29 Pics Proving That Pregnancy Is The Ultimate Challenge Every Woman Can Take

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Women are the only true real life heroes! Giving birth is the ultimate moment in every woman’s life and it is a miracle every time it happens. However, only those who have already done this can point out every detail about what it is like to endure all those special and even hard months and to introduce a new person to this world! It would be an understatement to say it is difficult, but it still happens each second and as you read this sentence, hundreds of people are born! The following images show some of the struggles ladies face during pregnancy.

1. Pregnancy is a hard time to combine with style

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Of course, it is not that important and it is not impossible, either, but it is a fact!

2. This happens every time

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It sounds weird but when this time comes, every parent thinks of such people, too.

3. This is sadly relatable

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As you can imagine, this is not exaggerated at all and some moms sleep only a few hours a night.

4. Here is an accurate comparison 

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We guess that Queen B looked as gorgeous as ever even during her pregnancy, but most moms cannot say the same, which is perfectly fine.

5. Every woman is like this during her pregnancy

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If a lady happens to be pregnant in the summer, this would be something for her to relate to!

6. This is not a problem as long as it works

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Personal style means nothing during a pregnancy! What’s important is being comfortable at all times!

7. These tight parking spaces are a burden

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Imagine a woman with a baby bump trying to squeeze through such a narrow space! It is a nightmare!

8. We guess this is nothing but an excuse

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We all know that when a pregnant woman wants to snack on something, she gets it, because she deserves it, of course!

9. This is really cute to see

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The caption of this photo is funny, but we really like how the dolphin seems to sense the baby inside this woman!

10. It is a struggle to be pregnant but it is worth it

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Not getting enough sleep is due to numerous reasons, and this is just one of them, but it is just how pregnancies go.

11. Women should not be ashamed of their baby bump

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Some ladies tend to feel that way and they miss their old figure, but they should be proud instead!

12. Times change, we guess

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Of course, pregnancy requires you to give up on many things, and your appetite increases significantly, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

13. These are the only shoes a pregnant woman’s swollen feet could fit into

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Of course, flip flops are always an alternative, but as we already mentioned, the main thing in this time of a woman’s life is for her to feel comfy!

14. Hormones are something hard to control

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We guess that being full of tacos is not only some pregnant women’s dream! We would love to be like that, too!

15. This happens all the time

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Image Source: Twitter

Sometimes pregnancy can result in you doing ridiculous things, and the image above suggests just one example!

16. This is a fine example of pure sarcasm

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It is true that men tend to overreact when they have the flu, for example, but nothing compares to giving birth, of course!

17. Men could never understand what pregnancy is like

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Well, women actually don’t want them to! They only want them to be supportive and understanding, and this is all that matters!

18. Pregnancy can excite other people even more than the woman who is expecting

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Of course, these people are no strangers, but the closest ones to the family! The photo shows how this woman’s grandma reacted to the pregnancy announcement!

19. This is one way to honor pregnancy

Image Source: Loupak

Having the right attitude and a sense of humor results into moments like this one! These parents-to-be are definitely having fun!

20. This is what it means to be impatient to have a kid

Image Source: Loupak

We have seen this happen multiple times before! When a woman’s mother instinct is strong, the family pet often feels it!

21. We guess this happens much too often

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It doesn’t take for a woman to be pregnant in order for the bed to be divided like this! In fact, most of the times it is exactly like suggested here!

22. This is the best Easter decoration possible

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As we already mentioned, having a good sense of humor helps a lot during the pregnancy period, and this Easter-themed image shows that!

23. It is what it is

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Many women tend to miss their old activities and the type of fun they used to have prior getting pregnant, but this is how life goes.

24. Here is another image pregnant ladies could relate to

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Again, no pregnant woman should feel embarrassed or disappointed about the gained weight! It is all worth it and it can go back the way it was after giving birth.

25. Here is what a typical night at home looks like

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We guess that it is all a matter of perspective and the quiet nights at home doing nothing are not that bad at all!

26. This is absolutely correct

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If the woman in the photo was expecting twins, then it is perfectly normal for her to eat excessive amounts of food!

27. Swollen feet can be a burden

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As the months go by, the load becomes less and less bearable, meaning that ladies need to put up with things like this one.

28. This is also something most pregnant women could relate to

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This routine procedure is no easy task for pregnant ladies, and they decide to skip it on certain occasions, too, which is absolutely fine.

29. Here is why it is better to go to a salon when you want to have your pedicure done

Image Source: Twitter

Some things are better left in the hands of professionals, and you can see why!

Written by Sven Miller

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