these feathers when they need to cover an ex’s name

Image Source: Instagram

There is a good reason behind such a decision! The feather is a beautiful thing to wear on your skin and a real one would cover any name as well, so the symbol is more than appropriate to use!

29. This is the best way to cover up that particular name

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The font used for the old tattoo as slightly modified and the image really topped it off! It is one super witty tattoo!

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